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  1. Thanks for the reply The Start/Stop is working as well as the rear heated window.
  2. 2015 Fiesta 1lt Ecoboost had its 3 year service and the next day I noticed both the cooling fan and the heated windscreen aren’t working. I’ve checked the fuses and swapped the relays over and still nothing. The AA couldn’t resolve the issue and suggested perhaps the fan motors shot. Any ideas would be appreciated
  3. When I'm parked and turn the steering wheel left and right I can hear loads of clicks coming from the front right of car
  4. I've had a look at the CV joints and they appear to be ok. I drove around today and only heard the click once when parking. I drove it round in circles on full lock right and left and didn't hear anything.
  5. I'm getting the occasional one off loud click from the front of car that you can feel through the steering when parking and on full steering lock. The cars only a year and a half old. Is it the CV joint or the steering column. Also although there's no play in the steering wheel at times when driving straight it feels like there's some play in the steering. Does anybody else have this problem.
  6. It must have been the global opening. I've stopped carrying my car keys in my pocket around the house and it hasn't happened again.
  7. Hi Luke No it didn't happen again this morning. Nothing was taken from the car yesterday and I'm sure the global opening had been activated Somehow. Thanks for the advice regarding the keys. I just hope there's no electrical fault within the car.
  8. Thanks Mitchell. I definitely didn't do that unless my keys are faulty. Can you disable this function?
  9. Please help my Fiesta ecoboost's electric windows both completely opened in the night. How could this happen the car was fully locked and both windows were fully closed.
  10. I took the car to the garage today they checked the engine mounts and said they were ok. The mechanic also showed me another fiesta which did shake at idle. I drove home and Sod's law my cars now making an intermittent vibration noise from the engine in idle. I give up!
  11. Thanks I'll sound out the mechanic tomorrow. I've found that just lifting the clutch in reverse with no use of the accelerator makes a big improvement. So much for the dealerships 110 point checks I've only had the car just over a week and this is the second time I've had to take it back
  12. I've also noticed a scrapping sound when I do a full right hand side steering lock. I've only had the car a week and will sound out the garage I bought it from at the end of the week. thanks for the info
  13. Often when I reverse I get a shudder/shaking very unsmooth but I never get this going forward. At the moment when reversing I just lift the clutch and it's a lot better. This issue is at its worst at slow speeds and without the clutch fully up
  14. I can't feel much vibration in the car but it does shudder when going slowly in reverse. I'm not sure if this is related. The drive generally is very good. I'm taking the car in to the garage shortly to check the engine mounts. Thanks
  15. Auldreekie Thanks for the info. The cars running great apart from reverse. I'm going to get an idependant mechanic to have a look at it before I go back to the dealer all guns blazing.