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  1. Relatively new to the scene so first time seeing one of these fitted, looks mint mate
  2. Looks good on the deflectors, makes them stand out a bit more
  3. Got any pics of the new gel overlays? Looking to get them myself on a white KA mk2 👍 Also, are you still thinking of doing the rimblades? Could imagine they'd look nice in white or blue to the match the pinstripes (which look awesome btw) They look nice on google images with white blades on white car with black rims
  4. My window/light tinting spray arrived today, so got round to doing that. Only had to undo two screws to get each light cluster loose before sliding them off, easy really :) Below is a photo of my brothers rear lights for a preview, my lights mid spray and then a snapchat of my car with them fitted lol. I also installed the new rear number plate lights and dipped/main beam lights today. Didn't get round to fitting the sidelights as I think I'll have to remove them tomorrow to be able to reach around the back and get them in.
  5. With the Amazon voucher I ordered: Blue LED light to replace the current interior roof light Two H4 cool blue lights to replace the current dipped/main beam ones Four 501/w5w cool blue lights to replace the current front sidelights and number plate lights A bottle of window/light tinting spray to do my rear light clusters Four black crown dust caps to replace the dice ones that got stolen lol Pics to come soon :)
  6. I've not got a zetec, but just looked at some images of zetec models online and they have the same wing mirrors as my KA, just more colour coding. So yes, they can be pushed in.
  7. Cost of insurance and having to pay to replace my bumper after I obliterated a fox at 50mph after it ran out into the road lol
  8. I have a few questions about some changes I want to make to my KA :) Is autobulbsdirect.co.uk correct in saying that the rear registration plate lights and interior light are both the same as the front sidelights (501/w5w) How hard are the front sidelights to replace? I can't seem to be able to reach around the back of them, will I need to (partly) remove the headlight clusters to get at them? Has anyone wired up the fog lights on their KA before? My model didn't come with them, but a previous owner replaced the bumper with one that came with the fog light compartment and bulbs fitted. I'm thinking about wiring them up and then putting a button on the dashboard to activate them. Thanks!
  9. Won a £50 Amazon UK voucher the other day, so I'm currently looking at a few little upgrades I could do. Thinking of doing the rear lights with smoke black window tint spray after I saw them turn out well on another FK-OC members MK2. On top of that, I'm thinking of replacing the sidelights & dipped/main beams with some 5k Kelvin white/blue bulbs and wiring up the fog lights, as they were part of a replacement bumper the previous owner fitted, but the original model doesn't have a power supply to them or a button on the dashboard on them.
  10. Closer up shot of the aftermarket piping muffler, and tailpipe:
  11. Note: I've previously had a thread/diary on the KA Owners Club forum to keep a track of how my car has come along, but here seems to much more active due to there being so many more members. Some pics/wording may be copy & pasted over from there to save me the type of typing it again. I got my KA for my 17th birthday (2013) and since then I've not really done much other than replace the stock muffler & tailpipe. I did have some black dice dust caps to replace the standard black ones, but they got stolen. :) Anyway, some pictures (white one is mine, black one is my brothers that he got in October just gone):
  12. Thought I'd sign up to this forum as I'm not currently a member of any Ford forums, only FK-OC (Ford KA Owners Club :P ) I have a KA MK2, as does my younger brother, see you around!