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  1. Fiesta Zetec MK4 (1999) - Driver Side Lock Bust

    the lock design were terible, its a major comon fault, aparently the grease that was used in the locks dry up after a while, try using a oil can and put some engine oil in is the advice my locks smith gave me when mine did the same. and always oil yuor locks before winter and just after. hope it helps
  2. headlight condensation

    what you have to do is leave the cap off till its really warm so it evapourates the the water, then replace the cap, or what some people do is use a heat gun to heats up the light cluster then replace the cap as if you wit for good weather you could be waiting a long time lol. hope it helps.
  3. i was just wondering if there was a project page of course, aqs ive just started to modiffy a mark 4 fiesta and would also like to seen all the other fiestas that have been and are on there way cheers J
  4. Question about askmid

    same thing happened to my mate his vw golf was a artic lorry acording to all the garages he went to, came in use when he got flashed buy the blue meanies lol. but good luck with unwinding the misshap
  5. as the guys above said its just easier to just leave out the bulbs and just put them back in for mots as i do, never had any complaints with the blue meanies, also just do a beam check as the beam is somtimes in a new position easies way is to go to a dark place eg field, and use a standard cars headlights and align them up with them
  6. Ford Car Keys

    according to the bloke at ford garage alll ford keys can lock all lock but arent suposed to be able to open them, so youve got a realy strange problem. secondly when i swaped my locks to new ones (from another ford fiesta) i put the drivers side on the passengers side and vise versa when i came to locking it i found only the new key would lock it but both keys would unlock it i.e. any ford key can unlock my car.
  7. mk5 fiesta clear indicators

    theres essex racing they do the pair for £6.00 look chrome but flash orange. glad to help