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  1. Good evening all, Bars are still available. Open to sensible offers.
  2. Update... Mats are sold. Roof bars are still available. Open to sensible offers.
  3. Good evening all, I have sold my Edge and have a few accessories for sale on EBay which may be of interest to others. Front and rear rubber mats. car had covered 16,000 miles when the mats were removed so slight heel wear. They fit both manual and automatics. They have been cleaned but have a small amount of dust in the groves. I’ll have another go at cleaning them before sending. £25 posted Link to more info and photos https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264535501723 Thule WingBar Evo in black roof bars for cars with a factory fitted panoramic glass roof. Only 3 months old and used for a bike rack. Slight indentation on rubber runners and a small scratch from the bike rack but nothing major at all. All keys, tools, boxes and instructions are present. £175 posted to mainland UK with DPD. £165 collected Link to more info and photos https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264538817229 items are in Worcester (WR3) if you want to arrange collection. Please drop me a PM if you’re interested or message me on EBay. I hope it’s okay to list these parts for sale in this Edge forum. Admin, please let me know if it’s not allowed. Thank you for looking Owen
  4. Good morning all, For those of you that have had new headlights, modules, has this work solved your problem? My car is faulting every morning now and it has been back three times regarding this fault. My dealer is speaking to technical support to see what they can suggest. I'm surprised that Ford haven't issued a technical service bulletin for this apparent common fault with the LED headlights. Thank you Owen
  5. I can’t comment on the new Edge but I was fed up of the dirt on the inside of the doors so I bought some generic automotive seals and cut to size. Fitted in November and haven’t had any issues with dirt since. No build up of dirt behind the seals. Doesn’t seem to affect the other seals either.
  6. It sounds like you and your dealer are being fobbed off by FMC. Escalate this to Andy Barratt via email. Email address is easily found on google. I had an issue with my first Edge where it was off the road for 5 weeks. I won’t bore you with details but after contacting Andy Barratt, his office were very helpful sourcing parts with regular updates and organising and paying for a like for like rental car. I can’t fault their service. Don’t bother contacting Ford’s customer relationship centre, they were infuriating to deal with. The only word they know is NO. Go straight to the top and outcomes can change.
  7. Yes it works with Apple Car Play in the Edge with Sync 3
  8. Good morning all, Has this issue been resolved on your recent trips to the dealer with swapping headlights? My Edge has just popped up with the same warning message this morning. No auto main beam or manual main beam with the stalk. No adapting of the lights either. Just spoken to my dealer to arrange a booking. Thanks Owen
  9. If you’re getting on okay with the car, refinance the final payment and keep it for another 12 months until the new Edge has been out for a while. By then Ford might have better deals on them.
  10. If the car is financed, inform them as they will apply some pressure for you. Email Andy Barrett, I had issues caused by Ford not my dealer with my airbag recall last year. Ford’s CRC team wouldn’t budge on a like for like loan car while mine was off the road. A factual politely worded email sent to Andy Barrett and a like for like loan car was provided by Ford UK within 48 hours of the email and for 4 weeks at their cost. He won’t respond but his team were very good at sorting me out and helped source parts with regular updates.
  11. Turn the lane keeping aid off on the end of the indicator stalk and see if you get the digital speedo in the right instrument cluster close to where the lane keeping aid lines are now. On my first Edge with Sync 2 it displayed on that screen although that car was manual not auto.
  12. Yes they have a rubber coating to add protection where they meet the bodywork.
  13. Thule don’t offer them for Edges with pan roof or they didn’t do when I enquired a few years ago I ended up getting a set a Yakima aero bars from America. They fix as in the video below, no fix points
  14. Owen1988

    Rear discs

    On my first Edge Sport with Sync 2 I could have a digital speed display if I had the lane departure system turned off- pressing the end of the left indicators stalk. it used to display the digital speed on the right hand side of the dashboard display.
  15. Locking wheel nuts are supplied with the Edge but aren’t fitted in the factory like the rest of the Ford range, they are fitted at PDI. A small number of early UK Edges we’re supplied without locking wheel nuts sets and had to be claimed for from Ford by the supplying dealers. Perhaps this claiming back didn’t get down on your car.