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  1. Damn, I knew it was too good a bargain to be true lol.
  2. Hey guys, just some advice I'm after. Is there much difference in the ECU's between a 1.8 TDCI mondeo and the 2012 titanium X sport. Looking at Buying a Bluefin ECU remap second hand, just wondering about the dramas that can come with it? Cheers, Tom
  3. Hey Guys, posting on behalf of my Miss's, getting a random issue with her car where it's either a power drain or something more sinister where it just decides its doesn't want to tick over or feels like it can't. First time it happened it was freezing cold and I put it down to the miss's overdoing it trying to start the engine and draining the battery and not giving the diesel time to warm up properly, happens in my car every now and then when it's proper cold. the second time was last night after she'd driven it back from work and left it less than an hour, went to go and low and behold it's not having it. It gets about two attempts in to starting and it just seems like its struggling and then the starter motor sounds like machine gun fire. That's not the best description but I don't know how else to describe a car starting. The only thing that fixed it last time was a full battery charge, if anyones had this experience and has had it fixed or has ideas that'll be great. Cheers
  4. have you installed anything in your boot? Sub and Amp etc.? I had an issue where I installed a Amp int he boot on my car and it kept blowing my light clusters in the same way. Anything that had a constant current going through got fried. Indicators and brakes were fine. Check for burn marks under your interior lining, burn marks on any metal to metal surfaces, even if they're tiny gaps. Check your seatbelt anchor points and rear wheel suspension points where they contact the body.
  5. @yunii that's looking smart man. I think I should of tried Hydrodipping.
  6. That's next. I was getting horrible looks from my Mrs's after nearly burning her hair dryer out
  7. I decided the other day to put some Vinyl on the interior of my car for protection, he person who had it last must of let a wild animal loose on the inside because it was covered in scratches and gashes. Ordered some of Ebay and gave it a go after stripping the centre console out. First couple of attempts were utter crap....then I realised that it has to be heated to get around the funky corners. Luckily the guy on Ebay sent me the wrong one and lots of it....about 3 times the amount, 5 stars for him. I originally ordered some silver to go with the original interior but i think this looks kick *****. I also did it on the door handles which looks smart too. Ignore the state of the inside of my car, she's in need of some TLC in the next few days. If you've done the same I'd like a comparison and some other Ideas you might have for interior alterations. anything you think might look good.
  8. Hey guys, I've recently been looking at how to change the fuel filter for my Diesel 2010 TDCi and have come back with some mixed feedback on how difficult it is and what you need to do it. This took me less than 15 minutes including me faffing around and flapping about ti going wrong. All you need is; Fresh diesel ( in a can) Turkey baster/large syringe fresh fuel filter bucket for the old filter to go in tissue That's it really, on the newer models they've made it easier to do apparently. I didn't need a pump or anything to get rid of the air in the lines or anything, I used a technique from another forum to do it and it worked a treat. Locate your filter remove the electrical fitting on the left hand side of the filter head, underneath that metal bracket. tissue at the ready to catch the overflowing diesel, there's not a lot. remove the filter head and put to one side, wide the inside because diesel sits in the top of there. lift the filter out and let it drain into your filter body. once that's done, get it into you bucket out the way. new rubber seal in and place your filter through the middle of it. with the fresh filter in, it will only partly fill, leave it for a couple of seconds to absorb some of the diesel. get your turkey baster and jerry can and start getting some diesel in there and fill it to the brim, you'll have to lift it out slightly to get as much as you can in. when your'e near the top, get some more diesel down the centre of the filter so it's full to the brim all the way round. screw the filter head back on finger tight. key in the ignition to the second position so it starts the electronics and spools the filter. repeat about 8-10 times, press the pedal if you want. then start the engine. I had no dramas doing it this way what so ever. less than 15 minutes all in. My old filter was absolutely minging, looks like it hadn't been done in the full 75K on my clock. There's all sorts of fine fibres in there which look like wet cobwebs tangled in it. What I did find was no black smoke over 2.5K revs and a much smoother rev as well. mine's just chock full of s**t i guess.
  9. Another way of finding out if it is the hose is black smoke coming out the back on hard acceleration. Mine's started with this wooshing noise but it's really loud, does my head in. I was told to check the Fuel filter and the Turbo hose. filter will cost you £15 max and the hose for a silicone one will set you back about £35.
  10. all the standard install radios etc are usually made by blaupunkt, they're not that great to be honest and aren't that reliable. I think you may of just had one that bit it unfortunately . It was the first thing i got rid of when I bought my 2010 Mondeo.
  11. I'd go somewhere reputable. It costs more but it's worth it. I went to someone who was doing it out of a garage, he was all well and good and told me about a few problems but he didn't fully test I don't think, I've now had a daisy chain of issues come about. Two guys I work with have done the Bluefin route and have said it's worth it.
  12. Loving these new ST lines, Ford seem to be stepping up a little bit. Not jealous at all @vectra
  13. I'm looking for a cold air intake for my Mondeo, I'm not a fan of the flat panel filters because they seem to clog up really fast with debris, usually taking a handful of leaves out every month or so. K&N don't seem to think they have one that will fit but searches take me to the 57i and a Ram Air one popped up but I can't remember which one. Has anyone one here taken the risk with an Induction/Cold air intake from a different model Ford and succeeded or have any advice for me? I've got the Mondeo TDCI Duratorq 1.8L (QYBA) engine. Cheers, Tom.
  14. Mine were doing the same, more intermittent on the rear sensors. It's daft how a rough wipe down with something dry made it better. they're a simple thing, all they do is push out a pulse and wait for it to be bounced back, if they're dirty because something stubborn is on them (like turtle wax etc. that was my issue) then they just reflect off the crap that's dried on them and you don't get any feedback for distance. If not, I think you can unhook them individually in Mondeo's. Go through the chain, unplug them and find your faulty one, they work in a circuit.