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  1. tezbb

    Turbo Issue

    I have a 2009 1.8TDCI, in the last couple of days when I change gear I get the sound of something like a dump valve from the engine. Could it be the turbo going or pipes?
  2. Hi everyone, am new on here and thought someone may be able to shed some light on a couple of problems that have been developing. 1. The heater doesn't seem to heat up as well as it use to, have to crank heating up to get any warmth in the cabin. 2. Every so often I lose indicators on the near side, the hazard lights still work as do the offside indicators. 3. Cruise control intermittenly fails to work. will work then when u I change speed it knocks off completely. I know the Aircon is topped up as it was done in December. Cheers for any input