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  1. just get rid of the fog lights and put blanks in. problem solved! MOT Pass. When have you ever actually needed the front fogs. in my 2 years of ownership without front fogs i have not once said 'I wish i had fog lights.'
  2. Progressively adding subtle changes to my car. From getting Y design Ford alloys in black to carbon wrapping the interior and adding mud flaps. Let's see your mods! I'll post mine at a later date.
  3. Recently got a MK2 Ford KA? And you have Facebook? Feel free to join a dedicated group on Facebook for the car where you can show off your cars and ask any questions you have about your car too. Here's the link: Ford KA MK2 Owners
  4. Sounds silly but is the engine clean? No spills or seeping oil coming from anywhere? Could just be a bit of oil burning on the engine. Checked the levels? Made sure coolant, etc. is topped up? The coolant can be quite hard to see the level so i advise using a small torch to shine on the side to see the level.
  5. Go to Fiat then and see what they quote you. If that doesn't work is it really an issue using the key. Mine doesn't have remote central locking and have never once thought of needing it to be remote.
  6. Here are some posts that may be of use: Reading the above posts are a good place to start but first I would take it to a garage (or using your own device) read the fault codes that are triggered by the problem because without that there's not much else we can do except guess what's going on. My best guess is that it could be dirty leads or broken leads, coil pack or a sensor that is linked to reading the engine management of some sort. I'm no expert and don't have push start or anything like that on my KA so can't add anymore. It has Fiat electrics so could be something there that is buggered. The engines as a whole are generally pretty good from what I've read about and that it tends to be an electronics fault. So get some codes found out and research them and let us know how you get on :) Hope this helps.
  7. Has a Ford heart which is its saving grace. The 1.2 lump in these are surprising good compared to the corsas and other cars too. Just lack top speed which I can deal with personally.
  8. Not sure how good the MK2 radio is as lots of the car is built by Fiat.
  9. Welcome to the MK2 KA club! If you want bluetooth radio you will likely need one of THESE This way you can put a single din radio in. I have no clue about the dash display stuff though. If it's a new enough radio then i guess it's possible. I personally have stuck with the original radio for now and I don't have the dash radio display so have no first hand experience. Getting the radio out is easy and I have done it myslef with 2 very small allen keys. Hope this helps.
  10. Take it to an little independent if you are wanting to take it to a garage. Have you tried my suggestions? i.e check fuse, clean the stalk and asked on a facebook group?
  11. I've not had issues with mine which surprises me to see. Lots were made some defects happen I guess. I'd return it if I were in the same position though. Wish you luck in getting a refund.
  12. Checked spark plugs? It's a 20min job at most and can be an obvious fix. When was it last serviced?
  13. No worries. Must be something like the suggestions before mine. I can't imagine it's serious. :)
  14. It's a good suggestion by Dezwez. Having mine if the car doesn't have enough revs and is nearly about to stall a rattle noise is sort of produced then however completely normal when driving along. I have a steep hill to climb to get to my house and then onto the drive so i normally just give it a bit more revs than it needs and it's all fine. By the sounds of things though doesn't seem like you are nearly stalling though so might be the heat shield or something else rattling about. Exhaust brakets maybe? One of mine isn't held on by much at the moment however mine is an 09.
  15. Hi there, MK2 owner myself! This is new to me although others may be able to help. Seems odd, from what you've described it could be something along the lines of a faulty switch (or dirty) in the rear wiper stick.??? I can't think of much else but might have something like at the window end causing a short circuit or faulty/ corroded wires somewhere along the line causing some kind of fault. I probably haven't helped much there. Start off by finding the fuse. It should be in the handbook, check the index fuses probably come up a few times in a few different places but read it all since its not a very well thought out booklet compared to my brothers focus. Must have been written by Fiat! If the fuses are fine, try cleaning the 'stalk' where the switch is to turn on the rear wiper. Not sure what is best, maybe something like keyboard cleaner. Don't go to Evans Halshaw though. A Facebook group might be more help and worth posting there too if you haven't already :) EDIT: Having read this post - The last comment suggests maybe the actual wiper motor which could be plausible. The other suggestions are useful too. Unfortunately it never got concluded...