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  1. I know I'm churning up a thread here but is there a PDF guide for all of this as good ol' Photobucket has taken all the pictures away from the first few posts making things a little hard to visualise
  2. My Frozen White Zetec S MK7.5 build thread

    I'm curious to know why adding a tow-bar reduces your insurance. Parking sensors I get but a coupling on the back I can't.
  3. Zetec S Logo

    After a little bit of measuring and making things, here's the fruits of my labour. Why buy it when you can make it...
  4. Mk2.5 ZS Brake Bulbs

    I need red bulbs/LEDs in any case as I've got clear lenses on the back Thats the sort of thing I'm after, and indeed £12 for both is far better value than £11 per halogen. I'll those ones on order now
  5. Zetec S Logo

    Alex that is exactly what I was after, Google for once was not quite the winner
  6. Zetec S Logo

    Following a long search online for the image I'm after, hopefully one of you lot might have the answer. I've got a vinyl cutter and I want to make a couple of the S badges to go inside the car (instead of buying them I might as well make them as I have the resources) but I can't for the life of me find a decent resolution image of the 'S' from Zetec-S to use. Its easy enough to find photos of the S and I can find the RS logo etc but not this. Anyone got this logo on file which they could send over to me?
  7. Mk2.5 ZS Brake Bulbs

    After having a second brake bulb go on my ZS in the last two months I'm not really game for paying £11 for a damn bulb each time it goes (due to the red tint on them) and as such I want to go over to LEDs instead. Has anyone got any experience with the LED brake bulbs from eBay and have any particular ones to recommend - they need to have the offset pins on them so any 380 type bulbs are useless. The ones I've been looking at all have the SMD LEDs on them as opposed to those which are traditional LEDs, but knowing which ones are actually half decent is hard to tell from a listing. I've got some shortlisted which are coming in at around £9 a pair and emit around 450-480lm each (on paper) and on the other end of the scale I've found the Cree bulbs at around £22 which are around 1000lm. Has anyone else gone down the LED avenue at all?
  8. Which mudflaps for Focus Mk2 Zetec S???

    I'll have to have a look at the Rallyflapz ones to see where they come in on price. Not only do they keep the sides clean, I think they help to finish off the look of the car. Edit: scratch that idea, they're the flat flaps - hate those ones. I'd rather have the moulded mug flaps like those Ford supply for the other models
  9. I don't suppose you've got a more recent link for the boot handle camera have you?
  10. EGR Blanking Plate fitment on 2.0 TDCi Engine

    This was my second guess as to where it went, I'll have another look again in a bit
  11. After searching high and low for information on this I'm resorting to starting a new topic. I've got an EGR blanking plate ready to fit in my 2.0 engine but I can't quite figure out whereabouts it goes. I've followed the pipe down to the inlet on the front of the block but after looking at the end of the pip its evident that it cannot fit in this location (oh how easy life would be if it did). I've found a guide on here which related to either the 1.6 or 1.8 TDCi lumps but would this guide also be the same for the 2.0 engine? If it doesn't, can any of the 2.0 guys who have fitted a plate on theirs give some indication of where it does go please.
  12. Ah my bad, from the picture on the Amazon listing I thought it was e-torx
  13. Is a remap really worth it?

    what sort of extra economy was you seeing out of interest?
  14. Fuse layout to add piggyback connector

    if you want an ignition (switched live) - F100 is your easiest bet. I've got my dash-cam and a couple of other extras taken from this feed with no issues at all.
  15. It looks to me like you have the wrong socket there. You need a standard 19mm Hexagonal socket, not a 6 pointed socket (Inverted torx) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0001K9RVM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_dp_T1_saApzbQ2W5369 <- you want that instead heres the two socket types for comparison