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  1. The setting to change are in the options on the steering wheel controls. Think it’s driver settings in the menu. It asl let’s you change the headlights to LH driving.
  2. Mines does the same. I get to what speed I want manually then set where I want it. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. It is annoying though.
  3. Hi guys. I thought I’d post here, as well as Smax page. I’ve got a 2015 mk2 smax and just a serious rear suspension top mount fail, on my rear rh side of the car. As my car is the same as the current shape Galaxy, I thought it would be beneficial to also post on the page. If you hear any faint cloncking noises from the rear of your car, it could be a sign that a mount is about to go. I had my car checked 2 times with no issues found. Looks like there’s possibly a design flaw with the original mount, as the new one I got, is vastly more substantial. I’ve attached 2 pics to show you what happens and the new updated mount. The car car never been in an accident or hit a pothole to cause that damage. It’s purely erosion in my eyes.
  4. Just thought I would update on this issue I had with my S max. I’ve attached 2 pictures of the original broken mount and the new mount. As you can see from the pics, Ford has vastly increased the area mass of the mount, in the area where the strut sits and around it, from the original one. ( new mount upside down)The original must only be about half the thickness in that area. Another issue found was, the amount of corrosion on the strut top bolt. It wasn’t looking good at one point, as it didn’t look like it was going to come off. I was panicking at this point, as my car has the self levelling shocks and saw a secondhand one for £330 when looking for mounts. I’m going to be spraying some type of penetrating oil on them from now on, every so often.
  5. Hi guys. Just a heads up. If your hear knocking from the back end of your Smax or equivalent Galaxy. Check your rear shock top mounts. I’ve had a sound for a while but couldn’t find anything, mechanic looked over the rear end for ages, pulling, pushing, leavering and any other method of checking the suspension. No knocks or bangs found but could still hear a faint sound when going over bumps. Drove the car yesterday and could hear a very loud banging from the rear drivers side. Jacked the car up, removed the drivers side rear wheel and found a huge chunk of the the alloy top mount missing and the top of the shock wedged into the corner of what was left.
  6. I have a 2015 180 diesel with a manual. One gripe I have is the turbo lag, bad ratio in 1st and 2nd gear. When your rolling up to a junction/roundabout, where you would normally roll up in second and pull away if clear. If you drop to around 15mph, you need to shift into 1st as there is no power to go. From what I’ve been told the auto doesn’t have this issue. I would recommend test driving the different power outputs and gearboxes. Just don’t buy a petrol one, the car is too heavy for the little petrol engines Ford put in them.
  7. Most likely, it will be the drivers side abs sensor. Best to get a code reader on the car, just to make sure it is that side. It’s very common on the Mondeo and Smax.
  8. There’s a special long reach socket, you can get for the ford eco boost engines. Did my f-I-L’s plugs a few years ago. Normal long reach sockets wouldn’t fit.
  9. I’d go through all the cars settings first, if no joy. You’ll probably need a garage visit to be put on the code reader.
  10. That’s a Ford feature, that the internal switch, doesn’t work when engine is running. My 2015/16 smax does exactly the same
  11. Parking sensors are normally clip in and out. Some are fixed by a bracket. To be honest ,just buy one from your local dealer as you know it’s compatible and might even already come colour coded. The paint flaking on the others sensors is not corrosion. That part you see on the outside is just a cover, the sensor is behind that. Lie on your back and look up the backside of the bumper you should see the rear of the sensors and harness and how to detach everything. You may need to remove the bumper.
  12. The button inside the car won’t work if the engine is running. If your are outside, the fob will open and close the boot and the button on the boot will also close it. You have to double press the fob for both operations. The leg swipe to open close will also work with engine on or off. If you are standing too close to the car, when at the boot, the safety feature will kick in and prevent any operations from the boot.
  13. It’s not really the extra load you should be paying attention too. Many tyres have extra load on them now, even cars in the focus sector. It’s the load rating you need to look at, the S max will be either 102 or 103, due to its weight and towing capacity. Cars are normally high 80’s to mid 90’s in the load rating.
  14. Are you glasses polarised lenses. My wife’s old glasses could see laminations, on large panes off glass.
  15. Mines is working great. Only took a 340 mile round trip, to charge the battery sufficiently. 🙄
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