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  1. Siren noise is a good sign there is a problem with the turbo and more likely on its way out. The fact yours is now doing it since the car was tuned is not a good sign either, could be a bad tune and over boosting the turbo or the upping of the boost Is highlighting an already existing problem. It would still be worthwhile carrying out a boost and vacuum leak in the engine bay. Find a friend that uses, one of them huge E-cigs. They are really good for this, due to the amount a smoke they can produce.
  2. Car was put on the scanner tool tonight. Fault showing as front r/h speed sensor. Mechanic reckons that it’s a corroded cable, giving the fact the fault is intermittent. Will try and have a look over the weekend.
  3. I have a late 2015 and mine is doing the same. I’m hoping my friend will bring his snap on code reader home very soon, to check for codes. Has your car been in for the battery terminal recall. Mines has done it ever since then.
  4. Hi Nicola. This may be a bigger job than you think, you will need the head unit, amp to go in boot, extra speakers and moulding. You might even have to change other electrical items within the dash, as the Sony has a different setup for heating controls.
  5. Hi Hiz. I never got an answer and told it was working when in garage, was tested by placing hands on screen. Like yourself, no real frost this year to test but if it’s not working this winter, the car will be back to be fixed properly this time.
  6. Hi hiz. Did you get an answer with your problem. My car goes into ford next week for this exact issue.
  7. Meta55

    2016 towbar

    I you can get the tow bar you want, get it fitted and have a Ford garage code out the rear sensor and go into the car settings and switch off the button at your right knee to prevent any mishaps. You still have the key fob and the tailgate button to open it.
  8. I would say just like any car, a good look over and don't be rushed.
  9. Quite recent owner of an S max titanium sport 180 diesel. Bought through the ford direct, who ever bought this car new nearly ticked every option box lol. Would just like to say hi to to all the forum members.