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  1. Look up a guy called Paul Linfoot Racing. Apparently he’s the cossie guru.
  2. Looks like that is correct. Have a look on YouTube for a guy called Allan Howatt, under mk5 mondeo bottom ball joint. The smax and the mondeo share the same underpinnings.
  3. Hi. I sits on the hub above where the drive shaft goes in. It’s held in with an 8 or 10mm bolt. Once you have the bolt out, the sensor will pull out. You might have to gently prize under the base to get it started.
  4. Think you have posted in wrong section. You need to be in the general ford section.
  5. Hi. The sensor is just held in by an 8-10mm bolt. Once it’s out, you just wiggle the sensor out then unplug. Try taking it out, give it a clean and put back in, see if that gives you a bit of time. Any research that I done, it always came back to the rh front this also included galaxy and Mondeo, and that was the one that through a fault on mine. Until you get a clear code on what the fault is, I would stick with cleaning it for now and check inside the cavity it sits in for any debris.
  6. Drivers side abs sensor. I’ve found out since mine first did it, that’s it’s a very common problem. Get a code read to confirm which sensor for sure.
  7. Hopefully it’s just a battery monitor reset.
  8. I had the same issue with mine recently. A drive from moray down to fife cured it, approx. 160 miles in total. The start/stop started working as should, think the car just wants a good charge from itself and not an outside source. The system even started working as early as Dundee.
  9. Don’t be to hard on yourself, everyone has to start somewhere. Eurocar parts is notorious for being widely out on its parts listings.
  10. All mk2 s-max’s are twin piston callipers and 11mm hex for bolts. The confusion might have had, is the year of your car. As you could also still get mk1’s. In 2015.
  11. The vin is attached the the steel crash bar the sits directly under the top of the dash and not affixed to the windscreen.
  12. I thought about doing the same to my car, then I found out the price of a sync 3 screen, £600 approx. That was for a second hand unit and you also had to buy a new usb connector as the 2 and 3’s are different.
  13. Check for damage on the lower grill section of the front bumper. The radar sits behind the filled in section. Also make sure the camera area of the screen is clear.
  14. Is the Aisin not a traditional auto box and the ford box a dual clutch. I could be wrong.