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  1. If anyones still reading this solved this common fault with the soldering as per the video on the outter pins, resoldering it closed the cracks causing all the fake issues
  2. anyideas where i can find part nuymbers for this before ripping out my car? ie over laptop or...
  3. thankyou for this, this explains a lot of my faults i found this video too which confirms some too... question is... do i repair this myself or send it to a garage to be repaired and they try and sting me for something else? i need a car so wonder if there is like any drop in centres for this?
  4. as far as i was aware canbus high and lows should add to 5v
  5. is it? because i can full drive... albeit limited acceleration once it screems at me, its screemed engine malfunction and more recentlt transmission malfunction... but i reset bu swittching off and on and its back to normal for a bit would the instrument cluster throw up faults about theft detected and clutch sensor "P0704 Ford Description When the clutch pedal is depress the voltage signal from the clutch switch to the Engine Control Module (ECM) is low. If the ECM does not see this change from high to low when the vehicle is over 0 mph, the ECM sets
  6. Ok guys a Computer issue anyone offay with the workings of the Cambus on ford focus titanium 09 I am getting issues whilst driving, idle - I can be driving and nee nah nee nah the alarm goes off saying engine malfuntion then my odo and rev counter drops momentarilly then comes back on... i am still able to drive the car but then the ESP light comes on. IS the car able to operate while the PCM is offline? sort of a manual mode? it goes into limp mode but a simple restart of the engine clears this.. i am wondering if it is related to the ESP? as i have full esp func before
  7. Ive had minimal issues with my car for the last two years until now I keep getting the ENGINE MALFUNCTION and REDUCED ACCELERATION and the ESP light go on... restarting the car clears this issue for a bit. but this can be a bit problematic on motorways. Any clue as to what might be the problem. On another not but which could be connected or coincidental I do have a distinct juddering on braking in the range from 32-38 mph but above or below its not felt. I have put this down to a very slight knock/tap i had in the winter weather sliding into a kerb at 2mph af
  8. Looking for a Cheap but effective Refirgerant Recovery Machine and Bells n whistles Manifold too
  9. I am Certified but not very well experienced...
  10. I am looking to set up a small sideline in A/C Repair but do not wish to fork out ££££'s on a complete stand alone machine Anyone got any advice links etc on where I can purchase 2nd hand or reasonable 1st hand tools as most of my hits are coming from america and gum tree, ebay and faceache isnt much cop for specialist stuff in this Weather I would be busy..!
  11. So recently ive noticed that if i open my driverside window and then do it up it goes up automatically... this is normal but its started to go to the close posistion to immediatly reopen again??? any one got any ideas why its started doing this? its not a feature ive seem before... I can only close it if it stop the automatic close my closing it in increments Focus mk2 titanium 09
  12. not to hijack your thread but its on the same Topic anyone know why the driverside window when automatically closing it... reaches the top of the door and promptly automatically opens again??
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