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    fiesta zetec S 09 panther black
  1. subs in new fiesta?

    hi can any one tell me if its possible to put subs in new fiesta zetec s cause the stereo dont look like it comes out. help.
  2. whats the best polish or wax?

    when you put it like that it sounds better lol thanks. :)
  3. whats the best polish or wax?

    oh my god that sounds complicated lol but ill try it thanks for your help. :)
  4. whats the best polish or wax?

    lol look i am a girl so i need somthin thats simple and easy to use
  5. Ambient Lighting Pics

    Hi yeah you can push them in, they might be a bit tough at first so give them a good push. :D
  6. Mini Meet

    :( would love to but its a bit far away.
  7. Random accidents, and in need of advice

    hi within the first week of having mine i hit a fezant and cracked my mirror.dame things lol.
  8. just wanted peoples feed back on whats the best polish or wax to use on my metalic black zetec s? thanks.
  9. i no this is going to sound stupid

    yeah thats the one lol
  10. Would I be...

    Hi i got mine from ford there not to over the top and finish the interior off. Go fot it lol.
  11. i no this is going to sound stupid

    yeah i no just wanted to see if any one elses was the same
  12. sorry to sound stupid but did everyones come with an engine cover? mine hasnt and just wanted to no if thats the norm? dont need people taking !Removed! just wanted to check as a i dont no much about cars thanks for ya help.
  13. FAULTS

    yeah tell me about it i aint going to put up with there crap its !Removed! dangerous i was on motorway when it happend.
  14. Clutch or Gearbox problem

    hi i have got zetec s 09 only two months old and i have the same problem i was on motorway last night and i couldnt get it out of 5th gear then further down road couldnt get it in to gear scared the life out of me i aint impressed. taking it to ford today.
  15. i have had mine two months and done 3k thats when all the problems started :(