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  1. Sorry for late reply F28 but I hadn't seen your post, Have you got it sorted? I don't have any record of the fault codes sorry. I didn't ever get a 'pump motor circuit failure' reading. IMHO and limited experience, single sensor issues are usually caused by the magnetic strip being corroded/perished on the wheel bearings. Dual sensor codes are a nightmare. I don't reckon your issue is really comparable with mine but please let me know how you've gotten on. H..
  2. Thanks Stef/Ian, Appreciated. I might have a look at improvising an adaptor to enable a better fastening for these blighters. Whatever I do, I'll post my result. Might take a while 'cause I'm just too busy with allsorts at the mo' H..
  3. Thanks MJ, 111 000 Miles and running like a Swiss clock
  4. Hi again folks, I'm about to (again) adjust my rear drum brake shoes. The last time I did them (2017), I replaced the rear (short) handbrake cables with genuine Ford 1335046 due to one of them being almost down to one thread. I remember the genuine new ones being 'unfit for purpose' in my humble opinion. I seem to remember that the 'collar' comes out of the hole in the drum housing when the handbrake is released. They were held in place by useless plastic 'wings'. Please could anybody with experience of this issue advise me on a trustworthy aftermarket alternative? The 'Holy grail' in my opinion would be cables with a locknut/fastener on the inside of the drum housing. Informed advice will/would be much appreciated. Best regards, H..
  5. Happy that you got the job done MJ. Forscan is a truly great piece of software I say. I've been trying to fix an ABS/ESP issue on a VW Passat for too long and I've now come to the conclusion that I'm dealing with a failed ABS unit. I truly apologise for mentioning VW on a Ford site (& your thread) but read on; I'm about to send the unit to ECU testing dot com. I've used BBA Reman before which was extremely good (see my other post on this matter). I'll update you on their service if it's of any interest? My beloved Fiesta (Bes) has now done 111,000 Miles so thanks again for the timing kit MJ ;-)
  6. Approaching 110,000 miles and she's still running fine
  7. By the way Bronwyn, It seems that you're doing a good job after finishing the 'passengers side'. I'm not sure how experienced you are but you will sort that bolt; Do NOT, ever use open ended spanners unless you absolutely have no other option! Always use sockets or ring spanners. Bolts/nuts on cars are notoriously stubborn. I prefer 6 sided sockets. I've never been a fan of 'bi hexagonal' If you 'round' the bolt head, then post on here. Don't worry; That bolt will be out soon! H..
  8. Hi Bronwyn, Google 'Ford 1382597' for the bolt. Also, you might consider buying a tool like this to spread the slot in the 'knuckle'; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pc-STRUT-NUT-CLAMP-SPREADER-SOCKET-SET-by-BERGEN-TOOLS-1-2-Dr-Ford-BMW-VAG-etc/262518315432?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I did and it makes the job a doddle. £8.25 for two sizes I thought was a bargain. The smaller one does the mk6 Fiesta. Good luck, H..
  9. The second Ford hub nut (1008849) for the off side wheel arrived today. I gradually torqued it up to 290NM. I'm really glad to see the back of this job. My word I've spent some hours on it. I've learned a lot along the way though. Thanks again to all who gave advice/opinions to help me along the way I really do enjoy this website
  10. Just to clear things up; The nut that stripped and caused this debate was an LPB nut that came with the bearing and an unnecessary circlip. I stated earlier that the Ford nut stripped. My apologies for posting that misleading info I'm now off to Fleabay to find a Ford nut. Best regards and thanks again for your advice/input, H..
  11. ...and more interesting; I continued increasing Torque on the Ford nut and guess what? Yes, I'm at 290NM !! I went back to the LPB o/s nut and wound back the torque wrench to 180NM and again.. I got a 'click' 190NM, click. 200NM, errr, click. 210, no click, about to strip. Time for another Ford nut I reckon.
  12. Very interesting; I've continued increasing the torque by 10 NM on both front hub nuts.. The N/S is a genuine Ford. The O/S is LBP. I got to 220NM with both. I could tell that the Ford nut was performing much better than LPB. I went for 230NM.. The Ford nut gave the re-assuring click on my 500NM 3/4" drive torque wrench. The LPB is about to strip. No way on this Earth will that nut reach 290NM. I'm now minded to invest in another genuine Ford nut. All input to this thread is much appreciated. H..
  13. I've just this minute started gradually increasing the torque on both hub nuts by 10NM steps. I'm now at 210NM (the limit of my 1/2" drive torque wrench).
  14. Thanks Toms, It was indeed a virgin nut.
  15. Thanks again Ian, Yes, you're right on the 100 NM My mistake; I've just re-checked the Ford instruction and indeed the 100 NM is the 'pre-load' torque. I still find it impossible to believe that my type of hub nut will withstand 290 NM. The last one certainly didn't. However, The one that stripped was included with the 'LPB' bearing. It wasn't a genuine Ford nut. Could there be a difference?