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  1. Sorry for forgetting to post my resolution to this problem, After spending far too much time messing with the rear drum brake set-up, my brother (thanks bruv 😉) found the cause; When I/we started to replace the intermediate handbrake cable, he noticed that the plastic coating at the ends of the inner cables (on the old intermediate cable assembly) had became frayed and were often sticking at the end of the outer cables. This explains the complete inconsistency of the symptoms I'd seen in past attempts. Rear brakes/handbrake have been 'spot on' ever since. Regards, H
  2. I checked the exhaust and couldn't find any leaks. I plugged Forscan/ELM327 into the OBD2 socket and found nothing unusual. I wasn't about to start using guesswork and swapping parts, so I admitted defeat on this project and went to a garage recommended by my brother; The gent at the garage lived up to my brothers recommendation and soon identified the problem, It was a split crankcase breather hose (Ford part 1761516); After replacing the hose, he MOT'd the car and here's the emissions report; Regards, H
  3. ...and did some more research; I found an article on emission faults by an apparently well informed fella. Amongst his reckonings was this paragraph; 'An air leak after the lambda sensor, i.e. exhaust silencer/joint etc leak, will cause the O2 reading to be high and all the rest to be normal. If the air leak is before the lambda sensor, i.e. manifold/ down pipe, then a diluted exhaust gas will be monitored by the lambda. This will cause an inaccurate reading at the ECU, which will, in turn, cause extra fuel to be injected by the injection system, which will effect the CO, HC and
  4. ...when I saw the condition of the heat shield bolts, I knew this was a gonna be trouble; ...they're supposed to be undone by an 8mm socket but the bolts are (of course with car manufacturers who seem to be allergic to stainless steel) seriously corroded and ceased. I called it a day...
  5. ...Air filter isn't too bad... ...Spark plugs next... ...nowt too bad with the plugs either... ...
  6. I started my attempt at this job today but I now suspect that I'm misleading myself. I'm now thinking that the problem is an exhaust leak after both the manifold/cat & lambda sensors. I'll (as always) post my failings as well as my successes; I put the car on ramps... ...and removed the airbox... ...to give me a view of the manifold top heat shield...
  7. ...and last years pass report..
  8. This is the 2021 lamda fail report;
  9. Wobbla, I replied to your message the other day. Please check your inbox.
  10. Hi folks, I'm considering a new project and (if I proceed) will endeavour to keep this post updated As with my other projects, I don't take on these jobs to save money. I just like a challenge. Yesterday, my beloved 2005 MK6 failed her Lambda Fast Idle test I've done a limited amount of research today and here's my thoughts/observations: She's done 119 350 miles and hasn't had any emission issues before Seems to run & idle fine Still has original cat & lambda sensors As I understand it a lambda sensor is an oxygen sensor The reading o
  11. Hi Bzoo, I've dealt with this issue on a couple of cars. It's usually the scuttle drains that are blocked with leaves/debris. Water is supposed to drain from the scuttle drains down through the wheel arches. If the drain holes are blocked the water level rises until it drains into the footwell via the heater intake. Remove the scuttle panel (at the bottom of the windscreen) to investigate. Try googling 'blocked scuttle drains' for plenty of info. Best wishes, H..
  12. The mk7 cables are 160mm The mk6 are 175mm I've made do with the existing ones again
  13. Hi again folks, I'm now on with replacing the intermediate handbrake cable/s and have again started to curse the crap mk6 short rear cables I have seen that the cables were modified for the mk7 and given a metal retaining clip instead of the useless plastic clips on the mk6 I'm wondering if the mk7 will fit the mk6? Might anybody have a spare/old mk7 cable and be good enough to compare the dimensions with the mk6 one? Better still, has anybody a definitive answer as to whether they'll fit? Regards, H..
  14. 114,800 Miles and she's purring like a kitten. Any bets on her reaching 150,000?
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