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  1. HenryV

    Interested in DIY timing belt change

    I wish you the best of luck, I really do! TF is right, in that this is really not a beginners job. I also agree with iantt. Luke also makes a good point, that the job will probably cost you more than paying a mechanic to do it, unless you re-use the tools for further jobs. The job imho has to be a labour of love, not of financial saving. I'm very impressed with your keenness but it's Patience (with a capital P) you'll need here If you go ahead with the project, here's some early tips: You'll need a Metric socket set. DO NOT use open ended spanners! MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! Again, MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT THE BATTERY!! YOU'LL NEED AN AXLE STAND. DO NOT REACH UNDER THE CAR WHILST IT IS SUPPORTED ONLY WITH THE JACK FROM UNDER THE SPARE WHEEL! Again, YOU'LL NEED AN AXLE STAND. DO NOT REACH UNDER THE CAR WHILST IT IS SUPPORTED ONLY WITH THE JACK FROM UNDER THE SPARE WHEEL!! DO NOT DISREGARD THE LAST FOUR POINTS OF ADVICE!!! YOUR LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN YOUR CAR!!! You'll need to support the engine when you release the offside engine mount. I/we used a scissor jack. Do lots of research (procedure/parts/tools). Allow lots (I mean LOTS) of time. You're not going to do job this in one afternoon! Have you got alternative transport whist your car is off road? Take photo's along the way. They'll be useful if/when you hit problems. Get 'MJNewton' and 'stef123' on board. They're excellent advisors! Best wishes, H..
  2. Approaching 102000 miles and the she's still running fine
  3. You're right stef, I'll keep an eye on the fluid level when I've sorted the spring. I borrowed my mate's MK6 Fiesta today because I didn't fancy riding the bike in the snow The steering felt much lighter than mine ever has, so the power steering issue may be resurrected in the future. Best regards, H..
  4. Thanks stef & isetta, I've now found the problem and I must confess to feeling like a 'right plonker'! I've got a broken offside coil spring I lifted the bonnet this aft to get a couple of video clips when I noticed that the car looked too low at the offside front. I then took a blind video behind the wheel; I put this spring on 4.5 years and 50,000 miles ago by the way. I'm hoping to replace it this weekend. With hindsight, I think I was pre-disposed to jump to the conclusion that it was the PAS pump. Thanks again folks, H..
  5. I'm minded to buy the following parts fairly soon: 1) Power steering pump (Ford part No. 1357617 or equivalent) 2) PAS fluid WSA-M2C195-A (Ford) 3) Ford seal (part No. 3518119). Thanks iantt for your post in this thread; Any advice/thoughts are much appreciated, H..
  6. Thanks isetta, That would be a logical approach but the pump spins freely with no noise whilst the car is idling and I can rev the engine with no noise from the pulley(s). The noise only happens when I try to drive forward/backward or when I turn the steering wheel. I still reckon it's the pump but I can't understand why the noise begins when I set off without trying to turn the steering wheel. I must admit, I'm somewhat baffled I may get chance to post a couple of video clips of the symptoms soon. H..
  7. Thanks Martin, I had a lingering doubt about it being the pump or the rack. Update; I started the car today and it sounded fine. I then tried to go forward (without turning the steering wheel) and there was a loud crunching noise and it felt like the brakes were stuck on. I tried reverse with same result. I then (unwisely) tried to force it a bit and the belt squealed. I then turned the steering with the car stationary and it made a groaning noise. My assumption is that it must be the pump because the noise happens without turning the steering wheel. If the rack was at fault it would surely only make the noise whilst steering. Does anybody have any further thoughts/reservations before I order a pump and some fluid? Thanks H..
  8. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone may have experienced a similar issue and could maybe offer some advice; My power steering seems to be underperforming. The steering seems to have gotten heavier. The car's now done 97 000 miles and the fluid had never been changed or topped up. I know I should really flush/change the fluid but I'm not convinced that it would make a whole lot of difference? About 10 weeks ago, on a few occasions there was a clicking noise after starting the engine that sounded like it was coming from the PAS pump area. On each occasion the clicking stopped after a minute of driving. I haven't heard the noise since. I noticed yesterday that the fluid level was just below MIN. I'm not really surprised after 97 000 miles? There didn't appear to be any obvious leaks I topped it up today but has made no difference I suspect that the clicking sound wasn't coincidental and that maybe my pump has failed/is failing. It isn't making any unhealthy sounding noise, seems to be spinning fine and doesn't appear to be leaking. Any ideas will be much appreciated. Regards. H..
  9. I didn't get any biscuits stef, but the job nearly drove me 'crackers' a few times!
  10. Hi folks, Just to 'cross the t's and dot the i's'; I left the car outside my house for 5 days whilst I visited Poland. Upon my return, I checked under the car and found no evidence of any coolant leaks. I again did the daily 50 mile or so round trip to my dad's house/work/home and the car is fine. I did, by the way (before tackling the job) occasionally hear a small squeak caused by one of the accessory belts slipping slightly. It hasn't made a sound since completing the job. Also, I forgot to thank Franco, my colleague whose strength (I've not yet been mistaken for Mr Universe) was needed to finally shift the crankbolt. And also, I forgot to mention the real star of the project, the 'Project Catering Manager', my mum who must have made threescore cups of tea as well as supplying a huge amount of encouragement ! Thanks Mum
  11. HenryV

    Help Needed for the future

    I don't disagree with anyone here. If you did/do ever strip a thread however, don't ever have a 'cardiac' like many folk do! You indeed have a problem on your hands but it isn't the end of the world; (female) Threads are reparable with inserts (start by searching for heli-coil for example). I've cut thousands of threads and repaired many. In many circumstances (i.e. aluminium) the threads are strengthened/improved by steel inserts. I've installed thousands. A stripped thread IS repairable and very cheap but hugely undesirable. Generally speaking, there's two ways of stripping a thread; 1) Angular; If you can turn the bolt/nut by hand with hardly any leverage you have got the bolt/nut at the right angle. If you can't, you probably haven't, so don't ever force it! 2) Force; Never, EVER over tighten a bolt/nut (spend some time finding the specified torque but as a general rule, never exceed 90 degrees after the grip). If so, you're likely to partially or completely strip it! H.
  12. Thanks Albert, I'm glad that you liked it. The car's still running fine by the way
  13. Hi again folks, I gave my dad my phone/camera whilst I got in the cockpit with the key. Here's the finale; I love seeing the barcodes/lettering spinning round on the new belts I let it run for a while then topped up the coolant. I then drove her about 5 miles home and (as expected) the coolant level had dropped due to the coolant displacing the air up to the expansion tank. I topped her up and drove the 5 miles back to my dad's the day after, before driving the 20 miles to work. On arrival I lifted the bonnet to check the everything was ok; She hasn't missed a beat and I'm delighted! The coolant hadn't dropped since the night before. Thanks to everyone on here for your support/encouragement/advice. I wouldn't have done the job without the confidence you gave me. A big thanks also to my dad for the help and advice. I'm hoping to be back folks with another project soon (probably the clutch) Best wishes to you all and best regards H...
  14. Thanks stef, good idea. I'll try to do it. Thanks ian but I don't want to spoil the climax
  15. ... How do I/can I post a video clip on this site ?