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  1. A touch of wd40 maybe work? Thanks for your reply
  2. When I'm coming to a stop and I press my brake pedal it makes a squeak sound but when I come of the pedal it's even louder, when I'm just driving along to slow down, it's doesn't make any noise, only when the pedal travels as far as it can go without being forceful. not sure if my brake fluid needs changing, any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. No not corroded at all, the alloy isn't bent or anything! And used this black stuff in a paint tin can't remember the name but it's obviously not worked
  4. My car tire has been leaking the front passenger side for a while now, and I've taken it to a garage and they have resealed it 3 times. Been fine each time for around a month at a time. It's happened again, really frustrating. It leaks from where the rim meets the tire on the back of the wheel ( the side facing the under of the car) just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and I need a new tyre or if there is a fix or just general advice. I bought them from an alloy shop around 1 year ago. the tyres are good quality Yokohama slines. thanks.
  5. Yeah I will be doing Damien, thanks for your advice.
  6. My missus has got a tendency to rest on the clutch abit much sometimes when changing gear but still, I don't think it's that either, thanks for your reply Damien
  7. I have a Ford Fiesta 2010 mk7 in green, and someone bad stratched my bonnet quite badly so I need some touch up paint, but having no luck in where to buy and knowing what colour I need. Can anyone help? I'll post a picture of my car here:
  8. I sometimes drive my girlfriends ford Ka, and when the car goes past 4000 revs in 5th gear, there is a burning smell which you can smell from the inside of the car, it always happens regardless of the heater setting etc, it's only some 13.000 miles and it's had a couple of services and ford have never come across any issues through their health checks but I was wondering if anyone has this problem and hopefully a fix, or could it be just because the engine is getting pushed too hard. thanks guys in advance
  9. Thanks for your replies guys, He's going to look into maybe a different policy or maybe coming to an arrangement to fix the one in his car. Keeping in mind there inaccuracy, if he makes regular checks/updates on how well they believe his driving is, there hopefully shouldn't be an issue. thanks again
  10. One of my friends has a black box fitted to his car, but it currently records no data, (which is great for him) but his insurer is currently pestering him to get it fixed but he hasn't contacted them because he doesn't want it fixing (of course). I was wondering if they could cancel his policy, it's still plugged it and everything, so it's not his fault, Hes just worried they may cancel his policy. does anybody have any ideas on what to do, he's a good driver but gives u more Freedom without the box I suppose. thanks
  11. 😂😂😂 after two years of owning my fiesta it's finally sorted, can't believe it was there all along. Hahahah
  12. Your not going to believe it, what I believed was wires behind the white mesh, was the lever. I feel so stupid! All my friends have also looked, so don't feel as silly. Hahahaha, thanks for your help Ian.
  13. Hi Ian, thanks for your reply but where the lever is on your car, on mine it's just an empty space where I can access some wiring in a mesh sleeve. Maybe the previous owner broke it. I'll show if a picture if that's okay.