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  1. Focus MK1 heating problem

    If number 4 isn't working I'd be inclined to think the motor fan isn't working. Can you take it out and put 12v to it and see if it spins? Or open it up and check if 12v is at it when you turn it on?
  2. Maf brand matter?

    Ye the main issue is that lag in boost. Also been getting worse mpg. I did a reading awhile ago of the old maf and boost while driving. Normally they both increase then all of sudden the maf would reading would drop all of a sudden and that's when the boost would stop and drop then pick up a few seconds later. Checked for leaks and there's none anywhere. My limited knowledge indicates to me a faulty maf. Checked all connections and all were good. I haven't noticed the problem since the maf has been disconnected. Yep has a little sticker on it saying pierburg,came in a pierburg box. Bought it from mister auto online. Always get my car stuff from them and never had an issue with them before. Although what I noticed was the pierburg box had been opened prior to me getting it as the sticker that holds the flap down was ripped open! Ye its very odd it showing the connections. It feels and looks like silicone/glue over it. Defo doesn't look like it should be like that. That's why we thought it was tampered with/repaired .
  3. Maf brand matter?

    Sound. Ye I'm pretty sure its faulty. The code went away as soon as the old one was put back in. This is a picture of the top of it. A friend suggested it looks tampered with or it was damaged and attempted to be fixed. I've never seen one with this gold on top
  4. Maf brand matter?

    So hooked up laptop to the car. Wiped and re read DTC codes. Getting pcm0103-61 constantly. Under the service procedure I reset intake air throttle valve position offset. There's nothing about clearing adaptions There is PCM module reset. Would that be it?
  5. Maf brand matter?

    Sound will hook it up to the car soon and try it. Does this need to be done every time the maf is disconnected? If not it will keep the default value even if an maf sensor is plugged in?
  6. Maf brand matter?

    Lol plug is as tight as its gonna get. I've cleared the faults only through torque app on my phone. How do I reset its adaptions through forscan?
  7. Maf brand matter?

    So maf arrived today. Took it for a drive. Seemed OK but I was taking readings on the torque app. The maf reading is constantly at 119.4 g/s. My limited knowledge suggests it should vary in g/s readings. But it constantly at 119.4g/s. The old maf was getting readings from 9-80 g/s. Any ideas if its a faulty unit?
  8. Maf brand matter?

    Checked the turbo actuator rod and it moves up and down when its revved ,tho I wouldn't say smoothly. It does move so I'm guessing that the vanes aren't knackered? Should have the maf by the end of the week so boost issue will hopefully be fixed when it arrives :D
  9. Maf brand matter?

    Sorry for the late reply. Disconnected the maf a few days ago. Car feels smoother through the revs, haven't noticed any boost issues with it been disconnected. Can you tell me how to check the turbo vanes and where it is? I've replaced the turbo pressure solenoid ( the brown box with 3 tubes going to it) about a year ago.
  10. I was using elmconfig 2.17 version. I had an issue the first time I tried,it was because the pcm type selected was wrong. I think it was set on 1.6,1.8 petrol when my car is the 1.6tdci. I just changed it to the 1.6tdci and worked perfectly.
  11. All I had to do was Read from gem Tick cruise control Write to gem Read from hec Tick cruise control Write to hec Read pcm Tick cruise control configuration Write to pcm. Thats all that was needed for mine to work. No messing with firmware.
  12. Have you selected the right 'pcm type' on the stop down box? When I activated cruise control I was getting an error. I changed the pcm type to my car ,a 1.6tdci. It was on something else when I got the error.
  13. Lots of fault codes!! limp mode, help please

    Lovely,great result
  14. Lots of fault codes!! limp mode, help please

    Have you cleared the codes and brought it for a run? Some of the codes could be old ones and were never cleared
  15. Maf brand matter?

    I actually only bought a modified elm327 cable the other day and activated cruise control. So I'll hook that up and check for fault codes once the snow f**ks off as the laptop needs to be plugged all the time. The Bluetooth obd I use is a crappy Chinese $2 one and that's only reading one code,p138b. And that relates to the glow plugs. Egr is blanked off so shouldn't be an issue with that. Will try disconnecting the maf and test it without when I'm going for a good run, was just worried about doing damage with it running lean. Its the 110bhp model. Thanks