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  1. Tdci Injectors

    So, can u use different injectors , mine are 101z which are discontinued and 301z have taken their place.
  2. Injector Codes

    OK so I have a 130 with 101z injectors,could I use different injectors if I change all four, like the transit 2.2. Tdci.
  3. Newbie With Issues With Tdci Mondeo

    Possible injectors.
  4. Mondeo Tdci Turbo

    I know some one who might have a turbo, I will check the code tomorrow for u..
  5. Fuel Fualt

    When it gets down to quarter whip the sender out and see how much fuel is in there. It could be empty which would lead to faulty clocks as uv already done the sender.
  6. Mk3 Actuator?

    I have heard of people useing mole grips to grip the lever and working it loose. Once it starts to move it will work it self free then.
  7. Help With Rough Tdci 130 Please

    Have they reprogrammed the injectors.
  8. Diagnostic Equipment

    I tried to install it with av off and then turn it back on but when it is back on it won't let me start the programme, I have got elm and opcom and vag com with no problems.
  9. Diagnostic Equipment

    Hi every one, I am looking for a diagnostic plug in for my 2002 mondeo tdci, I want to be able to read codes and programme injectors. I have bought a cheap f super but I couldn't install it as it had a virus in the software. I went to buy one from another supplier and they said it wouldn't work on my car anyway.
  10. P1344 ???

    the smoke is unburnt diesel, had it started earlier and lots of grey smoke and a bit of black too, think its a injector down..??
  11. P1344 ???

    Has any one had this before. its on a 2002 mondeo 2.0 tdci 130 the car has lost power and smokes like a trooper. it misses bably too. This is what the fault finder found: P1344 Pedal Demand Sensor C Circuit Range/Performance (see 2131) U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault - Receive Error P2339 Cylinder #4 Above Knock Threshold. any ideas peeps.
  12. Glowplug Update - Help?!

    egr valve i think, give it a good clean
  13. 2005 Tdci 130 Problem

    when was the last time it had a service
  14. Removed The Blanking Plate From The Egr "whoops"

    there is blanking plates on ebay with holes in them which are for electronic egr valves, ( I think )
  15. Sudden Loss Of Power On 1.8 Tdci Engine

    any fault codes??