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  1. I had a good day out yesterday, it was good to meet a couple of you guys. I found out after the fact that the dealership the Mustang came from is one where one of my mates works at, small world. I quite liked the diversity we had unlike the sea of blue that was behind us Left earlier than I probably would have liked because I got quite tired, however we did see the red arrows fly by on the way home!
  2. I wouldn't see why it would be, if you're looking to get rid of some stuff then where better to than a Ford Fair? I have a couple of things I'm bringing down that I don't need that I'll give to people that need them. Saying that I have 4 alloys that I need to get rid of too lol.
  3. That makes me feel better that I'm not the only one :D
  4. I'm little bit peeved that mine still has a small dent and the front of the car needs a bit of TLC, literally have had no time to get either of them sorted :(
  5. That's great, cheers! Will probably get there between 8 and half past.
  6. What time do we need to arrive on the day? I'm having troubles connecting to the website atm.
  7. Mine had was underneath the diffuser when I bought it, the previous owner slapped an after market black box on and it look bad and made a right mess. Wouldn't recommend it.
  8. I have the exact same ones in mine! They do look really nice, adds a bit of atmosphere.
  9. I've seen these a couple of times on people's dashes. It keel over laughing everytime, idk what it is but they're so funny to me.
  10. This I was not aware of. My advice to OP then is just try multiple sticks and see where that goes.
  11. Got my ticket, first Ford Fair and got myself a stand ticket. Is there a way I can add my brother in after buying them or will he have to buy them separately now?
  12. The spats? I bought them from SiCo-Developments I believe. Cost an extra 100 or so.