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  1. Did anyone do the sprint?
  2. I had a good day out yesterday, it was good to meet a couple of you guys. I found out after the fact that the dealership the Mustang came from is one where one of my mates works at, small world. I quite liked the diversity we had unlike the sea of blue that was behind us Left earlier than I probably would have liked because I got quite tired, however we did see the red arrows fly by on the way home!
  3. Probably easier to find a bush next time.
  4. I wouldn't see why it would be, if you're looking to get rid of some stuff then where better to than a Ford Fair? I have a couple of things I'm bringing down that I don't need that I'll give to people that need them. Saying that I have 4 alloys that I need to get rid of too lol.
  5. That makes me feel better that I'm not the only one :D
  6. I'm little bit peeved that mine still has a small dent and the front of the car needs a bit of TLC, literally have had no time to get either of them sorted :(
  7. That's great, cheers! Will probably get there between 8 and half past.
  8. What time do we need to arrive on the day? I'm having troubles connecting to the website atm.
  9. Hidden exhaust outlet

    Mine had was underneath the diffuser when I bought it, the previous owner slapped an after market black box on and it look bad and made a right mess. Wouldn't recommend it.
  10. Autobeam footwell leds

    I have the exact same ones in mine! They do look really nice, adds a bit of atmosphere.
  11. 2010 Ford Fiesta ST seats

    Looks fantastic!
  12. Appearance modifications

    I've seen these a couple of times on people's dashes. It keel over laughing everytime, idk what it is but they're so funny to me.
  13. USB Device not detected

    This I was not aware of. My advice to OP then is just try multiple sticks and see where that goes.
  14. Got my ticket, first Ford Fair and got myself a stand ticket. Is there a way I can add my brother in after buying them or will he have to buy them separately now?
  15. Appearance modifications

    The spats? I bought them from SiCo-Developments I believe. Cost an extra 100 or so.