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  1. 02 TDCI Turbo question

    Decided to clear out the EGR on my TDCI today, and gave up when I realised I would have to remove the Exhaust manifold. But in the process, I noticed small oil pools in various intake air pipes. Is it normal for the turbo to let oil through? Or is this the begining of the end for my Turbo? Cheers, Chris.
  2. Focus TDCI losing water

    My 02 TDCI is doing the same thing. No signs of where the water is going!
  3. Check your licence

    I applied for my new licence on Saturday night and it was in my letter box by Tuesday morning. They got my photo from the passport office so I didn't have to send any docs. The one saving grace is that although it costs a £17.50 at least its quick!
  4. Dashboard clocks

    Thanks for the replies guys, the dials I got from the breakers came out of a 03 focus TDCI 115 and my car is also a 03 TDCI 115. I think I'll visit the ford dealer because there must be a electronic way of turnig off the ABS system. I looked at my original clocks and they also have the abs diode only it was never used.
  5. Dashboard clocks

    Thats what I was going to do, then I found they were LEDs not bulbs! Never mind, I thought, I'll take the dial cover off and put a piece of insulation tape over the LED. Hey presto, no more ABS light. Then I decided to have a drive around the block and when I released the hand brake, the light stayed on too. I then realised that the ABS is linked in with the Hand brake warning light, bugger, I dont want to blank that off as it also warns of a brake system failure and low fluid!
  6. Dashboard clocks

    Hi chaps, I need some help. My Dash clocks all gave up last week so I did some research and found there was a known problem with them intermittently failing and that the only cure was a £150 repair, New for daft money or second hand from a breaker. I went the breaker route and bought a set for £20. I checked the part number of my old clocks against the replacements and it was identical so I was happy that they would work. However, when I fitted them I found that the ABS and brake warning lights wouldn't extinguish. I think the doner vehicle must have had ABS and as my vehicle dosn't so its showing a problem as it should. My question is, Can my ford dealer turn off the ABS function on the clocks using the diagnostic connector. Thanks in advance.