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  1. Hi, Drive a Sea Grey Mk2 1.8 Zetec 3dr. Soon upgrading to Mk2.5 1.8 Zetec S 3dr same colour if poss. Like current car just want Zetec S and bit newer.
  2. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    Hi guys. I'm just getting into the detailing lark, got myself foam lance etc. I have a sea grey focus and I am looking for suggestions on what are the best products for me to buy. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers :)
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    I got both, the xbox broke down, ps3 still going strong!
  4. Bulb Help

    Hi guys, I've upgraded my headlamps for brighter bulbs and my fogs are letting them down. Anyone know what fit / type bulbs the fogs are on a 2006 Mk2 focus zetec 3dr (pre-facelift). They are the round ones with plastic surrounds. Not sure what type bulb they are as I have found references to different types. Help much appreciated guys. Cheers, Lee.
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  6. New Escort van driver

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  9. New capri?

    I prefer the hot hatch one too, which is what I thought it was going to look like not sure on other style tho.
  10. ps3/xbox user names

  11. My 2006 focus seems to be scratching and chipping paint far too easily. Even chipping down the sides of the doors and the boot. The paint all along the sides at the bottom seems to be very rough and the corner edge of the door opening seems to be like sand was put in the paint when it was sprayed. Anyone else experiencing this? Can it be sorted through fords paint perforation warranty or have I got to sort it myself?
  12. Paint defect?

    The car is no longer under warranty anymore. I was looking at companies that do paint corrections?
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