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  1. I am having a similar issue on a 2011 mk3 1.6 ti-vct 105 in that occasionley i see the steering malfunction warning when the car is started on a morning but it clears itself after turning off then back on. No problems when driving feels fine. I had read somewhere on these forums that this early model may not have electric power steering but i cant seem to see anywhere under the bonnet to top up the fluid? Anybody have anymore insight into this? any advice appreciated cheers
  2. Went back to the garage i bought it from they are booking it into Ford at their cost so hopefully it gets sorted. Did you have any luck with your update?
  3. Update, had it in local garage today. Apparently re-calibrated throttle body and replaced spark plugs. Seemed better when first picked up gave it a good run and then symptoms appeared again. The idle juddering 750-300 but catching itself several times and then eventually after an hours mixed driving of stops and starts its doin the idle judder and cutting out again. Guess ive bought a bad one. Im going to mention this "pcm update" to them tomorrow and see what they say. Absolutley sick now like i can deal with car problems but this is so frustrating at the minute probably why the previous owner got rid of the car. Could contaminated fuel cause it maybe?
  4. Longshot, but did you ever find out the cause of this? I am having the same problem with a 2011 mk3. Cheers
  5. Hi, i am currentley having this same issue, can i just ask if indeed this completley cured the problem? Also how much did the update cost and what exactly did you ask for? Was this problem present when you got the car or did it develop shortly afterwards? Thanks
  6. Thanks. I will give Ford a ring and see what they say. Im presuming its not cheap? How long does it take?
  7. Sorry, what is a pcm update? Is this something a local garage can do or do i have to go to Ford? Wouldnt this mean it would have been happening for the full life of the car? Its covered 71k surely someone would have tried to have the problem fixed it had 2 previous owners. Victory can you please let me know how you get on? Thanks.
  8. After more research it appears there is no fuel filter or idle control valve on my mk3. Do you think the fuel pump suggestion by RAC guy is plausable? How would this only affect the car at idle? occasionley it does seem to struggle slightly if you floor it in second gear sometimes.. Booked into garage on tuesday morning. Im just worried about going through the million and one fixes only to find its the last one they try that fixes it after ive spent fortunes. How would they diagnose the exact fault?
  9. Im not sure ive only had the car a few weeks. Serviced not to long ago but imagine it was just oil and filter change. Does the petrol mk3 have a fuel filter that can be changed? I read somewhere it is a lifetime filter built into the tank?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. After it happening again when sat on drive this morning i thought id ring my RAC breakdown cover to see if they would attend. They came out ran a full diagnostic which said it was fine. Said the engine sounded fine. Fault didnt happen as it was sat there. Guy said hes 99% sure its the fuel pump not working properly/on its way out?
  11. Hello, New ford focus owner here just looking for some advice before i take my car back to the garage for a problem as im not great with all things mechanical and dont really want end up paying for something it isnt or might not be. I know its difficult to tell by what i writehere but wondering if anyone with a mk3 has had a similar issueand if so what was the outcome I have a 2011 1.6 petrol zetec focus mk3 which is having a problem of cutting out/stalling when idle. The idle seems ok when the car is first started and it has never cut out straight away although it seems abit low to me (750ish) though i have never owned a ford before to compare. When driving the car it will intermittantly stall when i am either stuck in slow moving traffic (low revs/stopping and going) or even parked up with engine still running for a few minutes it will cut out. The revs will bounce between say 800 and down to like 300 and after a couple of seconds and abit of a shake the car cuts out. Starts back up fine everytime but getting to be an absolute annoyance now. There are no warning lights or any codes stored either and it drives like a dream when going at speed. Any advice much appreciated. Cheers