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  1. Alright cheers might as well go down the ST seat route then
  2. Just noticed that some red editions come with heated seats standard or as a extra, how do I check if I just need the button in the trim peace or do I just get ST seats and go that route of getting heated ones. thank you
  3. Has 80 something mate but I get where you coming from. cheers for the response
  4. @Mitchell Rogers I'm with ingenie mate, have a black box but no curfew which is decent
  5. @Luke4efc Right cheers bro, thanks for the help and the cheeky maccies comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. @Luke4efc Right cheers bro, thanks for the help and the cheeky maccies comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. @Luke4efc cheers bro been a massive help, since I am new to this I will just do the little things like you said wind deflectors, leds and tint windows. probably the only bigger thing I will get done is the rear diffuser. Alloys Seam to much of a hassle aha. are the little things easy to fit? I know you ain't a fantasy, but could you recommend any kind of exhaust? also I don't like the fat whole in between the wheel arch and tyre. Any opinions on a cheap soloution?
  8. @Dagger - Insurance came up to ยฃ1850 mate, with a black box being fitted
  9. @Luke4efc , yeah I understand that mate. What's the situation with going up to let's say 16inch or maybe 17? Would that cause any problems? yeah I get you with the exhaust but tbh if the price isn't to excessive I wouldn't mind, just making them up grades. Benefits the car or not? Just going for looks since a remap would be pointless. do you have any other ideas I could do internally/externally? thank you
  10. I'm am sorry for what you are about to read๐Ÿ˜‚ I am a rookie Hi, I am 17 and as my first car I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2010 black. I have never been into cars but now I own one I am constantly looking at things to improve or make the car look better on the eye. I have put a zetec s spoiler on but am unsure about anything else? Been looking at diffusers for the rear end but haven't got a clue how to fit it or if any garage would be fine doing it? If so what price? Also exhausts anyone know any cheap but well made ones? If so would it be expensive to get fitted at a standard garage. Also My alloys are silver have been looking to get blacked out, would it make the car look any better? Any other ideas? Wont let me upload any photos unfortunately Cheers