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  1. Hi alfie im no Machanic but your saying it's sluggish that could be because it's going in Limp mode due to the engine management light being on. as for the light there is quit a few people that can come to you and find out why it's on for not much money that's not repairing that's to find out what's going on. or if you belong to the AA or RAC they will do it. hope you get it sorted m8
  2. Hi all if anyone will know this someone on here will I hope. anyway I have a problem with my 2011 titanium x tonight I was picking up the wife and went to open the pasanger electric window but it would only open a little way then stop the light on the switch is flashing then when it comes back on it goes a little way and stops again. i tried other windows the rear pasanger side was doing the same thing as well but driver side front and back are fine I have all the windows done up now I just had to keep waiting for the windows switch light to come on each time. i have just started searching the Internet and the only thing I found was the same thing happened and the bloke took the earth off the battery for 5mins and reset the seem to work until he had to reaplace the battery after a week as it went dead. to add I have stop and start which has stopped working unless I run on a long journey and it will work for a bit so not sure if the battery is getting worse as it's the stock one so about 7 years old any help would be great please thanks Glenn
  3. I have never had any probs at all with it going white in my Focus or Nisan maybe just check first on a tiny path of the surround and see what happens
  4. Hi I was just wondering if you managed to test the chargering the battery up to see if it worked as I have exactly the same prob my car is a 2011 and has the stock battery still as I checked well I think it is. I have had my car for about 11 weeks now it was fine for the first few weeks as it was prob boosted up in the showroom as it was sitting there a fair while but now will only work after a long journey till the next day then stop again. thinking mine is needing a new battery as well thanks
  5. Just like to say hi to everyone and hope I can get some great advice being on here as I need some lol. roker