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  1. I know thank you, I have just received an email that my OBD2 scanner is being send to me. I will be dropped off at my house within 1 week. :) I will let you know, thank you for your time. I already have activated the extended license for FORscan. Thanks.
  2. @540itouring @bigchunk I have an automatic lightning modus on my Fiesta. When I drive around at daytime, only my 2 LED strips will light up. Rear lights are completely off. Will the camera still work than? Because if I hook it up to my rear light (red light when pressing brake of have lightning on by hand). Thanks guys :)
  3. @540itouring Thank you but I really don't know what you mean. Could you please post a picture or send a picture to explain the location. Positive and ground wire into multi plug right? I don't think my power cable is going to be that long. Thank you. Please help.
  4. @540itouring Good information! I like it. One questions: where did you wire up the power for the camera to stay active when key the key turns on. It needs power 100% when the car is start up, even when you don't use the reverse gear/light. Please tell me. Thank you.
  5. @540itouring Thank you my friend. I will come back to you when I have the OBD2 scanner
  6. @540itouring One more question, what does CC actually mean? Not cruise control?
  7. @540itouring Thank you so much. When I have received my OBD2 scanner I will try this and post the result here. Thank you so much in advance!
  8. @540itouring Thank you. I did just watch this video 5 minutes ago. :) And at which module do I have to look? Also BdyCMD?
  9. But how do I know which side is H/S or M/S mode, since the adapter doesn't have any instruction on it.
  10. Thank you for your clear instructions @540itouring. Thank you! How to enter engineering mode? Do I have plug in the adapter first with M/S or H/S mode? Than engineering mode and than scan the car? Is there any way to create a backup file incase I will mess this up? Thank you!
  11. @540itouring Okay thank you, good to know. "You need to scan the car first and then go into config MAIN . you need to find the WITHOUT CAMERA , double click and then in engineering mode 1 change the options to WITH CAMERA. then press WRITE . follow all software promps . You do not need to change any numbers only drop down menus" I can use this methode without changing any values in FORscan? Just a simple click and save?
  12. @540itouring Thank you for the information. So basically I have to install the drivers and plug in the USB to my computer and start FORscan. Just ignition on (2 clicks) without starting the engine itself. Than connect click connect to car on FORscan. Okay but I don't know if my battery has 11.6 volts, I don't drive that much. But I will turn off all lights and dashcam. Should I turn off the radio too? Please tell me what to do next. When I receive my OBD2 adapter which I have ordered, I want to change the settings before installing the camera, so I can be sure it is working. Thank you in advance! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162068198073?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I have bought this one.
  13. @540itouring Thank you so much. So I need to change the NON As Built version? I did just ordered the same OBD2 adapter as you. Your video looks great! Does the camera stay active after driving ... miles per hour? I know there's an option to see Park Distance Control on the top left corner if I'm sure. Can you maybe place a simple instruction on how to activate the camera? That would be really nice, since I don't want to break my Fiesta. :) Something like this: 1. Open FORscan and click on scan car 2. ... Step 2 Hope you can help me out like you already did, thank you! :)
  14. Thank you @540itouring. I will buy this one too, so I will be sure this is working with my Fiesta. It's just a simple drop menu? Click click, writing, saving and done? What if I want to go back if the camera isn't working. Is my park distance control (bleeps and graphical blocks on the screen) still working with the camera enabled? Thanks you. @540itouring