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  1. Mazzie

    Ford Recall

    Took mine into Essex Ford yesterday to have this recall work done and was told it was a big job and that they required the car for the day. Took it in at 1 o'clock and got a call at 4-30 telling me the work was completed and car ready for collection, got a free valet as well so can't complain really.
  2. Mazzie

    What would you do ?

    Used the build and price facility on the Ford website for the freshened Edge to build the model equivalent to my current spec and then got a finance quote for Options, was staggered to see the interest rate of 6.3% APR which in my case would add over £5000 interest charges over 36 months on top of the additional pricing, unbelievable! As much as I like it me thinks I will be baling out of the Edge when my contract is up.
  3. Mazzie

    What would you do ?

    The dealer is correct, the freshened Edge is due for European launch sometime in January next year, that doesn't necessarily mean that dealers will have stock, If they have the dealer may be reluctant to sell their showroom model. You face a difficult decision and I don't pretend to know the right answer, however, most pcp deals offer the option of buying the vehicle by refinancing it on the same terms as your pcp contract, that might be worth exploring.
  4. Mazzie

    Change engine oil

    I don't believe the establishment of service intervals is a precise science, therefore, if it was my car i would "play safe" and get it serviced as i really don't think it is worth the risk.
  5. Mazzie

    I am having no luck at all.

    The car is made in Canada, but, the engine is produced at the Ford plant in Dagenham, Essex and shipped to the vehicle assembly plant. I thought the dealer could have ordered the part VOR (vehicle of road) which usually means supply of the part within 48 hours.
  6. Mazzie

    Auto Relock Not Locking

    My 2016, August build Edge with Sync 2 had this problem and was fixed first time by Essex Ford at Rayleigh.
  7. Mazzie

    Edge sales figures?

    To the best of my knowledge the Kuga outsells the Edge by approximately 8 to 1 in Europe. I have seen a few in my area, but I think the fact that they are built in Canada and imported into Europe, Ford were not expecting to sell them in significant numbers, otherwise, they would have retooled their Valencia plant to produce them. May be there is a longer term plan for the Edge when the Mondeo/S-max/Galaxy reach the end of their product cycle.
  8. Mazzie

    New Edge

    I have an Edge with Sync 2 and heated steering wheel and I have buttons as well as touch screen to control the climate seats, the heated steering wheel is controlled by touch screen controls only.
  9. Mazzie

    New Edge

    It is my understanding that the Edge Titanium comes with sat nav as standard, either with the Ford DAB or the upgrade to the Sony system. If you order the lux pack then you have to have the Sony system to operate the climate front seats, therefore, I believe you have a mis-built vehicle and the onus is on the dealer to resolve this. My Titanium has the lux pack with the Sony system and it has sat nav.
  10. Mazzie


    I wonder whether the freshened Edge with the new eco blue diesel engines will comply with the "real world" Euro 6 emissions?
  11. Mazzie

    Freshened Ford Edge

    I share your desire for a more powerful diesel engine, but, in reality the comparatively small volumes wouldn't justify the cost of designing, developing and packaging a more powerful engine and associated drivetrain and suspension changes, particularly a Vee engine. I can understand your reservations on the grille thats why I am reserving my opinion until I see it in the flesh and I also have concerns about the rear lights.
  12. Mazzie

    Freshened Ford Edge

    I see Ford have announced a facelift for the Edge similar to the US model, which will be available later this year, I guess 2019 MY. I won't be able to form a definitive view of the exterior styling changes until I see it in the flesh, however, the new diesel eco blue engine 238 ps with an 8 speed auto transmission sounds really interesting. Also hope the interior changes give it a more up market feel.
  13. Mazzie

    Tailgate malfunction

    Finally! after 3 weeks I have my Edge back, all this time waiting for a replacement tailgate motor, I just hope this one proves to be reliable.
  14. Mazzie

    Tailgate malfunction

    The strange thing is that the power tailgate started working again as normal before it went in, but obviously due to the faulty motor, you cannot rely on it. The dealer offered me the car back until they know when the replacement part(s) are available but I have so far declined on the basis that I do want to be stuck with a car where the battery might be flat. I didn't know that there was an option to have a manual opening tailgate in the interim, but, I will discuss this with them tomorrow when they update me as to the parts availability, as these cars are built in Canada I guess the supplier is North American which just adds to the delay.
  15. Mazzie

    Tailgate malfunction

    Update - my Edge was booked into the Ford dealer for Wednesday, I took it in on Monday, 2 days before it was due, as the fault was draining the battery and I decided it was best if the battery was flat that it was in their car park, rather than on my driveway. I'm fortunate in that I have a second car, an MX5, which is much more fun to drive but not as practical. The dealer has now advised that they have identified an internal fault within the tailgate motor, new motor is currently shown as on back order with no delivery date. I have decided to leave the car with them for the next 48 hours as that may enable them to establish the availability of replacement part(s).