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  1. New Edge

    I have an Edge with Sync 2 and heated steering wheel and I have buttons as well as touch screen to control the climate seats, the heated steering wheel is controlled by touch screen controls only.
  2. New Edge

    It is my understanding that the Edge Titanium comes with sat nav as standard, either with the Ford DAB or the upgrade to the Sony system. If you order the lux pack then you have to have the Sony system to operate the climate front seats, therefore, I believe you have a mis-built vehicle and the onus is on the dealer to resolve this. My Titanium has the lux pack with the Sony system and it has sat nav.

    I wonder whether the freshened Edge with the new eco blue diesel engines will comply with the "real world" Euro 6 emissions?
  4. Freshened Ford Edge

    I share your desire for a more powerful diesel engine, but, in reality the comparatively small volumes wouldn't justify the cost of designing, developing and packaging a more powerful engine and associated drivetrain and suspension changes, particularly a Vee engine. I can understand your reservations on the grille thats why I am reserving my opinion until I see it in the flesh and I also have concerns about the rear lights.
  5. Freshened Ford Edge

    I see Ford have announced a facelift for the Edge similar to the US model, which will be available later this year, I guess 2019 MY. I won't be able to form a definitive view of the exterior styling changes until I see it in the flesh, however, the new diesel eco blue engine 238 ps with an 8 speed auto transmission sounds really interesting. Also hope the interior changes give it a more up market feel.
  6. Tailgate malfunction

    Finally! after 3 weeks I have my Edge back, all this time waiting for a replacement tailgate motor, I just hope this one proves to be reliable.
  7. Tailgate malfunction

    The strange thing is that the power tailgate started working again as normal before it went in, but obviously due to the faulty motor, you cannot rely on it. The dealer offered me the car back until they know when the replacement part(s) are available but I have so far declined on the basis that I do want to be stuck with a car where the battery might be flat. I didn't know that there was an option to have a manual opening tailgate in the interim, but, I will discuss this with them tomorrow when they update me as to the parts availability, as these cars are built in Canada I guess the supplier is North American which just adds to the delay.
  8. Tailgate malfunction

    Update - my Edge was booked into the Ford dealer for Wednesday, I took it in on Monday, 2 days before it was due, as the fault was draining the battery and I decided it was best if the battery was flat that it was in their car park, rather than on my driveway. I'm fortunate in that I have a second car, an MX5, which is much more fun to drive but not as practical. The dealer has now advised that they have identified an internal fault within the tailgate motor, new motor is currently shown as on back order with no delivery date. I have decided to leave the car with them for the next 48 hours as that may enable them to establish the availability of replacement part(s).
  9. Tailgate malfunction

    Update from yesterday:- Bad news - engine wouldn't start due to flat battery. Good news - tailgate now opens and closes correctly. Called out the AA to get the car started, which he did promptly, and then he interrogated the system to find one fault code recorded of open circuit on the tailgate motor, so its still going in to the Ford dealers for analysis and corrective action next week.
  10. Tailgate malfunction

    Having opened the power tailgate to put my gym bag in the rear I then pressed the button to close the tailgate. On starting the engine I got a warning message that the tailgate was open so I checked and visually it appeared closed, however, I then pressed the button to re-open it. Whilst one side appeared to start opening the other didn't, therefore the tailgate would not open. I pushed down on the tailgate to see if it would close properly but no, so now I'm stuck with a tailgate that is apparently open according to the dashboard message but won't open, also whilst the car locks it wont double lock. Fortunately, I hadn't closed the torneau cover so was able, with some difficulty, to retrieve my ton weight gym bag via the back seat. Its booked into the dealers mid next week to hopefully correct this fault, but I'm not impressed, has anyone else experienced this problem?
  11. ST-LINE

    As simonb65 says all Edges are built at the Oakville plant in Canada, the sales volume in Europe is to small to justify tooling up the Valencia plant in Spain to produce them, unfortunately. Its only my opinion, but, I think the Edge would be a much better product if it were designed and produced in Europe, rather than having a "europeanised" American product.
  12. ST-LINE

    Hi, I don't think there is any difference, it seems to me that all the "marketing blurb" talks about Edge ST line but every vehicle I have seen is still badged as Sport. I guess Fords European management haven't convinced the Canadian assembly plant to fit ST line badges instead of Sport or they are still awaiting styling approval, its to early in the model cycle to start making changes.
  13. Auto Relock

    Hi, My Edge was built August 2016 and would not auto relock, did not consider this sufficiently important to incur all the hassle and inconvenience of taking it to the dealers just for this. However, when it had to go in for the side airbag recall I thought now was the time to get this sorted. Got the car back from this work after being told all the work was completed only to find that they hadn't bothered looking at this particular concern just totally ignored it, they got a snotty email from me complaining about this lack of service for which they were very apologetic. It went back into today for this work and I have just got it back, they changed the body control module and did a reconfiguration and this now feature now works as intended, hurrah!
  14. Curtain Airbag recall

    From my earlier post, I was very reluctant to have this work done considering the bad experiences documented on this topic, however,I eventually decided to "bite the bullet" and get it done at my local Ford dealers Essex Ford. After two booking cancellations due to non-availability of parts my car went in yesterday afternoon, when booking it in I emphasized the shoddy work carried out by some Ford dealers. I collected the car today and having given it an initial inspection its looking good. All trim and hardware seems to have been refitted correctly, hopefully no trim clips broken, and everything appears to be operating as before including the door sill Edge light and the car doesn't look second hand. There were traces of a few grubby paw prints, but, a few minutes with a damp cloth has cleaned them off, so, all in all I think I got lucky and "dodged a bullet".
  15. Favour needed

    Sorry no pic, but, I've looked at mine at it is similar to Kelvin 1950 and I think it looks a lot neater than how the dealer has left your vehicle. The head on the bolt looks "worn" or corners rounded as if they have used the wrong socket or spanner and the bolt does not look to be seated correctly on yours, just my opinion, but I would not be happy with this. I am still minded to not proceed with this service action and let the next dealer sort it out when I change as the aggravation and upset is not worth it. As the field action letter talks about NCAP 5 star rating and wonder whether this action is more about regulatory compliance than safety.