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  1. Have a look top right hand corner
  2. I will check shortly for you.
  3. On the home screen I have this ( Latest software V3 )
  4. I have an ST Line and the heated steering wheel on/off is on the sync3 home screen between the heated seats icons.
  5. Jono is correct. 2 screws on the grab handle The pull off the panel. Bit tricky lining it up again on refitting.
  6. Installing a dash cam

    I completely forgot about this I will check tomorrow for you.
  7. Installing a dash cam

    I have a 4 month old st line and I used a fuse in the drivers footwell As far as I remember it was the 3rd one from the left Bottom row. I will double check tomorrow. Note. The fuses are very small, I think Micro size?.
  8. Mondeo mk5 steering problem

    Or it could be detecting something that thinks it is a lane as he is reversing out and correcting it?
  9. Mondeo mk5 steering problem

    Anything to do with lane assist?
  10. Yup, Had one in Zetec spec. Man was that yoke thirsty :O
  11. Auto Lock on 2016 model

    Fantastic. Thanks, By any chance do you have any more options that could be enabled?
  12. Auto Lock on 2016 model

  13. Forscan adaptations ??

    Anyone? Can I even enable auto door lock on moving? Thanks
  14. Forscan adaptations ??

    2017 Ford Focus ST Line 1.0 petrol Can any options be enabled on these with forscan? My son is calling to us ober the weekend and I would like to enable some things if possible. Thanks
  15. Ordered it at last.

    Thanks yes the half leather / red stitch on the seats is very nice touch. I did not go with the Nav, €500 extra for that. Google maps will suffice :)