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  1. Am I dreaming? But did someone on here mention something about the Mondeo Mk5 clutch was the same as the Focus RS clutch? Something is telling me I saw this posted before.
  2. How's youe clutch and gearbox holding out with the extra power?
  3. On the home screen I have this ( Latest software V3 )
  4. I have an ST Line and the heated steering wheel on/off is on the sync3 home screen between the heated seats icons.
  5. Jono is correct. 2 screws on the grab handle The pull off the panel. Bit tricky lining it up again on refitting.
  6. I completely forgot about this I will check tomorrow for you.
  7. I have a 4 month old st line and I used a fuse in the drivers footwell As far as I remember it was the 3rd one from the left Bottom row. I will double check tomorrow. Note. The fuses are very small, I think Micro size?.
  8. Or it could be detecting something that thinks it is a lane as he is reversing out and correcting it?
  9. Yup, Had one in Zetec spec. Man was that yoke thirsty :O
  10. Fantastic. Thanks, By any chance do you have any more options that could be enabled?
  11. Anyone? Can I even enable auto door lock on moving? Thanks