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  1. Cheers @b4zz ! done a few more bits to it and have some more planned will get them posted soon
  2. It wasn't till the next week after cleaning my car i noticed how much the paint correction had helped the look of the car. The sliver indicator bulbs helped with the clean look of the car overall and now the car was standing out a mile away because of how much the red paint popped with the black
  3. At this point I was pretty happy with how the car was starting to look for only owning it a couple weeks but a glaring issue was present that i had to deal with before... swirl marks. Despite the car only having one previous owner and only coming up for 3 years old the paint was horribly contaminated and swirl marks present. I set to work correcting this finally by first giving the car a pre-wash rinse, then a two bucket wash and rinse, to then follow up with iron and fallout remover, quick detailer and a clay bar to remove any contamination , following this I applied meguairs ultimate compound by hand to remove the heavy swirl marks that where present mostly on the roof and hood most likely present from previous owners love for the drive thru car wash, next i applied a coating of meguairs ultimate polish by hand to remove any fine swirl marks left that the compound didn't quite remove, finally i applied two separate coatings of meguairs ultimate liquid wax by hand to help protect the paint correction i had carried out. I then sealed the alloys with 3 thin separate coatings of poorboys wheel sealant to help repel brake dust and hopefully make cleaning the gloss black alloys a bit easier along with dressing the tyres in meguairs tyre endurance gel. I then took the car out that night to see how much or little of the swirl marks i had removed and the overall paint condition had changed. As you can see underneath the lights the car showed very minimal to no signs of swirl marks or contamination anymore and the paint just seamed to pop that little bit more now.
  4. Couple days later the stubby aerial arrived and also got that fitted straight away.
  5. After getting the silver indicator bulbs and S grill badge fitted on the car i was really pleased with how the car was starting to look already and continued to get some more pics of it.
  6. So within a week of owning the car the two sets of silver indicator bulbs arrived along with the S grill badge. managed to get out straight away to get them on the car, have to say the silver indicator bulbs really help give the car a much cleaner look a lot better than the standard fried egg look!
  7. Quick pic of the car the first night i got it, surprisingly really nippy for only being a 1 litre!
  8. Quick run down of what i want to do to the car / already done: Short Stubby Aerial Silver Indicator Bulbs S Grill Badge LED Footwell and Dome Bulbs LED Number Plate Bulbs LED H7 Dipped Beam Bulbs Custom Fiesta Mats Gel Overlays? CEUK Engine Bay Dress Up Kit Red Valve Caps? any further suggestions would be appreciated and i'll try to keep this list updated as best as possible!
  9. Finally decided to make a build thread on here after years of lurking lol. So this is my old car [First Car] 2009 Ford Fiesta STYLE 1.25 Petrol: After a year and a half and 7k miles I had my heart set on a Red Edition it was just waiting for the right one to pop up. Little over 2 months ago I bought a 2015 Fiesta ZETEC S Red Edition 1.0