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  1. sam274


    Just need some wheels now!!
  2. 4 Stud 15" 108pcd wheels for sale. Recent re-furb (need to finish the inside) new valves ready for tyres I tried one on my car and decided i didnt like them. Id like what i paid for them £60 ovno
  3. sam274


    Thanks to muttmitch, the Escort purrs like a kitten now with the exhaust system bought from him. Even done the brakes while I was at it..
  4. Obvious i know, but have you checked the fuses? If it was ok the day before you done the lights, maybe something got spiked. I assume the batterys good?
  5. Back in 1994, my uncle had a mk2 escort 1.6. Very rough around the edges, but back then it didnt seem to matter. I passed my test in 1995 and in 97 bought a 1991 MK5 Escort 1.6 lx. White over grey with boot spoiler. Kept it standard but loved that car. Bought a diesel Vauxhall after that, but missed my 'scort so bough a 92 Orion off my parents. It was a 1.4 but i put nice wheels etc on it and loved it too. Family grew and grew and for the last 15 years ive had Transit mini bus, Toyota Lucida Emina, and now a Zafira Diesel. So when this mk6 came up, the wife and i knew we had to get it. Still got the Zafira for family trips, the Escort for fun and when just a few of us need to get anywhere, and a Suzuki 125cc 1987 to ride to work on!
  6. Hi, How much are you looking for it? Where are you based?
  7. Hi All. Thinking of possibly putting a nicer sounding exhaust on my MK6, but cant afford the horrendous brand new prices. Anything going 2nd hand? Either complete system or just back box. 1.6 16v....
  8. Hi. Where can i get the centre caps for my wheels. Its a finesse with those triangular alloy wheels with the little spikey bits coming off. The ones on there are scratched and looking on e-bay, apart from genuine (£20) each, i can only find decals to cover them. I assume they wont last 5 minutes. Any ideas?
  9. Hi. My husband and I just bought a MK6 Escort. Keep telling ourselves that it IS a classic (not many on the roads) but some friends are still doubtful!! Full sevice history, and only 24.000 miles from new. Tiny bit of rust at the bottom of passenger wing, and a 2 inch piece on the nearside rear wheel arch. Husband will do this soon so she will be good to go. The point of this post? ..... Just to introduce ourselves, and to see if anyone else would 'show' the car. (a couple of local shows coming up and felt that it falls into the classic category... just) Its better than some of the usual bilge i see at these shows!