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  1. It does go back to the start if you turn the ignition off and you also have to do a key cycle during the update as well (turn engine off lock car for 2 mins and restart car again) And if your lucky enough not get any error messages as well
  2. Code error 103 saying either download all the files again or retry the installing it again which I did then it worked a total of 3 and a half hours off driving around at least my stop start started working again 🤣 that’s not worked for ages got 2 things for the price of one 😊
  3. Said to wait for key recycle turned car off and locked it restarted again then I got an error so I pulled out usb stick and put it back in again started updating again 1 hour 45 later key recycle again then it updated again and finally update complete F10 maps finally installed
  4. Up to an hour now of updating and it’s not done the key cycle had not popped up was anyone else the same
  5. Will have ago installing tomorrow as it’s takes around 2 hours
  6. How many files should you have in SyncMyRide folder I have 18 is that correct
  7. Only other way I can think of is built in wifi in the car but that will take ages
  8. Just unzipped F10 map on and I’m missing the Dontindx.Msa anybody any ideas
  9. Download the f10 map update and not trying to unzip it to usb stick keeps coming up with an error I’ve formatted it to exfat as well
  10. Will the sync update and f10 map update work via the built in modem if so is quicker to do that way or by the usb
  11. How long does it take to update to F10 maps is it about 1 and half hours
  12. Stop start working this morning going to work coming home from work tonight stopped working again didn’t last long
  13. I have noticed since my car car went into the dealership the stop start stated to kick in after a good run out but before you would have a good run out then it would work after been stood all night like some others have said but now is doesn’t work after a day now
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