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  1. Yeah it's like it all the time
  2. I have a 2019 Focus Vignale has anybody had any problems with auto high beam when travelling down a dual carriageway they lift up when cars are passing you so your dazzling other driver from behind and on a single carriageway they don't drop only time they do work is when you approach a street with streetlights then they drop ive had the car in a ford dealership they said there was an update which included headlights they have done the done the update its made no difference
  3. My focus is in today with the same problem
  4. Going to be interesting getting into winter with short journeys using headlights etc get up for work in the morning with a flat battery only time will tell
  5. Have you taken you car back to the dealers yet if so what did they? Charged my battery up 2 weeks one Sunday went to work on Monday 5 mile trip the stop start worked came home later and it didn't work and not worked since Just reading another thread on here about flat batteries some people are saying Ford App is to blame its not not shutting down the system in your so drains your battery weather thats true I don't know there answer either delete or make sure the app on your phone is closed down properly interesting if thats true or not if anybody tries and work for them let me know
  6. Went out to my car this morning and guess what all the door lock sensors are working again and tonight when I left work but I haven't yet taken my car out for a bit of run so but the stop start function still isn't working so I will take it out for long run this weekend and see what happens
  7. The dealer does'nt want to know must admit I do short journeys to 5 mile there 5 mile back my stop start rarely works either yes I do get a low battery warning on my sync 3 screen as well
  8. Got a phone call from the Ford dealers today after having my car in on Saturday about it they are now saying its about the car battery now if its only about 50% charged then the door lock sensors only on the driver door so you can lock and unlock on the drivers door only sounds a bit strange to me
  9. I keep them in a faraday pouch ive even tried turning the switch inhibitors on and and off in the lock setting the three other doors still don't work
  10. They worked fine when I bought it but over the last few weeks they have stopped working they worked for a few days last week but stopped again now
  11. Don't know what to do might have to take it to another ford dealer my only option I think
  12. It was working but it has just over the passed few weeks
  13. ive got a 2019 focus Vignale im having problems with door handle lock sensors only the drivers door only works the other three doors handle lock sensor don't work took it to a ford dealer this morning they plugged it in and said there is not a problem and they said they didn't even know you could lock the doors with using all four door handles