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  1. Is there 2 updates a sync update then a map update should it be F9 update for maps
  2. Did you just go out for drive while it was it was updating or leaving it running on the drive
  3. How long does it take to update via usb
  4. Has anybody else have problems with the ford pass app not showing the oil life mine doesn’t and had a built in modem the pro version only shows the % and not service due date or estimated mileage
  5. Ok cheers for the help hopefully that’s mine sorted for a few years now I’ve nothing but problems with battery not holding charge since I bought the car and the dealership said there was nothing wrong with I still turn the stop start of when I’m doing short journeys
  6. Yeah it does started mine this morning it was at 14.6 then after 20 minutes drive it went down to 13.3 do you leave yours plugged into cigarette lighter all the time?
  7. It was knackered had AA out to it wast holding charge
  8. What’s your alternator changing at when it’s running mine was at 12.3v when the engine was running tonight and it was 14.6 when it was first replaced on Saturday
  9. Just had a new battery fitted on my focus at the weekend 19 plate only way to reset battery monitoring system was to plug it into laptop that I don’t know how old your car is
  10. Just had a new battery fitter at the weekend and I’ve noticed that the alternator charge has dropped from 14.6 volts to 13.3 volts is that normal with having a new battery with plenty of charge in
  11. That’s what I think poor battery that’s why I’m thing of replacing my it will be at cost though don’t know what to do
  12. Don’t need to disable my stop start it never works lol
  13. I have a 19 plate Focus Vignale and my battery doesn’t hold the charge either it’s gone flat twice mine is a Diesel been to the dealers twice and they say nothing wrong with battery or alternator I’m in the same position stop start never works I was thinking of just getting a new battery and see if that solves the problem currently have Varta battery fitted
  14. The car battery has to be at least 80% charged for the door lock sensors to work if it falls below 80% only the drivers side works