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  1. Richbrook Gear Knob

    ive got one on my mk1 focus and it fits fine, just screwed on. is it a richbrook ford one you bought?
  2. higher ron fuels are for performance cars, they help stop pinking (pre-ignition), which damages the engine. it wouldnt make a difference to your fiesta. also your car should have a knock sensor fitted anyway. hope this was helpful.
  3. i restored a mk3 fiesta. its a really simple car. perfect for learning on. and parts are very cheep and easy to get.
  4. Modeo Diesel Water Leak

    hi, yes the water pump is run off a shaft from the power steering pump, it is a well known problem that the water pump leaks there. its usually requires a new water pump. hope this has been helpful.
  5. Fan Belt Change

    i think it just uses a bolt screwed in to the tensioner which takes the tension off, i dont know what size the bolt is but the finis code is 4413741. thats if it applies to your engine. you would screw it in to a threaded bit at the rear of the tensioner and it pushes against a lug. hope this is helpful.
  6. Major Issue With My Focus

    i cant be bothered arguing with you, my opinions there wallrus. take it or leave it.
  7. 1. Gazjs - Kirkcaldy (Fife) 2. Dave2912 - Rosyth (Fife) 3. Zippy - Livingston (West Lothian) 4. artscot79-cowdenbeath-(fife) 5. McBean09 - Inverness 6. Bashful - Edinburgh 7. fiesta_zetec-x - Hamilton (Lanarkshire) 8. Danzzza - Berwick upon tweed (Like ON the border) (Technically on english side of border, scottish postcode though :S) 9.C-Max Boy1983 - Edinburgh 10. Iael18 - Balloch (west Dunbartonshire) 11. davedon067 - Dundee (Tayside) 12. DutchasFRP - South Ayrshire 13. DAS - Thurso
  8. Major Issue With My Focus

    sorry but it can't, the cluster recieves data on speed, temperature and RPM from the PCM.
  9. if its a ford garage that did it they should have done it to the tsb, and replaced the lot. doesnt sound like a very good garage. you'd best buy from ford. anyway, a special tool is required to slacken the tensioner.
  10. Remote 3 Button Key

    have you tried reprogramming it? sometimes the lose it when placed next to a microwave/ mobile phone etc.
  11. Hi Revs Loss Of Power

    sounds like a coil pack to me, a simple test you can do is remove it from the car and check for any cracking. if its cracked even slightly replace it. if its not it doesnt mean its fine.
  12. Major Issue With My Focus

    yeah id go for the vss, a cluster wouldnt cause the car to cut out.
  13. i cant remember if its the 2.0 duratorq that has a special tool. i'll find out tomorrow.
  14. Changing Batteries In Car Remote Keys

    yeah sorry, i only replace dead batteries. hawker is rite, sorry for the misleading advice.
  15. there is a very common problem with the crank pulley which worsens when the engines under load, eg. aircon on. its two metal parts joined together by rubber, i dont know what difference this makes. but ford replace the tensioner, belt and crank pulley all at once as the wobbling from the pulley damages the belt and tensioner. i'd replace the pulley anyway.