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  1. New Stereo

    Thanks for the input micro.... its daft but the 2 different makes had different faults (if I could have combined both together I would have been happy!). She has a fire tablet and in the past has used my ipad with films downloaded (when we had skygo). will look into the updated firmware and the magnetic usb cable (which sounds like a great idea!). Will have to have a look at normal Bluetooth compatible stereos for the car. But its gonna have to wait a couple of months as the car is booked in for a towbar in a couple of weeks so the stereo money has been allocated on other things... Once again thanks for the input. Mike
  2. New Stereo

    in the 2010 (facelift I have got its inside the centre console) but knowing my daughter she would rip something out with it trailing to the back - was thinking of fitting one on the side of the seats - not sure where exactly yet (had issues with both android headunits I have tried - first one didn't like Bluetooth and the second one the wifi wouldn't work so couldn't easily upload sat nav software - so gave up on the idea of a replacement stereo for the moment. Decided to order a Bluetooth kit that connects to the stereo via the aux port - and even that wasn't working properly - sound very muffled!!!!).
  3. New Stereo

    First time post - to a great informative forum... After a bit of advice, just purchased a 2010 Focus 1.6tdci Zetec (which I have to say is a great car - only collected this morning and already done nearly 100 miles in it - garage is about 15 miles from home..). Im thinking of upgrading the stereo with something along the lines of direct fit android/win8 stereo and the other half said can we connect a dvd screen for use in the back - said yeah should be able to, but before I start working out what I need to do it via a cabled route, I was wondering if anybody knew if it was possible to stream a dvd from the car stereo to either a tablet/ipad hence not having any cables to route and possibly get damaged when connecting/disconnecting (my 9 yr old doesn't always take care removing/replacing plugs etc on tablets...). Im also thinking about running an addition 12v cigarette lighter from the boot to somewhere in the rear to power the tablet/ipad if its possibly to stream from the headunit via Bluetooth or similar.. thanks in advance Mike