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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice
  2. I got a hardvwiring kit for my dash cam, coz I have tried so many cigar lighter USB charger / power sockets and they all make the radio hiss and crackle. the kit I have requires me to take a fuse out, insert this "piggy-back" fuse, then insert the removed fuse into the piggy back fuse. The problem is, I know nothing about car electrics, so not sure which fuse I should use for this, and in which fuse location (glove compartment or engine). My only request is that the dash cam should only come on when the ignition is on. can any kind person guide me? 2011 1.4 Fiesta Zetec auto
  3. Hi yeah, sorry busy week. In the end I just needed oil and grease. The trouble was I didn't know what the mechanism should look like when it correctly works. Comparing it with someone else's Fiesta I could see that something was obviously sticking, so some Bute force WD40 and grease eventually stopped the sticking
  4. 2011 1.4 Fiesta Zetec. I opened the bonnet today to do the usual engine checks but Noe can't properly lock it down, it just grabs the first latch but no matter how hard or softly I slam the bonnet down, it won't go all the way to the second lock. I sprayed the lock mechanism with WD40 hoping the magic stuff might do the trick, but nah! To be honest I can't quite figure out how the mechanism actually works to tell if anything looks untoward
  5. During this spell of hot weather I've noticed that my 2011 Fiesta passenger door speaker makes am awful distorted crackle particularly noticeable on low notes / bass. At first I thought the speaker had blown, but its fine in the morning before the heat has set in. In searching around for explanations, I discovered I am not alone with this problem, but alas no viable solutions have been put forward so I thought I would ask here if anyone else has experienced this and been able to resolve the issue
  6. Embarrassingly, I have discovered the cause of the fault - a particular pair of shoes I own have a thick and wide sole which catches on the accelerator peddle when my foot is on the brake! Cheap repair though :-)
  7. Thanks for that info. I'll check it out
  8. 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec auto. once or twice now when I pull up at traffic lights whether or not I go into neutral, the idle speed goes to just over the 1000 rev mark instead of just under it. Sometime for a few seconds, sometimes stays like that until I move off again. I once had a similar problem with a Vauxhall Omega and that turned out to be something called a throttle control valve, I wondered if this could be the issue here, whether Feistas had one, where is it and is it easy to replace? Because on the Vauxhall a garage charged me £267 which I don't have spare right now!
  9. With just about everything going electronic and frequently wireless, it's about time some bright spark sorted these oddities. I googled the problem and found hundreds of people having the same problem and of one person who, like you, left his camera on motion detect only when he returned he was unable to unlock his door!
  10. Thanks Clive, I've tried that. i noticed a new oddity tonight. If I take my dash cam and position it on the screen directly in front of me (chaps with blue lights won't like that!) it's fine, even with the lead stretching over the top of the radio. Move it back, and it's all hiss and crackle. to me that suggests it's the actual dash cam that's the problem, yet if I swap out the charge lead it works perfectly no matter where the cam is positioned weird or wot?
  11. First of all apologises because I posted this in the Fiesta section, forgetting all about the dedicated 'Audio & Electronics' section which may be better suited.... I have a 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec auto, only had it a few weeks, discovered over the weekend that my sat nav interferes with the radio reception when it's plug in. Also I have two dash cams my old one works just fine, but my new one also interferes with radio reception. when I say interferes I don't mean a slight crackle or hiss, I mean it renders the radio virtually useless! I should add that when I swapped the cigar plug lead that came with the dash cam for another one I had lying around, the interference was considerablely less - almost non-existent. However using that lead on the sat nav made no difference. Also, if I hold the sat nav away from the cars centre console, the interference is considerably lessened to non-existent, but made no difference moving the dash cam Without getting too technical, is there anything obvious in can do?
  12. My 2011 Fiesta has problems with the heated rear screen elements one at the bottom and two (the most important two!) in the middle do not work. Obviously there is some sort of break but what is the easiest way to test and fix the problem? i have noticed that one of the elements has a section about 2 inches long that feels slightly rough and if you look at it from the outside, that section is a darker colour, so I assume that is the dodgy area. But the other two elements don't have such obvious characteristics.
  13. If anyone is interested, years ago I had this problem with my Vauxhall Omega. I resolved it by connecting a spare battery to the battery leads, removed the leads from the battery terminal (keeping the connection to the spare battery on the leads), swapped the battery out and then disconnected the spare battery - all was ok