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  1. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    Hi if the car is still under the 3 year Ford warranty and your service is up to date and the car was registered after September 1st 2014 the coolant cap and labour charge is covered under warranty.
  2. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    My wifes 64 Reg Fiesta did the same it was covered under warranty they removed the inner cap with long nose pliers. The cost of the cap is about £13
  3. low battery warning?

    I have had a owned a Mondeo 2.2 Titanium x sport and a Kuga Titanium in the past and both have displayed the message low battery it was the key remote battery needs replacing Try replacing the key remote battery in both key remotes and the message should clear
  4. I have a Focus ST Line 150bhp 17 plate with ford 18inch wheels upgrade my insurance me and the wife age 54 is £252 with 9 years NCD protected legal with Direct Line
  5. Coolant bottle

    Yes the pressure cap is covered under warranty we had the same problem on our fiesta 1 litre Eco Boost titanium x at first our dealer said it was not covered then the warranty team said if the car was registered after September 1st 2014 it is covered which ours was but they had to test the cooling system before replacing the part. The cap body which was stuck in the coolant bottle was removed with a long nose grips. The cap cost around £13 pound
  6. Ford Focus 02 Reg, Lighter Fuse Question

    I would be checking the door sensor switch as it faulty or the wire to the switch is touch the cars body work. Try disconnecting the door switch
  7. Focus ST Line X 140

    Hi Mark Yes my car as a space saver the boot liner tray item no 331754218293 on E-Bay I paid £16 which was a lot cheaper than the dealer Chris
  8. Can't get mobile to sync with car

    Try clearing car out Bluetooth list and rebooting the phone then try to sync phone to your car
  9. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I would ask to test drive a both cars if possible before you make your mind up. We had a 1 litre Eco Boost Fiesta 125BHP which was fine and pulled like a train around town. But when we took a 1 litre Eco Boost Focus for a test drive it felt sluggish at the lights possible due to the Focus body weighs more than a Fiesta so we took a Focus 1.5 litre Eco Boost 150 BHP for test drive and we found it a lot better drive than the 1 litre. And we ordered a new 1.5 Eco Boost 150BHP ST Line we find it drive like a dream I am glad we choose the 1.5 litre 150BHP. We are getting around 50 mpg on a run and about 40 mpg urban the road Tax is £140 the same if registered after April 2017. So I would test drive both cars before you buy.
  10. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Our Focus was ordered was ordered 3rd May and we was given end of July for delivery and a week later our dealer called us with a update saying it would not be delivered until mid August and they may have to revalue our old car I told them its not my problem the new car is delayed and your not getting a penny more out of me take the issue up with Ford.
  11. Heated Screen Problems

    I think Auto Glass must have a faulty batch of windscreens as my neighbour as had his windscreen replaced as his heated windscreen would not work last week. He called Auto Glass and it was replaced under warranty as he only had it fitted June 2017.
  12. Focus ST Line X 140

    I have 2017 ST Line 1.5 BHP with 18 inch rock wheels and a space saver. I got my boot liner for £16 including postage from E-Bay. My wife had a Fiesta 1 litre 125 BHP which a great little car but when test drove the Focus 125 BHP it was sluggish possible to the body weight.
  13. Factory Build ST Line

    Alloy wheels are 18 inch rock wheels upgrade I am looking to insure them against damage which covers them for 4 repairs per 12 months over 3 years. The car as been waxed and sealed including the wheels as they are Diamond cut.
  14. Factory Build ST Line

    Did you buy your car from Burns Garage in May if so this is your car we nearly brought the car
  15. Factory Build ST Line

    Well have taken delivery of our Ford Focus ST Line 150bhp in Tiger Eye today after the long wait from ordering the car 3rd may 2017 and taken delivery on the 12th August 2017. Our was factory released July 9th and it sat at the docks for nearly 3 weeks in Belgium.