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  1. Hi if your dealer is not willing to fix the car I would reject the car
  2. HI the battery is covered for 3 years so you are covered
  3. Hi have you checked if your boot light is staying on
  4. 1 should be on the inner side and 2 on the outer side. number 2 should be slightly cone shape
  5. I would recommend you replacing your bulbs with Ring xenon 150 H7 bulbs or Osram night breakers. I put in Ring 150 which have been in for 2 years with no problems the standard Ford bulbs are like driving with candles in
  6. we have spoken the dealership service manager today and he as said the tech guy as got it wrong and the problems we have with our radio which is camera message radio blank and unable to turn off and on Bluetooth keeps disconnecting on any phone SAT NAV not loading or NO GPS message intermittently. Which is a known problem to Ford on the sync 3 system on all models which Ford are releasing later this year which SHOULD cure these problems .
  7. Hi my Focus as a sync 3 radio and I keep getting a message popping on the screen intermittently whilst driving the radio as had update then the radio as had a master reset wiping the radio back to factory setting but still the message keeps popping up whilst driving. We have the car from new the problems started within less than a year of having the car. The car as been back to the main dealer to be told no fault found then this week my car went for its 2nd year service and the camera fault I was told the camera and radio faults was due to a aftermarket rear parking camera. The was order by us and built at the factory with the camera as a extra. We are now waiting for our dealership to comment.
  8. Try good old E-bay item 254263160430
  9. I have been looking for insurance for my focus for the end of the month. I have had a claim In January this year where a 3rd party hit me in the rear but the claim as not been settled still so it will be at fault claim at the moment. Today I tried Adrian Flux and I was disappointed with there quote it was sky high.
  10. Update my car had the clutch software update and the stumble on pulling away seemed to of cured it. But the last few weeks the stumble when pulling away.
  11. I have had the same issue on my Focus 2017 saying camera not available. Photo taken and shown to dealer and they could not find the fault plus they said have never seen this problem before so you think its only my car.
  12. Hi I was told mine had the latest software over a year ago and the software update was not needed. Then a was sent saying a safety recall software update was needed.
  13. Hi James Yes the car went in on Saturday morning for the software update which took less than a hour and the car seems not to stumble at the moment whilst pulling away even when the wife as drove the car and its not stumbled pulling away. So fingers crossed the software update as sorted issue when pulling away. Also I asked my dealer to have a look at the high level brake light as it gets a lot of condensation in it new light on order.
  14. Hi James My dealer as been saying that my software was all up to date as my car had the latest software over a year ago. But now they saying it needs a software update 18s39 clutch slip detection software - recall which the letter from Ford is a bit frightening what could happen to your car.