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  1. Hi The battery for the remote fob is CR2032
  2. Hi the heated seats is under warranty it is possible pipes in the seat or kinked
  3. Hi try disconnecting then the battery then reconnecting the battery if this does not work go into the sync 3 unit settings and reset the unit to factory reset. This is what my dealer told me to try when my unit locked up and disconnecting the battery worked.
  4. Hi try turning the ignition on but dont start the car and select reverse gear and put your ear against each sensor and you should a faint clicking sound if there is no clicking sound from a sensor its ether that sensor faulty or the wiring to the sensor
  5. Try Turtle Wax tyre and bumper and trim gel
  6. Hi have you phoned Auto Dab on (0) 121 522 5555
  7. Hi Tom I have a ST Line 1.5 150BHP with convenience pack and yes the mirrors are power folding via the key fob when locking. I did not have the appearance pack as you do not get a spare wheel and we wanted the 18 inch Rock wheels we had also had the rear view camera cruise tinted rear glass and the door protectors. and the colour we had was tiger eye.
  8. It is possible the dpf sensor I had the same issue with my old Ford Kuga
  9. I have upgraded my headlight bulbs on my 2017 Focus with RING Xenon 150 H7 bulbs which are road legal no wiring change headlights are a bright white light instead of the yellow glow of the factory standard fit
  10. Hi i had pair phone back into the unit and it cleared my SAT NAV back to factory settings nothing else lost
  11. I had the same issue on my 2017 Focus I kept on losing the GPS signal and I had to do a master reset which cured the no GPS problem
  12. Hi if the car is still under the 3 year Ford warranty and your service is up to date and the car was registered after September 1st 2014 the coolant cap and labour charge is covered under warranty.
  13. My wifes 64 Reg Fiesta did the same it was covered under warranty they removed the inner cap with long nose pliers. The cost of the cap is about £13
  14. I have had a owned a Mondeo 2.2 Titanium x sport and a Kuga Titanium in the past and both have displayed the message low battery it was the key remote battery needs replacing Try replacing the key remote battery in both key remotes and the message should clear
  15. I have a Focus ST Line 150bhp 17 plate with ford 18inch wheels upgrade my insurance me and the wife age 54 is £252 with 9 years NCD protected legal with Direct Line