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  1. I have been looking for insurance for my focus for the end of the month. I have had a claim In January this year where a 3rd party hit me in the rear but the claim as not been settled still so it will be at fault claim at the moment. Today I tried Adrian Flux and I was disappointed with there quote it was sky high.
  2. Update my car had the clutch software update and the stumble on pulling away seemed to of cured it. But the last few weeks the stumble when pulling away.
  3. I have had the same issue on my Focus 2017 saying camera not available. Photo taken and shown to dealer and they could not find the fault plus they said have never seen this problem before so you think its only my car.
  4. Hi I was told mine had the latest software over a year ago and the software update was not needed. Then a was sent saying a safety recall software update was needed.
  5. Hi James Yes the car went in on Saturday morning for the software update which took less than a hour and the car seems not to stumble at the moment whilst pulling away even when the wife as drove the car and its not stumbled pulling away. So fingers crossed the software update as sorted issue when pulling away. Also I asked my dealer to have a look at the high level brake light as it gets a lot of condensation in it new light on order.
  6. Hi James My dealer as been saying that my software was all up to date as my car had the latest software over a year ago. But now they saying it needs a software update 18s39 clutch slip detection software - recall which the letter from Ford is a bit frightening what could happen to your car.
  7. We have the same issue with our 2017 Ford Focus 1.5 150bhp our dealer could not find the fault we was told it was our style of driving we even asked about the software recall update in August 2018 when it went in for its first service we was told our car was to effected we even asked again in March 2019 and again we was told once again our car was not effected. Then in April 2019 Ford sent us a letter regarding a safety recall software update so we booked our car for the software update and we said to the dealer you told us our car was not effected there reply was it is now with a bit of luck this will cure the stumble issue when pulling away.
  8. I have just had the clutch recall letter today for my 2017 Focus 1.5 150bhp I am not happy about the recall as I asked about the software update in August 2018 at the time of service I was told by my dealer my car is to effected. also I had some warranty work done in March 2019 and once again I was told your car is not effected with the clutch software recall. So today I went to my dealer to book my car in for the software update and I was told today your is now effected and they need the car for half a day.
  9. Hi The battery for the remote fob is CR2032
  10. Hi the heated seats is under warranty it is possible pipes in the seat or kinked
  11. Hi try disconnecting then the battery then reconnecting the battery if this does not work go into the sync 3 unit settings and reset the unit to factory reset. This is what my dealer told me to try when my unit locked up and disconnecting the battery worked.
  12. Hi try turning the ignition on but dont start the car and select reverse gear and put your ear against each sensor and you should a faint clicking sound if there is no clicking sound from a sensor its ether that sensor faulty or the wiring to the sensor
  13. Try Turtle Wax tyre and bumper and trim gel
  14. Hi have you phoned Auto Dab on (0) 121 522 5555
  15. Hi Tom I have a ST Line 1.5 150BHP with convenience pack and yes the mirrors are power folding via the key fob when locking. I did not have the appearance pack as you do not get a spare wheel and we wanted the 18 inch Rock wheels we had also had the rear view camera cruise tinted rear glass and the door protectors. and the colour we had was tiger eye.