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  1. Edge of Reason

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    It might be the memory card / USB stick you are using. If you have another, format it and copy your stick 1 files onto it and try again. I had similar issues at first.
  2. Edge of Reason

    Brake Pad wear

    I’m with @DavesEdge with just shy of 20,000 on the clock. No issues with brakes at all. I’m a retired traffic cop so would like to think I’d get more mileage out of a set of brake pads than the average motorist but like Dave said there are so many factors that can affect pad wear. I occasionally tow a horse in a trailer and do more short journeys than motorway stuff so that won’t do my wear any favours.
  3. Edge of Reason

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    Stick 2 has similar autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.msa files outside the Sync My Ride folder with JR3T-14G422 inside the folder. I’ve copied the above from elsewhere in page 2 of this thread for ease of reference.
  4. Edge of Reason

    Whooshing Sound from Rear N/S?

    I assume the fans are for the cooling aspect as my heated seats (cloth not leather - so heat only) don’t make any sound at all.
  5. Edge of Reason

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Bit of a pain though.
  6. Edge of Reason

    Upgrade maps to 2017 F7 version

    Is the file missing from both stick 1 and stick 2 downloads ? I believe this file is the same in both, so you can copy one to the other and it will work fine.
  7. Edge of Reason

    sunroof glass

    I’d be surprised if you could get a replacement glass roof by next week. But good luck anyway.
  8. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Every chance Kelvin.
  9. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    It’s just the crispness of the LED flash that I’ve seen in other cars that makes me want to go to the bother. I’ve had the headlamps out to replace the other bulbs and the indicator bulb has a simple twist connector then a push fit into the holder. I reckon I could replace one in about 2 mins, now I know what I’m doing. By the way, the puddle light LEDs that @MJubby used are fab and bright. So much brighter than the standard filament bulbs. They took nearly 2 weeks to arrive though. ‘Dispatched from Manchester’ the listing said. Must have moved Manchester to China methinks.
  10. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Has anyone replaced their front indicator bulbs with LED bulbs. Apart from my registration plate bulbs and front indicators, all the bulbs are now LED, so I was considering upgrading them too. I saw on an online video however that the internal indicator may flash twice as quick due to the lack of load. Anyone know ?
  11. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    A bit late. I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🤞
  12. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    @MJubby I have looked at the Ebay listing for your puddle lamps and it shows the Ford logo projected onto the ground when you look at the ‘more details’ section. Do yours do this ? I’m still waiting on mine arriving.
  13. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Well I fitted my bulbs tonight with the exception of puddle lamps, which haven’t arrived yet. I have to say that they are much brighter than the old ones and the change from dipped to main is now instant. I have taken a couple of pictures of the dipped and main beam on the road. Unfortunately my before pictures are a little blurred but you can see the improvement. I’m not sure there is any distance improvement, but what is illuminated is much clearer and brighter. First pic is dipped before, then main before, then dipped after and main after.
  14. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    Well I have ordered the bulbs as listed by @MJubby and so far the H15 and H7 bulbs have arrived. One thing that I hadn’t considered until I received the bulbs is how the beam is managed. There are no shields or deflectors, so it would appear that all they can do is shine bright. Has anyone had any issues as far as accuracy of beam is concerned ? It’s all very well having very bright lights, but if the beam isn’t focused effectively, then you won’t be able to see any better than with standard candles. I have attached photos of the H15 and H7 bulbs, so you can see what I mean.
  15. Edge of Reason

    What would you do ?

    Can’t see the Edge ST coming to the UK. The ST Line is as close as we’ll get. I’ve seen a few US reviews on the Edge ST and although I wouldn’t want the fuel bill, I’d love to have one.