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  1. I’m sure they will. There are sensors which track oncoming vehicles, to adjust the beam pattern. I’m afraid I don’t know whether these sensors are built into the light units or are seperate items. I’m sure someone will confirm. I think there may have been mention of this headlamp swap in a previous thread.
  2. Further to my last post, there are members here who are either current or ex-Ford technicians, so they are in a far better position than me to say exactly what is required.
  3. If you mean the all singing and dancing complete headlamp units, then I’m afraid they are not a straight swap. Physically yes they will go in the same space with the same fittings, but they have associated modules and sensors needed to operate, together with software changes to the ECU. If however you mean LED bulbs, then yes they can be a straight swap.
  4. Must be that new regenerative braking, regenerating brake pads. Must buy some !!
  5. @Owen1988 very nice and neat, but like @simonb65 I’d be a bit concerned about the drainage holes. Don’t suppose this would be an issue for some time though.
  6. As a simple “which is best”, it would very much depend on what you plan on doing with it and what your budget is. A decent spec Edge will be over £40k, so now attracts a very expensive road tax for the first 6 years of ownership. That being said it is much bigger all round than a Kuga, which doesn’t have a huge boot for it’s size. It is also more comfortable. Personally I tow a horse trailer occasionally and I found my Kuga to be just a little underpowered, whereas my Edge (210ps version - although mine is recorded as 230ps) manages far better. If i didn’t have a specific need for the additional power, would I buy an Edge over a Kuga ? Probably not. Personal choice I suppose, but like other Edge owners have said in other threads, I am unlikely to buy another as the price bracket it has now slotted into brings it into the same ball park as more premium marques.
  7. I’d rather that design than a conventional seal arrangement where inside the door checks gets all mucky then you get that on your trouser leg / dress.
  8. Think this is what you are looking for though I’m not positive.
  9. I’m on F8 maps and have no idea where you are talking about as I’m just outside Edinburgh but I’ve had a look and can provide the two attached photos which appear to confirm the A556 on my maps that you refer to. Can you confirm this is where you mean ??
  10. At least they called you BEFORE you left the car with them, unlike @Quofan !!
  11. Never had an issue with the heated screen. Couple of minutes and that’s it. I don’t like waiting, so I scrape the side windows and by that time the front and rear screens are clear.
  12. I’m on F8. Loooooooonnng process to update it once you have spent hours on the download. Haven’t noticed any road changes yet. Like others have mentioned, no log file to upload so I need to check and see if my car is still showing as having an update available.
  13. Got mine done last week. They told me it would take an hour and a half but I was in and out in an hour. No issues, no bullsh*t. Good dealer.
  14. Was given a BlackVue 750s 2 channel dashcam for Christmas and eventually found time today to start the fit, following the guide in this thread from @Trent Edge. The camera came bundled with a Power Magic Pro, which allows it to be used whilst parked too, whilst also fully switches it off if the battery voltage goes below a certain threshold. I used the same 2 fuses for my taps as per the guide, though I found that partially taking out the glovebox made access for feeding wires so much easier. No tools required to drop the glovebox, you just push the support arm on the left side out of its little notch, then flick the two rubberised tabs at the inner top edge of the box and it tilts forward so you can see behind. I also found an easier accessible earthing point, just to the right behind the glovebox (8mm bolt). The front camera is now fitted but due to a lack of light I haven’t got round to fitting the rear camera yet. I’ll hopefully get that done on Sunday. So far so good. Thanks Trent Edge, I’m looking forward to feeding wires through various places on Sunday. 😜