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  1. Try this. It might give you a start. https://www.f150forum.com/f118/sync-3-nav-upgrade-available-410997/
  2. Similar scenario to the issue I had with my Kuga. This turned out to be a sensor on the DPF. The filter itself was fine, just a dodgy sensor.
  3. In that case mine is broken. 🥴
  4. I’m talking about the mpg whilst towing, not the average mpg of a tank of fuel, including towing.
  5. The majority of running gear is from the Mondeo, so mechanical parts shouldn’t be an issue. Body parts however will be a little less available. Let’s face it, the Edge has been in the UK for about 3 years now and they are still very rare. I’ve still never seen a face lifted Edge in the flesh yet and can’t recall the last time I saw of the pre-face lift, other than the reflection of mine in a shop window !
  6. So let’s stand by for the resale values to plummet like very large stones. Nobody will want to buy a second hand Edge if they no longer make them in RHD form as parts will become very scarce. Worse than they are currently.
  7. A caravan could be somewhere between 1400 and 1600 kg, so as you are virtually doubling the weight your engine and gearbox have to move, it stands to reason that your MPG will reduce drastically. My Edge does about 32 mpg locally and around 40 on a longer run. When I tow a horse trailer and horse, which will weigh around 1500 kg, my mpg drops to about 22-24.
  8. I’ve tried that before but it doesn’t work. Seems the steps to put the car into program mode don’t work on the Edge. At least not the UK version.
  9. Lol. I was thinking it, but chose not to say anything !
  10. If you intend to change the fog light bulbs when doing the headlamps, it is far easier to remove the complete headlamp units on both sides, which then gives you easy access to the rear of the fog lights, and it’s easier to fiddle with the various clips, with the headlamp units on a rug or other soft surface on the ground.
  11. Have you had the aircon pulley recall carried out ? If so, perhaps they haven’t re-gassed.
  12. Worthwhile comment. 🙄
  13. As with Simon above, my Kuga did exactly this and it was a faulty DPF sensor.
  14. I’m sure they will. There are sensors which track oncoming vehicles, to adjust the beam pattern. I’m afraid I don’t know whether these sensors are built into the light units or are seperate items. I’m sure someone will confirm. I think there may have been mention of this headlamp swap in a previous thread.
  15. Further to my last post, there are members here who are either current or ex-Ford technicians, so they are in a far better position than me to say exactly what is required.