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  1. It depends where you go. Tyre fitters at Costco tyre centres are told to change AWD tyres as a set of 4. Most modern AWD cars are either front or rear wheel drive by default and only use AWD when traction is limited. If you are driving in AWD, ie in slippery conditions, ideally you want all four tyres to be roughly the same tread, although 2mm difference between front and rear wouldn’t make much odds.
  2. Are you trying to play music from the SD slot ? The SD slot with be for navigation purposes, so you would need to find an appropriate maps card for your system.
  3. If you mean music from USB, go to your audio settings, and select USB as an input method.
  4. If you had the space saver on, you’ll find that the rolling circumference of that tyre was different to the other on that axle. The electronics would probably record this as a continual slippage and therefore disengage the 4WD to avoid causing any damage to the components. Very unlikely to have caused any damage and most people get the tyre fixed to avoid running on the space saver for any length of time. I think they are only good for a short distance anyway and should be used at 50mph or less.
  5. I reset my trip on Xmas day. I’ve averaged 48.1 with mostly local miles and one motorway trip. Just bought the car new on 23rd December, so if that’s what I’m going to get long term, I’m absolutely thrilled as I was getting 32 with my Edge Sport. I tend to drive the Kuga in Eco setting, which certainly seems to make a difference.
  6. Good shout. I bet the heated screen doesn’t work, or they replaced the connection and the old one got left in the engine bay by that bloke from Autoglass.
  7. Strangely the Edge could tow 2 tonnes. The new Kuga can tow 2.2 tonnes. It does have less horsepower though. My Edge was registered as 210PS (although Ford ETIS showed it as 230). My Kuga is 190.
  8. I’ll need to get one of those warning umbrellas !
  9. You’re probably right, but how many times have you seen a car that when abandoned broken down it had its hazard lights on, but by the time you pass by, the hazard lights have dimmed to pathetic barely visible candles. They are not designed to warn the position of a fluorescent van with multiple flashing beacons, but to warn of a stranded vehicle or its occupants.
  10. You’ve just explained exactly why you use them. Well done.
  11. Ford don’t supply them I’m afraid.
  12. Any reason why this has been posted twice ?
  13. Sounds like it hasn’t quite finished the install. I would remove your USB stick, do an ignition on / off cycle. Lock the car, wait two mins, unlock the car, plug in the USB then start the car. It should check the stick for any files not completely installed and finish.
  14. I had a 2.0 diesel from 2012 to 2016. It was AWD but not auto and I got roughly 34-36 mpg on average. I now have the new model in ST Line X trim with the 2.0 190PS auto and AWD and I’m getting about 38-40 mpg and over 50 on a run.
  15. I was going to suggest checking your tyres too. If you have larger wheels than standard, so that might be 19” instead of 18”, then depending on the tyre and it’s wear, they may tram line, like you are suggesting. I’ve had this issue on several cars I’ve owned and it’s generally when you get to about 4mm or even 3mm of tread, that they seem more prone to this ‘tram lining’.
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