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  1. Eric / Roger, there’s no rush for the government to make a complete James Hunt of things. You know BJ (unfortunate initials) makes sense.
  2. You got a Bentley ? Flash git !😂
  3. On the subject of updates, does anyone who uses the M6/M1 junction know if the road layout on the latest mapping has always shown the correct lane direction structure ? I’ve just been down there and the last time is used it, when heading south from M6 onto M1, it used to tell me to use the right hand lanes when the latest road markings directed me to the left lanes. Today the mapping correctly directed me to the left hand lanes. I’m sure it was wrong AFTER the last map update but is now correct. I haven’t performed any manual updates so wondered if it had updated itself over WiFi.
  4. I’ve just read the topic again. What’s a main BEAN ?
  5. Never tried that type of bulb, just switched all standard bulbs for LED versions as referred to in the other LED thread and not had any issues.
  6. Just to finish off this thread. I picked up the dog guard from Matt @Guinnesson my round trip from Edinburgh to Northampton and back and it’s now proudly fitted as per the photo. Pup (Willow the Cockapoo) arrived on Sunday and hasn’t experienced the guard yet, but it’s there ready. I’m now mentally scarred at the sight of Matt’s Crocs !! 🤣
  7. You’ve gone and said it now 🥴. 🤞
  8. It’s called driving in the gutter. Roads have cambers so debris falls to the sides when flicked by cars or when washed by rain. If you drive close to the gutter, you are far more likely to pick up screws and the like, than if you stick to the centre of your lane, well away from the sides. And so the side walls get it.
  9. When in Navigation, select MENU / NAVIGATION SETTINGS / NAVIGATION PREFERENCES and you’ll see Hazard Spot Warning. There is a pick list for OFF / VISUAL ONLY / VISUAL & CHIMES. Off clearly gives no warning, visual only shows the warning sign ⚠️ on the map and visual & chimes shows the warning sign ⚠️ with the audible prompt.
  10. Mine is certainly active. The voice just says “Caution” when I’m a few hundred yards from the camera. I’ll take a look and see how to activate / deactivate it.
  11. A number of years ago I had a Renault 25 which got a similar puncture on a motorway except it was a 6 inch long 3/4 inch thick bolt, which not only punctured the tyre, it went straight through the underside of the wheel rim too. New tyre and new wheel. It’s all down to the angle of strike and pot luck.
  12. I’m sure I read somewhere that Sync2 cars don’t have this option. I’m Sync3 so unable to I’m afraid but I’m sure someone will post if it’s at all possible.
  13. No disaster there. Headlamp flash shouldn’t really be used to wave folk out of junctions anyway. It should only be used to warn another road user of your presence. It has become an “after you” type signal over the years but personally I never use it like that. I’ve been flashed out of junctions before, only to be nearly wiped out by someone that I couldn’t see and the driver flashing hadn’t noticed. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a collision so let the other motorists work it out for themselves.
  14. As Eric said above, I got the email but only use Etis on an iPhone or iPad, so curtains for me. I won’t be downloading and certainly won’t be paying for a license.