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  1. Mine initially said complete so I removed my USB. It was the next day it first said about completing installation. I drove the car without the USB plugged in for 3 or 4 days, then got the USB and plugged it in having done a full lock cycle on the car (lock, wait 3 minutes, unlock) then plugged the USB stick in and started her up. It was less than 10 minutes before it said installation complete. I think the modern Ford electronics are full of bugs and we are the beta testers ! Hope you get it sorted.
  2. This is caused by the system not fully updating. Mine did it with the Edge I owned. To fix it, with the ignition off, I put my update USB into the port, started the car and went for a drive, after about 10 minutes it said it was complete. I don’t understand why it does it, but it fixed it for me.
  3. Absolutely no harm in doing a how to. It’s just a case of taking pictures as you go then writing the blurb. If you are doing it, there is every chance that someone else will want to.
  4. I think I’d be taking it back. If you’ve replaced the synchros, then yes I would be expecting years rather than months. Unless of course it’s something else.
  5. WD40 is a water dispersant, but folk use it as a lubricant when it isn’t. 3 in 1 oil is a lubricant so far better suited for this purpose.
  6. Maybe that’s the difference. You lubricated them. Perhaps no lubrication makes them brittle or prone to giving way.
  7. I’m thinking Ink Blue, but I, like you, can’t find anything to confirm that paint code EC refers to that colour. I think the code for Ink Blue is E0, rather than EC from what I can find.
  8. Sounds like your alternator is not charging.
  9. I would say that mirrors that don’t power fold, are not designed to be folded every day. Yes they will fold if you have to do so occasionally, but if you have tried it, you will feel there is quite a bit of resistance and the continual folding and unfolding will cause wear on the moving parts.
  10. I take it these are not power folding mirrors and she has been manually folding them and unfolding as she uses the car ? If so, there is a chance she has forced something that has popped out of place or sheared. I don’t suppose Ford would be interested unless you could prove it was defective and not user error.
  11. Glad I got a diesel now. So many PHEV issues that really haven’t been resolved fully.
  12. Don’t think you’ll get an answer here I’m afraid. This is a UK based site and the Edge only came to the UK in 2016.
  13. Was this on first use after changing the battery ? If so, the car goes through an ignition cycle before recognising the new battery as it remembers last state until that state changes.
  14. I find stop/start in my new Kuga, which is automatic, works brilliantly. My car also has an auto hold parking brake. So when I stop the car, I can take my foot off the foot brake and the car stays put in drive, without any need for me to keep braking or manually applying the electric parking brake. Assuming the car is up to temperature, the stop start kicks in and the engine goes off. When I’m ready to move off, if I squeeze the throttle a tiny amount, it re-starts the stop start, without releasing the auto hold brake. Then when I want to move off, a little firmer pressure on the throttle
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