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  1. Edge of Reason

    Boot rattle / Rear number plate mount rattling - fixed!

    You can probably accelerate through it. It stops about 140 !!
  2. Edge of Reason

    Boot rattle / Rear number plate mount rattling - fixed!

    Well I’ve cut a piece of thin tool drawer foam that I had spare from my Snap On tool chest, using the number plate holder as a template. This lifts the whole plate holder off the bodywork just a smidge. Had a quick run in the car and my rattle appears to have gone. Will see if that remains over the next few days. Cheers Mike.
  3. Edge of Reason

    Boot rattle / Rear number plate mount rattling - fixed!

    I also have an annoying rattle and assumed it was something in the boot but haven’t yet identified the cause. I’ll look at the plate holder now. Thanks.
  4. Edge of Reason

    Tailgate will not open warm weather

    I assume you hadn’t realised the tailgate was squint before this ?
  5. Edge of Reason

    Sync 3 update

    It’s not tailored to the car, but if you download it through Ford official channels, the VIN is embedded in the download, so that once you download it and update your car, you plug in your USB to your PC afterwards, causing a marker to be uploaded to Ford, against your VIN, so if you later check for an update, it will only show any later updates available.
  6. Edge of Reason

    Sync 3 update

    Thankfully it gets bored asking you about Wi-fi networks after a week or so. That was irritating but it’s stopped now so all good.
  7. Edge of Reason


    Sorry to resurrect and old thread but for the last fill up, I tried using the car in sport mode only and manually did all gear changes with the paddles. I managed to get 2 mpg more than I would normally have got. For the current fill up (yesterday) I’m doing a full tank of only using drive, so will see how that performs by comparison. Most of my driving is in built up areas, so any little help with mpg would be good, though as someone before said, you shouldn’t buy a 2 tonne SUV if fuel economy is your worry. I’m not worried by the economy, as my last car was a Focus ST which averaged 26 mpg, but anything better can only be a good thing, particularly as my diesel locally has gone up about 6 or 7 pence per litre in the last month.
  8. Edge of Reason

    Adaptive headlights

    @A1YAT I don’t think you can retro fit the original adaptive headlights, but as stated above there are options available to replace all the front bulbs with aftermarket LED alternatives. I didn’t get the adaptive lights either but I don’t do much night driving. I think the £1000+ price tag couldn’t be justified for me. May be a no brainer for others though. Each to their own.
  9. Edge of Reason

    first time towing in the edge

    I’m with @Fergieman and tow a horse trailer, though my ‘Ifor’ is an older model. Great car and other than on steep inclines / declines, I leave it in drive.
  10. Edge of Reason

    Anyone chipped their 2016+ Edge yet?

    I’m sure the diagnostics would record the fact that the car has been chipped or at least that some settings were changed, even if you took the chip out ?
  11. Edge of Reason

    Auto Mainbeam

    Seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing here. Why doesn’t somebody just check the beam pattern against a wall with each of the left hand / right hand options and report back. I would but I’ve got the cheap candles in mine, so can’t help.
  12. Edge of Reason

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    @David on the Edge can you confirm, since you’ve had your LED DRLs seated correctly you have had no issue with them, unlike @mcfcjoe ?
  13. Edge of Reason

    Pre-Collision without Active Cruise Control

    Active City Stop is what you have and it’s standard. The pre-collision assist is an option using the cruise control to monitor your speed versus other vehicles when cruise control is activated so you don’t run into vehicles in front, particularly if they slow down. @eDGeDout18 The Edge is the US is most popular with the 2.7 litre Ecoboost V6 engine. There is no comparison between the performance of that against the 2.0 litre diesel we get, but then the price of fuel across the pond is much cheaper than here, so easier to afford the upkeep of your gas guzzler.
  14. Edge of Reason

    Driving in France

    I’m not sure if the ones sold by Halfords etc have the latest list of vehicle applications. The ones that have a main circular part and a detachable section. I have used them several times on previous vehicles, including a Kuga, but haven’t had the cause to buy any since I got my Edge, so unsure if the Edge is specifically mentioned in the instruction card.
  15. Edge of Reason

    New Edge

    I think you have just confirmed what Simon said.