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  1. The top image looks set too high, but as I said it’s difficult to give a proper comparison as the images are set up differently.
  2. I was going to do it last week. After an hour it said 4 hours to go, so I quit and went to bed. I’ll have another go when I’ve got time. I don’t think there are many new roads near me so I’ll probably not notice anyway.
  3. Don’t worry about asking questions. That’s the whole point of a forum. Not quite sure if we are looking at the photos in the right order. It’s difficult to compare the images as they are taken from a slightly different angle and distance.
  4. I have to agree. It’s something that annoys me about comments suggesting the dealers rip off the owners. If folk feel that way, go to an independent trader to get their car fixed.
  5. I can’t think for the life of me what that can be. It’s like the tappet noise I used to get in my old 1986 Cavalier. Strange for this kind of noise in a new diesel. It’s kind of like noisy injectors. Sorry I can’t help more but I’d be interested to find out.
  6. I have had two scheduled services and two interim checks to keep my Ford Assist valid. I do a fair bit of local short journeys so the oil degrades quicker than it would if I was doing longer journeys. Strangely the mileage at each service has been just over 15,000. I’ve got a service plan which is great to have and I would recommend it.
  7. Looks pretty standard for the halogen candles fitted as standard - yes.
  8. Mark, I think this has been answered in the other thread you’ve been on. For non-adaptive headlamps, assuming it’s just you and a front passenger in the car, the headlamp height adjuster should be set at 0. Thereafter dependant on the weight in the vehicle and how it’s distributed, you would increase the number on the height adjuster, which reduces the height of the beam. Fully loaded and towing, would possibly be 4 for example, but there isn’t a definitive setting for a given amount of weight, so as Simon says above it’s a case of trial and error. For me a good rule of thumb is when you come up behind another car at traffic lights, if your headlights illuminate the car in front any higher than the base of their rear screen, it is probably time to change the height. Whilst stationary in that situation, you can clearly see the height of the beam adjusting as you rotate the little knob.
  9. It’s not that your a voice in the wilderness. I think we would all agree that some misting due to temperature change is expected. But if you drive for months on end through fairly consistent temperatures and the misting, or in my case big water droplets doesn’t go away, that’s not acceptable.
  10. In the Ford manual they say anything more than light misting is a fault. “Examples of unacceptable condensation are.. a water puddle inside the lamp streaks, drip marks or large droplets present on the interior of the lens” If Ford are suggesting it’s unacceptable, it’s a fault in my book and needs correcting.
  11. I recall a Saab traffic car we had in demo once that had a parking brake acting on the front discs. It was prone to rolling as brakes cooled. I always put my car in gear in a manual or park in the auto, when parked.
  12. If you have your DRLs only on (which should be on by default) and you then indicate, the DRL on the side of the indicator flashing dims, so as to make the indicator clearer. When the indicator goes off, the DRL goes back to full brightness. Not sure if this Is what you mean. Also if your lights are on and you are travelling slow, when you turn the steering the relevant fog lamp on the same side as you are turning, lights up to illuminate the verge on that side. Any of these relevant ?
  13. Sorry that was me. I meant to say Automatic, but for some reason said diesel. No idea why. The engine switching itself back on was relative to automatics rather than diesels (as they were all diesels at one point).
  14. Should have been bold underline italics.
  15. No upset here. My (replacement) unit was replaced in Feb, misted by March and has showed no sign of drying out and it’s now July. My previous units had water droplets inside and looked terrible. If I can get them replaced for free, then I’ll do that as it’s unsightly with misting and water inside. The other replacements have yet to show any signs of misting. I appreciate it must be a design fault but why should I accept a shoddy product ?