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  1. Fi.Es.Ta

    Dmb Graphics Are Awesome!

    I suppose there is a good side to it though.Probally about 90% of people in the northern hemisphere dont no know what the ford FPV badge resembles ;)
  2. Fi.Es.Ta

    Dmb Graphics Are Awesome!

    Purlease dont do that.Thats like putting a ferrari badge on a 74 mini clubman. The ford FPV is used for a reason and the fiesta is certainly not that.
  3. Fi.Es.Ta

    Does Everything Rattle?

    I to have this problem, where they are i dont no. But i have three very annoying rattles so i just crank the music up more to drown them out.
  4. Fi.Es.Ta

    Plug On Wiring Harness Mk7

    Cheers dude it has 6 so must be as you say.
  5. Fi.Es.Ta

    Plug On Wiring Harness Mk7

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what this plug is.its located behind the glovebox on the right hand side just taped to part of the wiring harness,and as you can see theres three wires connected to it.
  6. Awsome,you got a link to them.
  7. How did you get those spider lights through the holes nath? they look pretty good.
  8. Fi.Es.Ta

    Ipod Aux Mk7

    I only have Aux connection on my mk7 and always use my iphone to play music which is fine but when someone rings me the music fades out and the phone starts to ring through car speakers so i use it as hands free basically.But since dissconecting my battery to install sub and amp my phone no longer rings through the speakers it just plays music. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  9. Fi.Es.Ta

    Rear Speakers And Installing Sub

    Wow finally im getting somewhere with a ford dealer and who are willing to listen to me. The charge was $75.00 for diagnostic work and they want me to print out the screenshot you posted nath so they no exactly what menu they need to look at.
  10. Fi.Es.Ta

    New Zetec S Stereo - Fitting Sub

    Use this guide in the link.
  11. Fi.Es.Ta


    I actually found out something interesting today regarding HID's.Now i dont no if it applies there in the UK but here in Queensland you can install them,but are only allowed to have 4,400 kelvin.
  12. Fi.Es.Ta

    Rear Speakers And Installing Sub

    Just regarding doing this install on my car. After taking my stereo out useing titaniumsteves removal guide which is a pain in the bum and is not easy to say the least,after getting the circuit tester on my wires i found my remote wire and it is not blue and is nowhere near as thick as his,mine is blue and purple and the same thickness as the speaker wires but is in exactly the same place as steves blue wire and every other wire is exactly the same other than this remote wire.I wouldnt have a clue why this is but my stereo is the basic model with no bluetooth or any other futuristic rocket propelled gadgets.Thought i would mention this just incase some of you do this mod and find out there is no blue wire there but a different colour. So the install is done and now its a matter of ford to activate my speakers or some kind person with the hardware and software to do it.(Dont fancy flying to Aus do you nath for a day ;) )
  13. Fi.Es.Ta

    Rear Speakers And Installing Sub

    Awsome thanks nath your a legend. i will print this off and show them ;)
  14. Fi.Es.Ta

    Rear Speakers And Installing Sub

    I havent received a screenshot nath? just checked.
  15. Fi.Es.Ta

    Fly Eyes

    I'll add my two pennies worth here regarding fly eyes.They are purely cosmetic and do not protect your lights.I had it fitted on my fez when i first bought it in 2010 was the first mod i did and it did look good especially with me having a dark blue car.I had the stuff on for atleast a year and it never come unstuck,but it did eventually fade,when i say fade i mean the black actually comes off as its printed or sprayed onto white (why they did this is beyond me) and they look really tatty and poor.This was the kick in the knackers for me.When i removed the stuff off my headlights it left cracks tiny ones everywhere that are noticible.the reason i think this happened was because one the sun has been shining on them for long periods of time it doesnt let the polycarbonate expand and contract like it naturally should do when there is nothing applied to them.So be warned even though it looks good cosmetically it can damage your headlights.