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  1. Hi all. My focus is driving me mad. The Bluetooth is making that constant buzz on aux in mode even if the phone not in the car, I've read about ground loop insulators but not a clue how to fit one! Electronics aren't my forte, gimme a the greasy things, those I can do haha. Anyone actually managed to fix this? Cheers in advance :)
  2. If it was me, I'd have changed the oil, seeing as the timing belt is wet (in the oil) you MUST use the correct oil and absolutely never use an oil flush. I know because my engineering background and I also asked ford dealership a day ago about the flush. Their response was to never use a flush for the belt's sake by the way, if you look at vospers dealership web site for parts, you actually get service parts much cheaper than motor factors! Better to use ford branded stuff cheaper. The oil is Castrol rebranded to ford labelling too. Plugs will be good until 37.5k miles too, look in your service book
  3. 2012. 34k and no, just had the recall done on the degas pipe.
  4. I fitted LED side lights to mine. That'll use far less power so it'd help. Plus I think they're on a timer. I left my lights on the other day and when I come out they were off until I started the engine again. Not 100 percent about the timer but I'm guessing. Hope this helps you
  5. My stop start wasn't working when I picked my new (to me) Focus up, gave the battery a good charge for 15 hrs and it's all working fine now. SS needs a higher performance battery, so needs a smart charger to charge them properly. I used the 'repair mode' on a halfords smart charge 200. Worth a try.
  6. Thanks, I know what it is, your pic gave it away. Wish me luck hah
  7. That's good then thanks for letting me know. Was it an easy job? One thing I'm not sure of that's on the guide is something about a clock spring. What's that? Haha
  8. Hi all. I noticed when in LED test mode the clocks on my 2012 focus doesn't have a CC light lit up. I'm about to follow these instructions but with a used steering wheel with the buttons, do you think I should be worried about it not having a light, as in maybe it can't be done in my car? Cheers :)
  9. Hi all. I've got myself a new steering wheel off eBay with the CC buttons and got focccus, I notice my dials do not have a CC light on them. Will this be a problem when I come to set it up? Thanks
  10. Hi did you manage to get the display to show your phone info by any chance? Thanks i turned on my auto locking, hill start assist and soon to activate cruise control
  11. Hi all, my cigarette lighter socket isn't working on my '12 focus and I've checked the fuse under the dash and it seems fine. Any ideas what else I can check? Thanks in advance :) liam