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  1. Car Finance Rip Off??

    the main consideration when buying via finance is the APR ( annual percentage rate of interest ) most reputable garages will include this in financial packages they are offering it might be better taking out a bank loan or some other form of loan at a cheaper APR paying cash though is the preferred option + you can do a bit of bartering i didn't get my £2000 because my fiesta happened to be a 35van ( cars only ) but i did do an acceptable deal using cash
  2. Complicated

    hi stef i just find the site a bit hard to negotiate i am trying to sort the format ..i am mainly interested in the forums but find it difficult sometimes to post ..cause i cant find the ' post new topic ' link.. ( when i need it ) anyway great site ..will sus it ...al ( polyal )
  3. Complicated

    hi steve this is the most complicated forum i've been involved with ( navigation wise ) please help polyal
  4. Immobilisers

    i agree 100% ...my original post is an opinion..as far as i am concerned there are no cons i just want a vehicle with no immobiliser....if the rest of the planet wants the consequences of immobiliser malfunctions ..so be it ps i want the vehicle to be under my control not the vehicle to ( when it decides ) to do what hell it wants.. usually causing immobilisation and disruption
  5. Immobilisers

    whats the difference..no car ..or no car....if the damn thing wont start ...get it nicked
  6. Immobilisers

    they can still nick your car with a scaffold bar and 1/2 a screw driver you please yourself ..if you cant start your car ..then pray some thief will come and start it for you I WANT THE OPTION...you walk home
  7. Immobilisers

    why cant i buy a new ( ish ) car without an immobiliser...or why dont they make an easy fix ( bypass ) for legit owners ...i think car security is getting a bit ' BIG brother and / or nannified ' and should be left to the punter if he wants it or not malfunctioning security devices can be a pain in the ar5e and should be optional the internet is full of people trying to get their ' safe ' cars mobile again ... TIP : If yours packs up go and find a car thief he'll charge you a lot less than the rip off main dealers
  8. Wont Start Endura 1.8De

    i'm right behind you
  9. Wont Start Endura 1.8De

    in effect the resistance is short circuit + the device ( gloplug ) when it gets hot the resistance increases the 3 ohm reading is the multimeter readout which is very dependant on the multimeter spec so 3 ohms is as good as a short cicuit ( but not quite ) hence the effect of the gloplug if you short circuit a battery with a zero resistance material then nothing happens because there is no voltage drop ...so no current can flow the nearest you can get to zero resistance is silver ...but never zero
  10. Car Finance Rip Off??

    thanks..dead right ( spider to the fly scenario ) ...............top advice for anybody buying a car ( or anything else for that matter )
  11. Car Finance Rip Off??

    thank you for that...i will definitely look for a f... first ( sh..ush)
  12. Radio Code

    and about time.....so they aught to release the master code that will enable every radio thats been immobilised by this fickle piece of security nonesense..and make hundreds of frustrated drivers very happy and enjoying their journeys again
  13. Car Finance Rip Off??

    the garage is a fiat distributor ( am i now banned ) its round the corner ...my endura DE has failed big time so its £2000 for a 1999 fiesta 35van that wont start.... so it might be fiat here i come what planet am i on?
  14. Car Finance Rip Off??

    so how is the £1750 ( extra to me ) explained away
  15. Car Finance Rip Off??

    the prices for their cars are not linked to finance or trade ins...they're normal book prices the finance etc are options..i will post what transpires...i have a meet with the garage on monday to sort a deal?? ps this dealer is well established and respected...but can any dealer be trusted ??