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  1. Just an update on the situation. I left the fuse out for longer and did not a difference I have since had it in at a Ford Garage and they have done a software update which I was certain it wouldn't, it has been 2 weeks since the update and seems to working just fine. Hopefully it doesn't cut off again. Thanks for all the help and advice :)
  2. I have tried the fuse but for only like 20 seconds maybe and that didn't work. I could try it again for longer wouldn't do no harm in trying
  3. Dee_82 I am looking at the part now and it seems as though it has a soldered copper piece strip to the rear window I'm assuming that the aerial is apart of the heated windscreen? But thats only an assumption I'm no sparky. I can't see any signs of corrosion on the contacts or any damp or anything so would it be fair to assume that it's a module issue? Tried pulling the fuse out and that hasn't solved it either. Sounds like I'm fussing over nothing but I do enjoy DAB radio.
  4. That's great thanks for the reply Would this be Ford specific part I can't seem to find a replacement parts on Ebay or anywhere else? Also where did you find the image? I couldn't find anything on google search? Thanks Again!
  5. Where is the DAB Aerial/Antenna located on a Mondeo Titanium X Sport Diesel? 62reg I am having issue with the DAB it self and have got it booked into Ford in July through third party warranty cover. Its going to cost me £72 just for diagnostic!! and I have a sneaky feeling all ford are going to do is do a firmware update which is not covered in my warranty, so this will cost me on top of the diagnostic charge more than likely over £100. I have seen in other topics that a firmware update does and doesn't work and even changing the DAB module hasn't worked for some folks but has for others. So I'm looking more towards the antenna being the issue I just don't know where it is located. Any Ideas?
  6. Just to update you guys I came across the issue as to why I was having a surging problem. I had an EML come on at the weekend and the images can tell you as to why it cam on. After a heavy bill from Ford for the replacement intercooler hose, I put the new on and it is as good as new now. Appreciate all the suggestions and advice given previously.
  7. Filter was done last month and had a long trip run to the coast and back 2 weekends ago. Could possibly do with another run. It was suggested that the fuel injectors could possibly be contaminated. Is it worth running a cleaner through then? I always use vpower fuel.
  8. Saturday 05/05/18 I serviced my brakes used the car most of that day ran fine come Monday 07/05/18 I noticed a slight surging when holding the throttle steady (i.e. 3rd gear doing 30mph), and it is gradually getting worse especially in mornings. I have no EML on or anything? I want to try and get on top of this before something expensive happens. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. No worries thanks again for the help
  10. Thank you for the help. I don't suppose you know anything of my other question do you? bout the brake calipers? is this something that can be done on this model also?
  11. I suppose the benefit I gain is bit of power, more torque, with better throttle response and limiters removed? Next question is who is reputable to use to get one done?
  12. Thank you for clearing that up, so I imagine if I wanted to get more power I would have to do further tuning than just a re map?
  13. Yes get anywhere around 60-80nm gain. I understand that it is not all about BHP that torque is more of a value to look at in a diesel engine.
  14. I have 2.2 TDCI Tit X sport 13 reg, Been looking at remap quotes and potential outcomes, and one thing that is annoying me is how come the 2.0 TDCI engine has a more potential output in comparison to the 2.2 TDCI? every where I have looked I seem to get maximum of 15% more BHP where as the 2.0 can get around 30% more. Just confused as to why this is? could someone make me understand please? I would like to get a remap but I don't want to pay the money for such a low outcome. Also does anyone know if this model can fit ST calipers on it. Having 19" alloys and a small caliper just seems out of place. I don't want to have cover ones just wondering if ST ones will fit? Cheers