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  1. Selling Mountune Badges

    There's pros and cons for it. Pros like you said could get a mountune badge to fit with the mountune parts you have. Cons can be that the badge might mislead people if you just stuck it on a standard Ford. Also if you can't buy mountune badges (not sure as haven't checked) then most likely if you see a Ford your searching for with a mountune badge it most likely may have a mountune remap etc. With my car for example the previous owner advertised it having a few bits of work done such as clutch, water pump and timing belt. They also said it had a mountune remap. When I went to see it the car drove nicely and had no issues on running. I asked about the remap and the owner said it was done by one of the previous owners. The car didn't have a mountune badge on the back (which I didn't know mountune give if you remap from them). I bought the car and the guy said he will send the paperwork and rolling road print out in a few weeks. Sadly till this day I haven't got anything. From doing a little research into the mountune remap it did say for my fiesta and engine that they instal a K&N air filter and badge. I also contacted mountune if they might have any records on the car having a remap and sadly they said they couldn't find anything 😢. Really if you bought mountune badges you'd do it for styling or possibly to replace one you already have. In my case for example I should of just walked away from the guy when he said he will send out the receipts however I am started to really like the car
  2. Brakes - a few questions

    I think you could try balancing the rear drums and handbrake cable. I did notice the braking to be a little better after doing that on mine. Probably the shoes make contact now with normal pressure applied to the brake pedal. The handbrake cable also is properly applied after just 2 or 3 clicks. I did this a few months back and I think it's gone back to how it was before it got adjusted.
  3. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost MK 7.5

    Could look at getting ST line alloys and probably then upgrade the brakes to bigger ST ones. I recently fitted ST calipers and carriers along with ST size discs. You can check on my build thread for what I did.
  4. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost MK 7.5

    I have the indicator rings kit. These come on white when wired to the sidelights and can change to amber when wired to the indicators
  5. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost MK 7.5

    Upgrading to LED for any of the lights: sidelights, indicaters etc. Autobeam are a really good company to get bulbs from.
  6. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost MK 7.5

    Looks good 👍. I'd be happy aswell if a remap gave a little more power than claimed. That's more power than the top power you can get from factory for that engine (140hp). Are you planning on upgrading the lights.
  7. D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Look what car that's soon going to be added on GTA online . Looks between a RS and subaru WRX
  8. Timing belt. DIY or garage

    You can check out @TomsFocus guide here . I have the same engine and just took the cover off to check the condition of the belt and it looks good.
  9. D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    I think these little mods will help improve driving experience. Where would you find the turbo sound suppressor? I don't see why they would suppress the turbo noise when it sounds addicting hearing the turbo spool. On my car you can hear it spool down but only when you shift up from second and third.
  10. Titanium boot badge issue

    Isn't there any marks from where the old badges were? I'm planning on getting a new 'S' badge as the one on my car has faded. They normally have a red fill on them. Hopefully when I remove the old one there will be an outline of where it was.
  11. Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    I am surprised what a 20mm (2cm) difference made on the stopping power. The rear beam conversion I might do might be done more for looks than braking.
  12. Leather steering wheel refurb

    I use colourlock and their leather light cleaner, conditioner and sealant. To be honest I don't think the light cleaner removes that much of that shininess from the steering wheel but it does take dirt off and makes it feel clean. I used it on my seats abs found the drivers seat to have the most improvement.
  13. Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    Discs are bedded in now and have to say there's noticeable difference in stopping power. The back end feels like it's going to lift up. Might later get a ST rear disc beam. Nothing on ebay at the moment. Any other suggested places to look?
  14. Things I Don't Like

    It didn't snow as much in London sadly. Would of been having some fun with the handbrake if it did snow a lot like it did 2 weeks back.
  15. D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Sounds good 👍. Pops and bangs are a young drivers dream lol. Just watching this just makes we wish my degree finishes quicker and I get a proper job to save up for a nice fast car.