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  1. I'm really getting mad now. Can hear a group of cars revving out their engines not far from home 😠. It's 1:30am and been going on for more than 10 minutes now. @Stoney871 is there anyway of reporting stuff like this? Feel really sorry for the people in their homes right near there to those chavs.
  2. @TimST2 looks decent to be honest. Hope I can afford that sort of thing later in life.
  3. @TimST2 if I had 2 cars where one I use as a toy / occasional use and the other I'd daily possibly I won't mind with the car I use occasionally as if something went wrong I have my second car to use whilst I save up or wait till repairs are done on the other. It's up to you though. The Caterham probably may feel more fun to drive as your exposed to the elements but if I was you I'd get it with the detachable roof.
  4. Yeah its a sale tactic they use. Those performance brake lights they released were £22 but now they are £24. When I add the discount it comes close to £25 after everything. Delivery is cheaper as its a smaller item. Once they charged me £5 for delivery of bulbs and when it arrived it came in a small box the same as if I was to pay £2 for delivery 😤
  5. Definitely looks nice with the white accent
  6. This was posted back in 2015 so doubt they still have it
  7. Same here. Didn't want to go mad with mods but try to give a OEM plus look like I upgraded the brakes to ST ones and the pedals. Only thing really someone would notice are the lights especially the halos I added. As you said these cars are getting rarer. This is the first and only time I've seen a mk6 fiesta with a red dash. It was an exclusive optional extra you'd only find on the zetec s. The STs came with a blue dash option which wasn't exclusive as I believe there was a zetec model which also cane with it.
  8. Doesn't look bad. I have a feeling the mk6 is a diesel with the tow hook on the back. You should see mine. Machine polished it and did a few upgrades plus is just about loaded with extras.
  9. @Zico I will have a go on that 👍. Also autobeam have a 25% discount at the moment for everything.
  10. Can someone tell me how I can put two images together? Just saw this album cover from juicy j. One of my uni teachers the way he behaves makes me and my friends think he's drunk. Would be fun to put his face on it for fun to show to friends. One time my friend was messing around with the blind and he said to him 'are you blind that you are studying the blind' 😂🤣. Another time he said 'to all my dissertation we can all get together, sedate each other and all have a good time'. You can see why we say this about him 😂
  11. Could put a hybrid turbo, 110 injectors, intercooler and free up the exhaust for more power. I'm sure STs won't keep up then plus your spending a lot less on fuel and only £30 tax 😊
  12. @TimST2 ah god if you could see me stopping myself from laughing when I saw this 😂
  13. If that was the case @iantt used to look like this 😂. I remember this profile pic
  14. Congratulations Geneve 💐🎉🎊 @TomsFocus @iantt
  15. Engine size youd know the 2.0 HDI will fit as the ST has a 2 litre. Does all the extra components fit with it? It's hard for me to tell from the picture the ride height due to the darkness but it must sit nicely now.