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  1. Car didn't fully fit in the garage with the front hanging out so had to take it to another garage. He didn't want anything bad happening which would of left the car undrivable and the garage shutters wouldn't be able to close
  2. Like test driving this ford ranger. Felt a little like driving a monster truck 😅. Dad is changing the front abs sensor and glow plugs on this. Scary thing is one got stolen at the end of my road a few days ago. CCTV footage the neirbour shared looked like the stupid thiefs somehow unlocked the door and within a minute started it and drove off. Very likely it was keyless entry. Dad's friends ranger here isn't keyless entry so should hopefully be safe from this low lifes
  3. Don't like getting another parking letter fine where they are trying to threaten me that they will be getting the debt collector involved. Got the letter last month which stated I parked in the hospital staff car park (which I've been doing for 6 years). I had a problem with my contract ending near the end of November which I think might be related to that. One of the guys in the head office of the department told me he can deal with it which I thought was sorted till I got this other letter. Went to work today on my day off and sadly that guy is on holiday and the other person his automated email refered to she doesn't deal with that. I don't know if I should just pay the fine, or challenge it mentioning all this that was going on and that I thought it would be resolved and see when I can see that guy again about sorting it out. The V5 is in my sister's name with her address so don't want any debt collectors going there 😬
  4. @anon I do quite like these 😂. More solid and better equipped than my top spec Peugeot 107. Never driven the TSI version though. I did install the facelift rear lights and bumper on my black up I'm keeping. So got the silver one started today and got steering wheel, traction control and airbag yellow lights on. Hopefully they should go when the car is driven. Airbag I'd assume would be reset with a diagnostic machine. Hoping I can sort it out without calling someone.
  5. Talking about ups I currently have 2 here. Keeping the black one here. I got this donor silver up which has heated seats, electric mirrors, TPMS, sound pack so had uprated speakers and A pillar tweeters and dual driver side window switches which I'll putting in mine. Took the loom out running towards the engine through to the whole interior. From research I need to swap over the ECU, clocks, abs pump, BCM and locks for the car so it starts with no issues and no dash lights. Want the car to think nothing is wrong. Just took the loom out so no wiring is needed for the extra features just plug and play. Just praying it all starts without issue.
  6. I do kind of find it quite cool but also sad to see one of my UPs I sold a few months ago coming back up on autotrader. Sadly is now registered as a cat N write off. I sold the car near the end of July to a nice guy who came from Brighton which was a 100 mile trip. Looks like it sadly had a minor accident in the next 2 months and was then advertised on autotrader at the end of November by a dealer just 30 miles away from me. Must of got put on auction and sold here. Still got my pictures of it when I put it for sale. Am sad though to see this as the guy said he'll be using it along with his wife. Noticed it failed MOT too for rear brakes binding 😬. Something I had an issue with my current up I have where the rear right side had seized with the handbrake up. Dealer mentions in the add when the last service was done and mileage which was when I did it 😂.
  7. Went today so hopefully I think they might of sorted my contract out. Parking notice I gave to one guy in my department who said he can sort this out so all good. Only worry about the moment now is with my permit. Was told my plate isn't on the system and that they aren't giving parking permits out till the multi story carpark they are building in the hospital is finished. Heard it'll be around Jan. Can park on the main road however there is restrictions on event days plus that worry about residents keying cars like what happened to one colleague.
  8. Hey @Sully04. They were done by the same bodyshop who repaired the car. I wouldn't say perfect as there were a few imperfections but was good. Sorry have been inactive on here due to life and not owning a ford now. Now got this VW UP I'm doing up
  9. Don't like finding out my pay has stopped. Found out due to my apprenticeship contract ended on the 17th this has resulted in me not getting paid after then. Also got a parking ticket for parking in the hospital I work in on the 17th. Likely is linked to this. Matron is on the case and hopefully they sort this out as I'm basically working for free. Due to my tutor having a larger workload and more students my apprenticeship had to be longer though no one informed me or my head about this date. Makes me want to change jobs
  10. Don't like noticing yesterday that 2 dust cups are missing on my nearside wheel. How poor are you to steal something which costs less than £1. Can buy 16 for £1 on eBay. At least nothing expensive was taken
  11. I was trying to buy this fiesta off my dad's friend's friend. Wanted £1k for it which I could of sold for £1500. Ghia model with cambelt done and serviced by his dad who is a ex ford technician. Sadly he took more priority on his son's friend who bought the car 🤦. Not happy too with my paycheck yesterday being paid a few hundred less which the fiesta profit could of made up for.
  12. Hey Eric. I've bought about 5 ups now in the year in the intention of flipping them for profit. Great little cars they are that I've decided to keep this one here. It's black and 5 door which ticks my boxes along with FSH and supposed timing belt done. Got these wheels and recently will be fitting the facelift rear lights and bumper on. I have a doner high up which I may swap the bits over so it's then near enough fully loaded. Thats interesting to know about swapping the ECU and the gearbox in mine. Win win there then 😁. That might be why at 70mph the 75hp version sits at 3200 rpm and the 60hp is around 3000
  13. Been a while here but thought I'd share my new car im looking to keep. Gone into my 3rd car this year 😂. Story is I saw this VW UP for sale not too far from me. As I flip these cars I had the intention of doing the same with this. As it's black and 5 door (my ideal spec) with FSH, good bodywork I thought I might keep this one. Already fitted 17 inch wheels on it and LED DRL lights. Have a doner car I'm thinking to change the heated seats, electric mirrors and ECU over as it's got 15hp more. So much better to drive than the pug I have.
  14. I'm not sure Tom. Being very strict with my savings at the moment for investing in property. I should hopefully have enough before the end of the year though would like to save up for a nice car after. I'll be honest looking into the tech industry it is interesting. I've been going on that coding website everyday and have a 30+ day streak accessing it for that long. I do enjoy it plus the main thing is there's so much more job opportunities in it along with the fact you can work from home 3-4 days a week and only go in the office the remaining 1-2 days and have the weekend off. Career progression is faster too. The data scientist jobs I've realised Ive actually done data science in my undergraduate and postgraduate courses so have relevent experience there just mainly need to learn the coding stuff relevant to this role. One of my uncles started a business in this industry so hoping he gives me some work experience as it's hard starting out in it like other industries.
  15. I'm happy I finally got an interview for a job which is what I studied towards. It's a trainee biomed scientist position. Only problem is looking into it it's kind of far away. It's about 50 miles to drive there and there's one motorway which I'll have to rely on to travel there. May sadly have to decline it. In terms of job prospects I have been looking at other career paths. One I started getting into is computer coding. Bought a subscription for a company where I'm learning different things in coding. There's lots of jobs in the tech sector with very good salaries in just after 1-2 years in the industry which is nuts. Hopefully might look at working as a data scientist in this industry though the first hurdle with any industry is finding a place that would want to take on a graduate / newbie
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