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  1. My MK7 Fiesta - Panther Black

    Good to see a projects / blog from you. I'm sure the other mk7 builds projects and your partner will give you some ideas on little touches or mods you can do 👍. Also good luck with your test. Main thing to remember is to keep calm. If you panic then your more likely to make an mistake. Back in my test I stalled the car and started to panic quickly turning it on then I just calmed down, took my time getting to the bitting point (forgetting about the person waiting behind me 😂) and gently moved off.
  2. Breakdown Cover

    I think with my insurance (admiral) they were charging I think £37 for breakdown cover. Other insurance I saw were charging less than that about £10 more cheaper but the insurance itself was either more or wanted a black box. Best to get both breakdown cover and legal assurance. You never know when an accident will happen and when your car might breakdown.
  3. Are those bits textured? They did come out well and I also noticed one of the clips are broken on the grill which is annoying as mine are broken aswell on the same side. It does tempt me to colour the front plastic bits on my car but then I worry those bits might blend into the black paint and I might not see the full detail of the car
  4. I'd myself just do a proper detail on the car and use a sealant and wax which lasts for 6 - 12 months. You'd just reapply every 6 months I'd say. This is the sealant I have and been hearing it has really good water repelancy and says lasts 12 months
  5. Things I Do Like

    As you said that about the wings on German cars the mk4 golf is prone to rusting on the wings. On my dad's bora he changed the wings. There's a sponge block on the sides of the bonnet which are probably there for sucking up vibration. Water starts to collect around there forming rust and making the paint bubble up.
  6. Cobra exhaust fitted in Scotland

    Have you checked out Zaustworx. They mail order a rear silencer delete for the 1 litre ecoboost (if that's the one you have). They also have videos on their Facebook page on the work they've done on cars including a fiesta with that fitted. Plus it's cheap
  7. Reversing camera BARGAIN!

    For my car I bought the camera for around £8 and the mirror with the built-in screen plus with the mounting bracket which makes it fit into the factory brackets was around £45 - 55.
  8. Ford Feista 2006 Radio replacment

    If you have the mk6.5 stereo then you can buy the aux port from Ford. There's a guy on YouTube also who made a video fitting it in which is helpful. It'll be best to keep the stereo looking standard also so insurance doesn't go up. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Fiesta-Aux-Input-Adaptor-Kit-For-6000-Series-Radio-MP3-iPOD-1426121-/172776156864
  9. General enquiry

    Best to get a diagnostic tool to check for any fault codes. It will help narrow down the problem which cannot be seen by the eye.
  10. Things I Do Like

    I'm starting to like the mondeo zetec s and ST however my dad is pushing me to getting a German car as the fords he has kept had rust underneath and reliability wasn't to good. With my car there is rust on the wheel arch and underneath and things which I had to do fix were only reconditioning the injectors and changing the brake fluid pipes which go to the rear.
  11. Wheeler Dealers Edd China

    I saw the new wheeler dealer episodes. It's alright but it doesn't go in depth about some or most of the work done on the cars for example my dad saw one episode and the guy said yeah we fitted in a new clutch and there was nothing shown on him changing it.
  12. Only thing with the zetec s is that apart from it having stiffer suspension I think it's lowered also from factory. Still though might not be much of a drop
  13. Running in - really needed?

    This might be useful
  14. Induction Kit for my 2014 Zetec S ?

    You could also check out pipercross. I don't think their filters need to be lightly oiled. I've heard the oil can go around the engine blocking the MAF sensors.
  15. Telford PRH hospital car park

    Might come down to Telford to get a part for my fiesta. Will keep an eye out for your cars