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  1. zain611


    Could try checking the pump fluid. It's located on the left side of the car when you remove the splash shield of the wheel arch. Mine makes a whining sound whenever I turn the steering wheel which don't know is normal. Probably might be normal as that could be the electric motor working.
  2. zain611

    Fast Fiestas - Which is your favourite?

    Yeah that paint makes it look nice plus makes people know it's not an ordinary ST. By the review it says the mountune upgrade is better. For a fiesta RS I don't think ford want to make it compete with the focus ST or RS. I first did think that Mercedes and audi already made super hatches like the A45 and RS3 that have a 5 secondish to 60 time (which is a lot quicker than the fiesta ST) but those are more focus sized which could be why ford focused more on making a focus RS.
  3. zain611

    1.6tdci coughing with white smoke

    Was there any other codes? The EML came on on mine back when it had that leaking injector. The code said it was the EGR but that didn't come back after being cleared and most likely popped up as I was only driving it in and out the garage before getting insurance to drive on the road. I don't think the EGR can cause those symptoms. Does it run like that after it's warmed up?
  4. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Don't drive an ST like this. Do like that white one near the end.
  5. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    This is a little old but I uploaded a dash cam clip of my dad seeing a bus turn into a car. Funny thing is this video made more views compared to the videos uploaded around that time. Its also in the thumbnail. It's at around the 4min mark.
  6. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    I once saw a newer audi A6 which the number plate looked to of said the N word. Hes just asking to get in trouble.
  7. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I think that's good for me as I mainly drive on 30mph roads but I'm sure it's able to pull you on 3rd and 4th like the 1.6 tdci. I do enjoy enjoy going on the dual carriageway but never need to.
  8. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    The astra VXR looks cool but I'd worry about reliability. In review videos of the car I saw mixed reviews of people saying they love it or others saying they hate it where one guy said he's gearbox blew and I think his on his second or third car. Even the Corsa VXR isn't better as piston 4 can go which to be honest sounds like a manufacturer design flaw. It's not only the sporty models but normal models. My dad's friend had a 04 Corsa 1.4 and the headgasket was leaking at 59k miles!! Another of his friends went and bought the newer Corsa for his daughter and my dad found that one of the cylinders weren't firing properly and also found some taped the EML so the light can't be seen. In the end he had to get a new engine.
  9. zain611

    Mk6 fiesta mods?

    Could look at changing the lights to LED but again might need to ask the insurance.
  10. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    At least think to yourself the VXR driver made a big mistake getting a VXR as the gearboxes and I think engines are prone to blowing 😂. Just down the road to me now i see a blue astra VXR. First time I saw him he was reversing out a side road then booted it doing around 50 in a 30 road. I turned off and saw him park up at some shops. Yesterday I had some women in a older white range rover decide to go in the right lane to go straight. I was at the front of the traffic light when it went green and saw her speed up. Thought on booting it but the car wasn't properly warmed up. Weirdly I turned off to park in my hospital and I saw her driving back the other way which means she took the second turning and technically doing a U turn. Another incident I had was I was on the roundabout traffic light which apposidly is one lane. I positioned myself to the left as I was going take the next exit. When the lights went green for some reason some guy in a jaguar XF behind me decided to go through the space on the right and indicated to go in front through the same exit. I got close to him and just horned. He had the curtsy to flash his hazards but thinking about it was a stupid move and didn't make no difference to were he's going to. Now I just stop on the middle of that bit. You think to yourself some people have the money to spend several thousands on getting a car but they lack the sense to drive. Funny thing was I was watching a video on cheap luxury cars for under 10k and that same range rover was featured so that women ain't fooling me in thinking she's rich. @TomsFocus would you still say a ST150 is better than a 1.6 TDCi zetec s if it runs out of puff 😂.
  11. zain611

    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    Sorry I kept thinking you were looking at HDI tuning 🤣
  12. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    It wouldnt be the car as that fire was at the back of the house🤣. Did check the car as my grandparents came and parked next to it. I secretly got the keys to their car and opened the doors to check that it wouldn't touch my car when fully opened which hopefully it didn't.
  13. zain611

    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    @TomsFocus would help out as he got his previous car mapped by him 👍
  14. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Just went out in the garden and there was a barbecue smell so most likely the people there were having a barbecue and something lit alight.
  15. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Just saw this not long ago from my room. Thankfully the firebrigade came and put it out.