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  1. So on Friday I started my first ever night shift. Its 12 hour shifts so 7:30 to 8 in the morning. Wasn't bad in the beginning of the shift as I'm fully awake compared to the early mornings on a day shift. It was only when it was getting up to midnight I started feeling it in my eyes and one nurse commented about them being red. Took a 2 hour break (instead of an hour and a half 🙈) at 4 and went to the prayer room to have a nap there as it was empty. Only problem I had was it getting cold there. There was a heater they fitted on a wall but it wasn't powerful enough for the hot area to reach the floor plus after it would turn off after a few minutes leaving me cold 🤦. Finished my shift and got home near to 8am and had a 3 hour sleep. During the day fell asleep again for 2 hours and my eyes just felt like they did during the shift. Just starting my Sunday day shift so hopefully I don't feel horrible. Got another night shift tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday back to back 😩
  2. I think with the amount of work done on it and having documented it with pictures on my build thread on this forum I'm sure I can sell it for a good price and get a few hundred pounds on top from the headlights and wheels. Dad bought a Citroen C1 for my sister then about 2 months ago a Peugeot 107 as it was in better condition to replace the Citroen. I think he'll give me the Peugeot to drive and my sister the Citroen
  3. So I may sadly be selling the fiesta soon as I don't think there's anyway I can go to work without paying £12.50 each day go there. Will be taking off the headlights and wheels and put it on sale soon 😢
  4. Also @BigLen would you say this is a good idea 😂. Pop it closed when I drive past a camera and open it after I go past it.
  5. @BigLen seems like your doing the right thing especially looking into the possible root causes to this. I think with mental health best to keep the mind occupied. I found working helps me. As someone who went through emotional upset over a girl I liked for years getting married I found being stuck at home really did not help. As I'm working now it occupies my mind and not overthink about it.
  6. Thanks to @alexp999 pointing out my dashcam clip is on YouTube. There's this driving instructor on YouTube I enjoy watching and decided to sent my clips to him. He put it up today.
  7. It sadly isnt looking good for me and the car 😭. So the ULEZ is expanding soon and the hospital I'm working in is just within the border. Two roads between the hospital have put signs up saying 'border in enforcement from the 25th October'. The entrance to the hospital I just saw now has that sign so there's no way else I can see I can go into the hospital to park without paying £12.50 a day 🤦. There are other staff members who seem to have older cars from looking in the car park so I wonder what they'll do. Really don't want to sell the car because of this. Got the Citroen C1 I could use but won't be happy downgrading to that. Do have some money saved up to get a nice car for myself but trying to be sensible and save up for a house.
  8. @BigLen should of gotten a train horn 😁😂
  9. Got worried there when I read that title 😬
  10. Some of the funny things you find in the hospital changing room 😂
  11. Hope your mum is okay Steph 🙏
  12. I don't do much mileage. Just go to my hospital job which is 2 miles away from home
  13. If only this was the case 🤣. Got about 140 miles to empty which should last a few weeks
  14. A second hand door and a bodyshop will hopefully fix the rear quarter. I know that feeling but will come out like new after getting it fixed. Just make sure the place can give a very close colour match. On my car at some lighting I can see the rear quarter new paint looks lighter than the door I changed.
  15. Yesterday was coming home at 8pm from work and noticed a large amount of traffic turning down to go towards the Tottenham stadium. Found out there was a boxing match with Antony Joshua there at the time. That plus the fuel panic buying must of added to the chaos
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