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  1. What sort of cheddar you use? I got some cathedral city so may grate that 😋 Also my birthday present arrived today. @Nick Y got the new watch dogs today. One day before it's release date. Got it from shopto who are selling it with a keyring and in-game add on
  2. Hey @Stoney871 what was that burger recipe you got? I got some panco breadcrumbs so can just get mince and the other stuff you use to make it 😊
  3. Looking forward to that especially it being on my birthday 😊
  4. No thanks 😂. Got this message on insta
  5. Can understand that using Netflix and chill to euphanise someone during lockdown 😂
  6. Gotten into the habit of reporting bad drivers on the road. Latest one is this Audi driver going on the wrong side of the road to get ahead of traffic and get through the temporary lights. So far got 2 letters sent for intended prosecution
  7. Good deal there 👍. I'm thinking of pre ordering the new watch dogs legion. Mum is insisting to get s game for me for my birthday and think I should get this over the latest crash bandicoot game
  8. You weren't doing some drifts in it were you 😂
  9. When sister takes a picture of me 😂. Just was checking the headlights to see how bright the HIDs are compared to the LED. Definitely can see the beam on the HID when the LED beam is faint in the day.
  10. Here we go. Definitely more blue in the dark compared to the 6000k LED on the right. Brighter too
  11. Fitted one of the bulbs in on the right side. Definitely is bluer. Will wait till night to see how they look
  12. That's clever and love that the police approve it 😂. Should try something like that on my car. Been told another person on my road had their belongings taken from their car. I'm double locking my car and removed the satnav I have in the glovebox so they don't steal anything expensive. I just feel like staying awake at night hiding outside and smash them in if I see one of them going around looking at peoples cars
  13. Don't like this happening on my road. These 2 low life's at 5 in the morning walking around trying to see if any doors are unlocked sadly my next door neighbours car got broken into in the CCTV video
  14. Thanks zico and no worries 👍. Yeah it looks like a good job and pay seems better compared to me working as a scientist. The main struggle is getting a trainee job. Trainee mortgage advisor roles there are a good amount in London which is good compared to trainee biomeds which only pop up once a month. Hopefully my degree and masters helps even though it's not in finance. Also waiting for a dry day to install these 8000k HIDs. These are brighter than the LEDs
  15. Autobeam sent me these 8000k HID bulbs. The 6000k bulbs I had weren't giving out the pure white colour I wanted so asked for a 8000k bulb.