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  1. Hope things turn out for the better for them. One of my family members in America I heard is on a ventilator due to covid. Honestly last year was the worst year of my life. Hope this year doesn't be as bad.
  2. Interesting thing I found in physics was stuff to do with cars such as speed, distance and time and stuff like terminal velocity. My degree and masters is more biology, immunology and microbiology based so physics is out the picture for me 😂
  3. Happy we can share our knowledge in this stuff 😂 You did better than me 😂. Did triple science and got a C for biology and physics and B for chemistry. Went to the worst secondary school in my borough
  4. I got a viofo. Not sure of the model but it is good. Been using the footage I've gotten of bad drivers and reporting it to the police and they've been taking action on it. Only thing I'll say is in night driving it's a little hard for it to pick up number plates.
  5. People would be infected by it but those immune would trigger a faster immune response so clearing it faster before causing it's pathology. The virus might still replicate in them hence could still pass it onto others. I don't think he knows what he's talking about 😂. If that was the case we never would be getting the flu every year. Reason why viruses like influenza gets people every year is because there's another strain of it. Another strain means it's basically new to your immune system so your body has to go through finding a right antibodies which can bind to the receptor
  6. It wasn't a Kuga was it 😜
  7. Honestly I hope things die down especially with the incident in London with covid. Most of these places the staff are working remotely so it's just going to be me and two gentlemen in the branch doing our work. With the trainee mortgage advisor jobs some like their applications to of have financial sales experience so hopefully this opportunity I got will give me that plus the CeMAP qualification I'm currently doing I think I'm ready to do the first exam this week. Really hope I pass it as it's £150 to retake it. The first exam is the hardest so the two remaining ones after will be easier 😁. S
  8. So yesterday went to a few estate agents looking for a job in sales to help build up my CV so it looks appealing for the mortgage career I want to get into. Hopefully will be doing the first exam this week for the qualification I need to get into that career. Thankfully one place said they can take me on calling different places to discuss stuff so I get some financial sales experience. Today they just called and seems like Im starting it next week 😁. It's unpaid but after a month they might take me on and employ me. Mum wasn't really happy with it as it's not in the science career I stu
  9. Why is it snowing everywhere except London 😭?
  10. With the second national lockdown I really hope things get better but I feel people aren't as scared as they were last year. Honestly covid came at the worst time. Companies have closed down and redundancies have hit record number increasing unemployment. For someone like me starting out my career that makes it harder for me as I'm competing with more professionals. I feel as well jobs aren't coming out as often though may need to wait till mid January. Last year was really hard though. The girl I liked and who I used to talk to back in school and college I found got married the year
  11. I wouldn't worry. The camera would tell which car was speeding. You see these iIiIiI markings on each lane and that is what the camera used to determine the car and speed
  12. Shark looks good but even Dyson with their cordless vacuums. Never tried them but parents have a Dyson but the older cord style
  13. Good to hear the Oxford vaccine is being used. Not happy with the increase spread of covid and new variants emerging. Will make it a little harder making different vaccines though I'd think they'd make the vaccine all in one
  14. Thanks man, thankfully after a month now I'm better and I think my taste and smell senses are coming back. My sister told me the virus attacks those senses hence this and some people get permanent damage though hopefully I'm regenerating that back. @FiestaForever think you need to get a dashcam like me 😂. You don't know how unsettled I get when I see inconsiderate driving. On Monday I had a BMW in the left turn lane go straight and sort of cut in front of me then around that area I saw a guy in a jeep use the left lane to go onto the right lane before the roundabout to go around it as the
  15. Yeah the audi driver got a letter sent to them by the police to confirm who was driving at the time so they can get prosecuted. Generally it's 3 points crossing on the wrong side of the island plus you saw two pedestrians just cross the road before the audi went past. I think cyclists need something like a number plate to get their details. One of my friends who coincidentally started volunteering in the same hospital ward I'm in showed me this long cut along her arm. She told me a cyclist rode past her when she was crossing with the handlebar cutting her arm. She said he rode off without
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