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  1. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Yes lol sorry I'm busy packing up to go 😂. Suns come out so that will help warm up the conservatory aiding with the drying. I just hope it's not very fine sand and that it won't give me problems in the fish tank.
  2. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I left a small layer of sand in the middle of the bucket so hopefully it's not thick enough to keep moisture at the bottom. I've left them in the conservatory so hopefully when the temperature gets higher in the week I'm away and when the sun comes out it'll hopefully be hot in there helping with the drying. If it's still a little moist when I'm back I might just use a heat gun 🤣. Wanted to clean it now before I go on holiday so it'll hopefully be clean and dry when I come back and be easier to place into the tank when I come to set it up. Wet sand just sticks to things and makes it a little messy.
  3. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like having to dry sand. Washed it yesterday which took about 3 hours. I opened the bag and placed some in a water jug a quarter way then used the tap outside to blast it with water and empty the water. Did that a few times until the water looks clear after a few secs of the sand settling then placing it in a bucket. Repeat that for the remaining sand in the bag. The water doesn't look crystal clear but the filter will hopefully solve that once the tank is set up. Today checked the sand and is still a little damp so placed half in another bucket and placed it on the side of the bucket in thin layers hopefully which will speed up the drying. I'm going on holiday tomorrow so hopefully it'll be dry in a week especially with the warmer weather coming.
  4. zain611

    Fiesta Mk6 Project Update

    Was thinking the same thing. Only thing could think of is age or might of been clocked back. Still though will be interesting to how the problems get fixed.
  5. zain611

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Came out really nice the engine covers.
  6. zain611

    AutoBeam LED Upgrade Opinions

    Will be looking for to that and your impressions on it 👍. What bulbs did you get? Was it from the standard or performance range.
  7. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    I won't say I hate rich people but I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't like a rich person boasting about their wealth or showing it off. With me I hate it when I see someone in an expensive car drive it recklessly or irresponsibly. There was one program my dad was watching where they were uprating the sound system in a jaguar Mark 2. They actually did it really nicely and made it look as though it came like that from factory. The parcel shelf speakers they covered in the boot and put a wall in front of it which looked like an old classic suitcase. The parcel shelf they put the same mesh on top as what's on the door speakers.
  8. zain611

    New Car Time

    Nice looking car that newer kia cee'd. Probably the only car I know if a ' in its name.
  9. zain611

    New Car Time

    What about an audi S3? Audis hold their values but because of that they are overpriced compared to the other vag car brands.
  10. zain611

    Essex Coast Members?

    Here's some focuses I've found
  11. zain611

    Essex Coast Members?

    Have you looked at fiat's? I went on a test drive in a punto or grande punto and have to say the ride felt amazing. When going over speed humps you can go over them at the speed limit and those small speed humps you can't even feel it when going over them. Felt completely different compared to the stiffer ride in my zetec s. I think the steering is light also.
  12. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    I've seen that wheeler dealer episode. That ford popular must stick out in traffic. From what I've seen with that smart car it's owned by that youtuber 'seen through glass'. I saw one episode of yiannimize but wasn't really a fan on it. In that episode he had this lady with the silliest stage name coming to him in her ferrari saying she wants him to do some little mods to it. If I was fortunate enough to get a car like that I wouldnt touch it. Sometimes I wonder if us normal middle class people are more mentally stable than rich people.
  13. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    How'd your son break the back box? You sure it wasn't purposely done to get a more sporty sound? The most miles I did annually on my first car was about 2500 miles. Surprisingly did around 1000 miles on my fiesta.
  14. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    I forgot but I saw this exact smart car yesterday when going to the fish shop. My stupid dash cam SD card hasn't been recording anything so can't get footage 😤. Anyone heard of yiannimize had his name on the back of it. He made a TV show on a few months back but not a big fan of watching rich people in their ferraris or lamborghinis going to him and saying they want him to customize it because they aren't happy with it.
  15. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    @Turvey yeah I think if I ever look into getting marine fish I'd at least would have to have my own house and working. By the looks of it the water salinity isn't hard to control just replace the water lost from evaporation. Salt doesn't evaporate with water but the concentration will increase the more water that's evaporated. Here's the sand. I might rinse it before going on holiday. Hope its enough. They also had white sand in this packaging which would be hard to explain to an officer if they say me carrying that. They'd probably think I'm carrying cocaine 😂