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  1. That's a good idea, forgot about that. Theres a guy I watch called JayMono who has a mk6 fiesta ST and he bought a cheap android double din touchscreen stereo. You can browse the Web, use Spotify etc. He said the sound quality was a bit better than his previous aftermarket stereo. He bought it for £110 which I think is great considering the Sony stereos second hand are going for around the same.
  2. Are you sure no liquid was sprayed around the area when the work was done? Has the smoke gone after driving it for a bit? I remember spraying brake cleaner near the engine and when driving after 8 miles I noticed I could see a little smoke or steam coming from the side of the bonnet.
  3. Hey Darren, if your getting an engine light for the EGR it might be because the ECU might not be able to move the valve probably because it's got stuck by the carbon. I have a mk6 1.6 diesel and cleaned and blanked mine and no light has come on so if the 1.4 is the same as the 1.6 it may mean the ECU only throws up a light if it notices it cant move the EGR valve. The EGR valve is identical between the two engines. Once when I bought my car I was driving it in and out the garage for 3 months as I waited for my insurance renewal of my previous car. The engine light came on saying about the EGR probably because I kept driving at low speeds. With the injectors you could do a diesel leak off test. Helps look to see if the injectors are okay and if they might be leaking. When I bought my car a day after I noticed it would run lumpy and chug a bit of smoke when started after it had been sitting for several hours. There was no fault codes on mine however. Changed the glow plugs, no difference so believed one of the injectors were leaking. Got all 4 of my injectors reconditioned and it solved the problem. I'd also check the fault codes again as you said the garage deleted them however if it's still a pending issue the code would come up again. You could check my project and what I did for the injectors and EGR
  4. I'm sure the Sony stereo which was found in some of the mk6s would be the best factory choice. Can't remember for sure if they had Bluetooth. The mk7 stereos I don't think will fit due to the shape.
  5. First little touch up I did on my zetec s was upgrading the lights to LED. I recommend looking at autobeam as they sell good bulbs plus they have a performance range which have bright bulbs and 5 years warranty.
  6. Went and done some cooking today. Made some prawn toast not long ago 🦐. Was a bit too oily sadly. Also did make some burgers again for the parents in the early afternoon 😊.
  7. I found out when I was sitting in the living room and my dad was scrolling through the channels and put it on 😂. Haven't been really relaxing..... Although I did see a film yesterday night which had zombies and strippers 🤣 @sioneon I have to admit the ST line looks nice but looks almost identical to the ST. Looks like ford has done that thing like with the mk6 zetec s and ST where they look the same bumper to bumper except changing the wheels.
  8. Need to start watching the latest series. Didn't really know it came on.
  9. What engine do you have? If it has no turbo on it there's no benefit with a remap or performance parts as that will add little power which you might not notice. Visual mods you stated are good but I won't talk openly about HIDs as the members on here are not happy with those 🤐
  10. I'd possibly check the mechanism there's some videos on YouTube where people remove the door hand and I think there's something in the door you have to put down with a screwdriver before putting the handle back on. Don't know if that might be the problem. When you lock the door does the inside handles go inwards? On the mk6.5 I know they do that so might ask you if that door which has that problem has that as with mine if I push the driver door handle in when sitting inside it locks the doors on both sides.
  11. I saw the beginning of the final episode of the series but my dad was messing around trying to adjust something on the TV. Didn't know the new series started.
  12. I think you should check insurance between the the 2 diesel engines. With me when I was 19 it was only a £100 difference.
  13. I'd say diesel because of the torque and fuel consumption. I'd say get the 1.6 diesel engine as it has more power than the 1.4 plus road tax is the same and very slightly lower on claimed mpg. If you are looking at the mk7 fiesta I'm sure those diesel engines came with a DPF however you might not have to worry about that if you do long journeys most of the time. I got a mk6 fiesta 1.6 diesel and insurance was only a £100 difference between the 1.4 and 1.6. I did however have a problem I noticed after a day of buying the car that one of the injectors was leaking. If you live in London, Birmingham or Manchester I might wait at the moment as the London mayor wants to put a charge up for emissions in 2021 so if it does come in diesels mainly will get charged £12.50 a day when driven in these areas plus diesel car prices will reduce which is not great for us diesel owners who will get forced to sell 🤬
  14. No I mean like Tapatalk. I think I heard people saying they had issues before with that. I'm not great with computers although I did get a B in ICT GCSE and I didn't incorrectly answered a question which said 'what's a monitor and computer' 🤣
  15. Which indicators did you get? The performance indicators I believe have built in resistors so no need to mess around wiring in resistors and they flash at the normal rate.