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  1. Think I should claim whiplash and injury for a 1mph bump 😂🤣
  2. I currently use kkd silverbacks. Couldn't buy it straight away as it was out of stock everywhere
  3. I have one fitted 😂. Just I was more fixated looking in my mirrors that I didn't see it. There was a bike pole on the left which I focused on but hadn't seen the pole 🤦
  4. Had another case of bad luck. Was reversing and hit a lamp post which was in my blind spot 🤦. Hopefully can get it sorted at the bodyshop whilst the sill gets repaired
  5. I managed to get a second hand door for the car plus colour coded handles and mirror caps 😁. Gave them a good machine polish
  6. Lol who's this 😂. Think you got me mistaken for someone else 🤣. I do find it funny also hearing a TFL advert of a guy called Zain 😂
  7. Sorry to hear that zico. Always have some hope there. Don't think my gran has come back from hospital yet. Yesterday my family went to the house and saw my aunt and grandad there. My aunt is starting to have her moments going upstairs and crying about it. It was the traditional Muslim Eid event yesterday hence why family were meeting up. Was sadly working yesterday so couldn't go. Sadly experienced a patient passing away from covid in the hospital. Me and the nurse went into the room when his grand son came out to tell us he's gone. Head to one side on the bed with his eyes open. Doctors took over an hour to get there and "officially" confirm his death an hour after he stopped breathing which made me a little angry.
  8. Don't like how much more tragic this year is getting for me. Recently heard my uncle got a call saying his brother has passed away. Did not tell him how so waiting on that now. Also my gran has got news that her cancer cannot be treated now. The cancer has now caused her to be paralysed in the legs and has spread to various organs. Very likely when she does pass away it will be due to liver failure as it has built up mostly in that organ. Just a matter of weeks or months now till we hear she isn't with us anymore and have to be there for dad when this happens.
  9. @Turvey yeah your right there. Thankfully no damage that effected the car. Was quoted £30 for a panther black door from a breakers so may get that. Need to see about pulling the sill out and getting that and the rear quarter sprayed.
  10. Is he a chef? Sure I've seen him on a YouTube video making a fishfinger sandwich.
  11. Lol I heard they lost. Thank God I don't have my A&E hospital shift today. Had one person come in yesterday naked and with 20 police officers 🤦
  12. Lol you wife is like my mum 🤣. Still will be parking like this dispite my heartache seeing the passenger door bent in.
  13. Just do what I do and park far away from e everyone. When I go hospital I park in certain area. Weirdly although I don't have a staff permit as I don't live more than 5 miles away to be eligible for one I have got a letter come to say I got a parking fine
  14. Sadly see it too often on the road. Already angry with the current hit and run situation I had. There needs to be better surveillance on this stuff especially people parking in stupid places
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