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  1. Lol so if he identifies who's driving I'd say that's probably 3 points and £200 for driving without due care and attention. If he doesn't say anything that 6 points and a bigger fine to the registered keeper. I think now these people can choose to do a driver awareness course if the driver doesn't want the 3 points and fine.
  2. Thought I might share this clip of one of my satisfying reports of bad driver. This private hire driver decided to jump the queue when he was just behind me 🤦. The police sent him a letter to prosecute him if he tells them who was driving. From around 3:35 is the bit.
  3. You sure you don't have to give it some time before you get used to it?
  4. I will need to drill a 12mm hole in the hubs as the caliper carrier bolts are that size compared to 10mm which the standard and ST fiesta bolts are.
  5. On a good note I upgraded my 35w autobeam HIDs to their brighter 55w units 😁. Will fit them on today and see how they are.
  6. Well one of the neirbours in the group chat we created put a picture up of the car parked halfway on the driveway of that HMO. Half the car is on the pavement so someone can try and report that. In that picture also you can see an elderly gentleman in his electric scooter having to go around the car as it's on the pavement Been told the guy sleeps in the car but weird why one of the guys in the house told my dad to get it scrapped then next day move it out the way. I think the alleyway basically is basically owned by the people who have garages there so my road and the next road.
  7. @BigLen today my dad got a bit overwhelmed with stress himself. Now there's a house down my road which is a HMO full of eastern Europeans. Now these people have been getting complaints from the neirbours on the road due to their stupidity. Last year had a car with no tax park at the end of the road looking to be drug dealing. The house has a few cars on the driveway all untaxed and or uninsured. Sometimes in the night a car from there would be driving fast down the road. Recently there was one guy from who visits the property with a 3 series which the neirbours found had no tax and
  8. PPF is Paint Protection Film 😂. It's a clear film you can put on the bodywork or headlights of a car to protect it from UV damage and from external debris like stones which might fly off a car 👍. It can be a little tricky applying it on surfaces which ain't flat. There are a few water bubbles but those will evaporate when it's left in the sun
  9. I do like applying PPF to these aftermarket VW transporter headlights. Impressed how they came out and they thankfully weren't hard to apply thanks to the non complex lense 😁. Made by the same company who made my DRL headlights.
  10. Decided to upgrade my HID kit and get autobeams performance version 😂. States this kit has a 55w ballast and HID bulbs whereas my current kit is 35w. Will shine brighter plus can't beat their 5 year warranty. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow.
  11. Sad to hear this big news about prince Philip https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11437314
  12. @iantt here's the armrest and dealer's glovebox lid. Nice addition to the interior. Drove around in the car and it really helps having an armrest.
  13. Recently I noticed my dashcam stopped working along with the cigarette lighter. Found the fuse to of blown and sorted that.
  14. @iantt dad has done a few things to the Citroen C1 we bought and thought it might give you ideas for your daughter's 107 she has. We added a glovebox lid and an armrest which I'll try and get pictures of 👍
  15. @BigLen thanks Lenny and not great to hear what you said. Everything happens for a reason. My dad has been working in TFL for over 20 years now and was applying for managerial positions a few years back. He got into the interview stage a few times but never got the job. Recently he heard that managers were worried about their security of their positions so it's like God didn't let him the job because of this. Funnily enough he told me they had an apprentice manager job and that graduates with a degree can get into that. He did manage to get a train instructor position which is slight
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