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  1. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Yeah the Koch chemie fse is great. Has built in limescale remover to remove the mineral deposits. Great to use it on a hot day but not too hot. Was using it a few weeks back in this really hot weather and could see steam coming as the panel was really hot. Lol I don't like how faded the trims look. I did put on a trim dressing which did darken it a little. Before and after. The door handles were light grey.
  2. zain611

    My MK7 Fiesta

    Does the exhaust look like it's drooping down? Sounds good and has a nice little roar to it. Hopefully this will be the last exhaust you buy. Must of been a pain looking for the right sound.
  3. If I get a white car I'd do the same and paint the plastic trims gloss black. Calipers look better. I sprayed my rear calipers gloss black and does look good for a standard colour. Which engine do you have and what's the horsepower? I have the 1.6 TDCI and was thinking of mapping it from 90hp to 120hp but that's been halted as I don't know if the government will start to charge older diesels.
  4. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Looks like you'd need to call a company which deal with that. They'd have the right protective clothing to tackle that.
  5. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Get this product. It removes water spots and gives the paint a really glossy wet look. This was a picture after cleaning the car a year ago with it in 20 degrees heat
  6. zain611

    Fish aquariums

    So went today and picked up a aqua one aquastyle 620T. Really happy with it and also comes with the filter media in the box. Planning next month to set it up. This was the display one I'd seen few months back. Opened it up and all looks good. This tank is discontinued so must of been sitting in the shop for a while. Parts are easily available so doesn't put me off.
  7. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    @Turvey I was thinking of that exact same statement. Looks like too much summer weather isn't good. Only good thing is you don't always see idiot drivers about. It's a pain to see a new / expensive car being driven by a careless person who has no consideration or respect for other road users. I've noticed myself I get angry seeing things like this that before I never cared which I wish I still was.
  8. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Something which really pees me off when driving and I'm sure others agree are idiot drivers. Strange thing today I came across 2. Was at a side road which comes out onto a two way slip road. There was a queue of traffic on the road. All of a sudden a mk7 golf drove on the wrong side of the road passing the traffic to get to the end. If only a car was turning. Then just on that road I turned on I was at a set of lights. The road doesn't have lane markings but sometimes people squeeze into the left side to turn left. Some guy in a Mercedes CL came next to me in the front and I thought he was turning left. Lights went green, pulled off normally and a second later he just put his foot down undertaking me and going straight across. Really does annoy me seeing drivers like this. Could I report this to the police with my dash cam footage? This is how angry I'm starting to get with these 'I have money but no brain' drivers 😂. Just wish I don't care.
  9. zain611

    Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Why not a mk6 fiesta? Look at the zetec s or the anniversary edition which came in bright colours. Mk6 STs are cheap you can pick them up the same as the zetec s.
  10. zain611

    My MK7 Fiesta

    I know how that feels 😢. I once accidentally misjudged the angle of a roundabout making me mount the kurb a bit quickly. Thankfully it only scraped the little splitter under the bumper. If you go anywhere new or somewhere your not used to take extra care and keep an eye out for road signs and speed cameras.
  11. zain611

    Mk6 fiesta ST Common problems

    Was just looking at focus ST. Not too bad on price and like you said will sound great with that engine. Lol I'm not sure now. When I think about it the ST is the same as my zetec s except the wheels and engine. I'd be happy if the rules don't go forward. I've heard of a group pointing out the governments plans and that owners themselves normally change their cars.
  12. zain611

    Mk6 fiesta ST Common problems

    Thanks tom yeah lol I know you won't get the claimed mpg but I'd normally minus 20mpg from that. My 1.6 diesel is claimed 72mpg and I get 50mpg from it. Could the idle problem cause it to stall? Gearbox was something I've heard aswell. Is it different for engines? Only thing really id look for is if it shifts gears properly. I've heard something about the steering going stiff as the engine boils the brake fluid. How was ride comfort in your ST? Probably is a bit more worse than the zetec s considering the 17s and slimmer tires. I actually had that problem with the brake pipe breaking during an MOT inspection. Changed both sides going to the rear brakes.
  13. zain611

    carbon clean

    Does have a lot of good reviews which is something I'd look at. It does say up to engines of 2 litres.
  14. Hey everyone, thought I might ask about what are the common problems you would get with the mk6 fiesta ST. If the ultra low emission zones do go ahead and extend the area to the whole of London I'll have to change to a petrol car made from 2005 - 06. Was looking at the STs and they aren't going for much. Here's one with 95k miles and it's going for £1990. I got my zetec s 1.6 diesel for £1900 so shows how my zetec s holds the same or more value. Claimed 50mpg, £230 Road tax and 7.9 secs to 60mph so ain't bad on running costs compared to the 3 series and audis I've seen. My ZS
  15. zain611

    Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Sorry I kept thinking you had an ST. I'd agree then to around 5 seconds.