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  1. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    Yeah lol I'd agree 😂. They were saying also its a lot of money tuning a NA car. That log effect part I'm sure he said was £950. I'd of got it in carbon fibre. People in the comments were saying how slow the mk6 ST is where peoples friends Corsas and other cars would keep up with it. One person said he traded in his EP3 type R for one and said it was the biggest car mistake he made. Best tunable engine possibly in the mk6 fiesta range is the 1.6 turbo diesel engine. I'm sure easily with a hybrid turbo, focus 110 injectors you can easily get to around 180hp. Just with stock internals you can get 120hp and 276nm with a map.
  2. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    @TimST2 Carol shelby would be proud 👍. Reminds me a little of the one in need for speed. I do like this video uploaded today.
  3. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I think he missed his delivery 😋
  4. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I thought it was just me. Yesterday was coming home at around 7pm and on one stretch of road there was traffic due to temporary lights. Was driving slowly in the traffic and saw some idiot in a golf R (of all cars) go on the wrong side of the road to queue jump. Weird thing was I saw him drive back the other way. Next thing was coming towards the temporary lights they blocked off the left lane. Some guy in a merc pulled out of a side road before it and used the left lane as an excuse to undertake a few cars before cutting in front of me. I got angry that he booted down that lane and indicated close to me. After that there was a medium roundabout near there so cut him back. After that he was driving slowly behind keeping his distance. Honestly was the first time I've retaliated on the road and don't really feel proud of it but I think it puts sense on these bad drivers.
  5. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    @Lenny honestly not sure. I'd of thought it's a processing one.
  6. zain611

    D13 HPD - Mk3 RS

    Wait what, youve done so much to it and taken good care of it and now your selling it? I'm sure I remember you saying about having to get a property for you and the wife so I have a feeling your selling it for something like that 🤔
  7. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    Things have been a bit quiet here. Thought I might tell a story on what I did last week. Last week went into uni to pick up this M&S bag containing a polistyrene box with ice in it. Im currently doing a dissertation looking at mice spleen cells so had to go to this place to get the spleens and bring them back to uni to extract the cells. The ice box is to keep the spleens fresh. Did find it funny carrying the bag on the train. Would of been a little funny if someone thought of it as a suspicious package 🤣 Went to the place and it's not bad. Wouldn't mind working in this sort of environment From there went back and carried out the experiment. Hadn't eaten a thing from 8am to 4pm so went to one of the shops nearby and got the British classic fish and chips 🤣. Do hate my stomach as I just overthink about it and worry if all of a sudden Id feel sick
  8. zain611

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    @TomsFocus I think the best car for you is the focus 1 litre ecoboost. Just try to save up a little more till you can afford it 👍. I think the sensible plan for me when I start working is save up for a property first before getting myself a nice car. All this stuff you say about the DPF regens puts me off getting a diesel with a DPF. My fiesta luckily didn't come with a DPF. What about the mk3 mondeo? The diesel ST?
  9. I think the fifteen 52s look good. Id still hold onto the original wheels as those still are good and might be more desirable when you sell the car. Next on the bulbs list is to get the performance indicators. You won't regret it and they are brighter than the reverse lights.
  10. zain611

    What's Your Next Car Going To Be?

    So for my next car I'm not sure what it might be. It will come down to if this emissions charge is guaranteed to happen in 2021. If it does happen I'll have to get a petrol and sadly sell my diesel. Was first thinking of getting a mk6 fiesta ST but road tax is £250 at the moment and this government likes to increase it each year plus I'd probably average 30mpg however might not care as I do little mileage. Then started looking at the BMW E90 320i or 325i. These cars from 2008 seem to have the engines tweaked and are not bad on running. The 320i 2 litre petrol is £155 tax and claimed 58mpg whereas the 325i is a 3 litre with around £230 and claimed 51mpg Lastly might go back and get my first car which was a Peugeot 107 1 litre petrol. £20 tax and won't go up and its claimed 68mpg. Was a very basic car but was cheap to run like my fiesta. Sounded better than the fiesta with its 3 cylinder petrol engine. Might be better to have as Im gonna have to save my money when I start working full time and this car I'd say would be around £1200 for insurance, petrol etc annually to run
  11. zain611

    Beading Shots!

    Applied fusso coat and petes 53 wax. A week after
  12. Any updates on the wheels 🤣
  13. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    This is a rare site seeing the forum saying a topic is hot
  14. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    I had a van park close in front of me on Friday when coming back 😤. It had parking sensors on the back but still looked to see if they tapped the car. Thankfully doesn't look like there's anything.
  15. zain611

    Things I Do Like

    @Lenny that is a true story 🤣. It was also snowing then which didn't help. Could also have one of those electric air pumps but again won't help if the tire bursted or is leaking considerably. Ford for some reason don't supply a breaker bar so I don't get howd you'd loosen the nuts. I remember calling someone from the petrol station to help and him standing on the wrench but didn't help. With the breaker bar you can just loosen the nuts by hand. The de-icer I have because my front heated windscreen don't work. Only one filament is working.