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  1. I like how it mentions includes balls 😂. My anatomy of that area is very vague so I first thought that was unnaturally large 🤣
  3. I'm not gonna lie I wasn't looking that much about my birthday mainly because I'm busy with the masters. Have to hand in 4 assessment before the second week of December and have a exam then.
  4. I feel old turning 22 not long ago 😷😂
  5. Can't remember the last time I've ordered stuff from the Internet. It's most likely small enough to fit the letterbox like LED bulbs or my parents are the ones who gets to the door.
  6. @Lenny and quick to right a note to the person you knocked on saying the package is under your car or will be redelivered at some point 😂
  7. One of my wheels I believe is buckled. Getting bad steering wheel vibrations when doing 70mph. There's a tire place which told me they might be able to fix it with weights.
  8. Check my build topic here. Near the bottom of the page I showed how I did my headlights Bulbs I'd probably go with the Xtreme vision bulbs and go get some autobeam LED bulbs for all around the car. Recommend their performance range bulbs which are super bright.
  9. With me when I'm lemoning a friend it's hard for me to detach from them and go somewhere else 😂. I wouldn't get anything but would go with my friend in. He'd used to quickly grab a sandwich or pastry then head to the till. Me and him would then comment on the alcohol behind the counter saying its probably our drunk teachers stash 🤣. Loved the takeaway shops there. I went to one specific one with 2 of my friends every Thursday after 5pm when we finished our day in uni. The owner was a really kind lighthearted guy with his wife and daughter helping him. I'd always give my plate back to him and even put plates away of the previous customers.
  10. Back in my undergraduate degree I'd go with my friend to the local coop. Would only take us 3 minutes to get what we want 😂. Wasn't really any other supermarket except for takeaway shops on the road which must get good money from the students.
  11. Came across this funny and awkward moment today when coming back on the train. Was waiting to get off the next stop, there was this lady next to me and this guy came up to her I believe asking her to take his number 😂. She was on the phone to someone and said shes going to call them back. She took his number and asked his name. The guy even said 'it's naughty of me to ask'. Some people either are desperate or have guts to do that 🤣 @TomsFocus I think you need to go asda. Have one local to me and mum always goes there with no problems. She did get one worker trying to awkwardly flirt with her but don't get that when I'm there with her 🙄
  12. Sounds similar to what happened to my parents. When they lived in a flat before I was born they got burgled where they took the wedding jewellery including my mums wedding ring. Since then my mum didn't feel safe living there as she felt her privacy had been invaded. In the current house we have a front porch light which comes on when someone gets near. Two front doors, one to get in the porch and another to get into the house which both are locked with a key in the barrel of the inner door. In the back the conservatory door and inner doors both locked. Its sad how low people go to do these sort of stuff. My neighbour was thinking it's the tenants down the road who broke in but can't say for certain. A met white van came the next day after and possibly took some swabs. Wish I had my cricket bat with me as use of defence if I ever come across these people
  13. @Lenny and @Zico any amazon prime movies you recommend? Starting to get into watching films during 9pm for an hour or two before I go sleep 😂
  14. I don't like this incident that happened a week ago. Came back home after celebrating my birthday then my neighbour came asking to go to the house about a burglary. Sadly the low life's cut the garden light wire and smashed the back door. It was her grandmothers house who passed away a few months back. Luckily it was emptied out so the thieves couldn't find anything good. I was standing downstairs like a security guard whilst the neighbour and mum were looking at the damage upstairs.
  15. Your lucky your not in London. Public transport is efficient. I get impatient waiting less than 10 minutes for the overground train as the underground trains come every minute 😂. Luckily I also have a freedom pass so free travel there.