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  1. Following on from this my dad spoke to one of the neighbours. At the end of the road there are these nightmare tenants which had empty beer / alcohol glasses around their house. Very likely it was one of them that did this. Anyway most of the neighbours on the road hate them. Do their bbq on the driveway, playing their music, has a untaxed and uninsured bmw parked outside and just outside the road a van with ambulance stickers on it with no tax and insurance. Dad reported both cars along with mum reporting them for anti social behaviour. Think one of them sells drugs outside the house and sometimes their friends or family turn up with loud music and driving fast down the road. Dad saying at 2 in the morning one of them drives fast down the road with his loud exhaust. Nothing good from them and I'm not the only one on the road who wants them gone. Noticed a few scratches on my headlight. Thank god I put ppf on it however hope some heat will fix it. Managed to remove that mark on the bumper.
  2. Jaundice is caused by some sort of liver issue. He doesn't drink does he? Or could be secondary to something else
  3. Sadly dad's dash cam recorded up till 10am when he was at work. We're thinking probably was a drunk person who fell on the car. Yeah the mark looks like it'll come off just angry how some people can be but hopefully no permanent damage was done
  4. Dad has his car parked on the neighbours drive opposite so could see hopefully if it recorded anything. Just makes me think who did it unless it was a drunk person walking by
  5. Really my blood is boiling see that there's a mark and handprint on my car 😠. Hopefully this mark on the bumper is just some residue and the handprint also is nothing. Just makes me mad what inconsiderate fool would do this. Yesterday only went to the local post office and parked right out so doubt it happened then.
  6. Tested out the LED switchback fog lights last night. Really bright and love the colours. Does turn heads with the yellow light 😂 Got a replacement for those halo rings. Disconnected the current ones on the car whilst I wait till I can put the new ones in. These new ones they updated the connectors to be water tight which is good as the current connectors were corroded.
  7. Ooo you never told me about that toyota. Definitely they'd look good on there. They are bola B1. Have to say the wheels on you toyota go well with the red interior. Yeah so many people are saying to lower it 😂. Was looking at a set of springs 35mm. Don't want it too low that people would notice and that the wheels start to scrub. Why you using a different profile?
  8. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks. Went down and saw Jason Carter who has his YouTube channel jmncarter. Great day seeing him. Fitted new wheels on his car. Made a video of them recently. Got these wheels off him. Bola 1 😍. Only 2 years old with some kurbing but all straight. Wrapped in toyo proxes t1R 205 40 tires. Few days back bought auto finesse dynamite traffic film remover to deep clean the wheels. Deep cleaned clay bard then ceramic coated with 2 coats. Also touched up the tire writing. Finally fitted them Also had time and fitted the autobeam performance indicators on the rear of the car. Also managed to fit those switchback fog lights I thought last year didn't fit in
  9. Got my new wheels fitted on yesterday. Was changing them yesterday in the blazing heat on the driveway
  10. Lol I gave my car a clean today. Last clean was three weeks ago and it wasn't caked on with dirt so was able to skip the contact wash and just dry and finish spray it 😁. Might see about putting the wheels on soon.
  11. Thanks Tim 😁. Thinking I might clean the car tomorrow and put the wheels on then on the driveway as the garage is filled with stuff due to the kitchen getting redone. Remind me again what L1 and C2 is? I used carbon collectives platinum wheels on the wheels. Added two coats on the face and barrels so hopefully they are protected and are easily to clean. They are only 2 years old and think I got them for a good price. These wheels are popular for mk6 fiesta owners so go quickly but my friend was happy to sell me them.
  12. Gave my new wheels a deep clean, clay bar and 2 coats of ceramic coating. Also my friend who I bought the wheels from gave me his tire pen so cleaned up the tire writing. Bottom two wheels had a new layer of tire ink while the top two were faded.
  13. Will 17s fit on my zetec s with no problems? Main problem I'm worried about is if the wheels might rub on full lock. Ford don't sell rack limitors for the mk6 but do for the mk7 however don't know if they fit unless I try.