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  1. I've noticed today looking at the wheel there is this section where it looks to be dark and not following the line of the rim. Is it possible fixing this so that it doesn't give this appearance? I believe the dirt sticks in the kurb cracks giving it that dark look so smoothing it down might help.
  2. Like helping out my neighbour today. Brought my mum home from the train station as she came a day later from Paris. Was sitting in the car and my neighbour parked up. I heard his girlfriend complain to him about a mark on her car. Went to them and asked about what happened. Showed me the mark and said wait a minute whilst I fetched my clay bar and water. Managed to take some of it off but then used a polish. After a few minutes managed to take it off. He was really happy and persisted getting me something but I rejected 😊
  3. Do you give the car a good thrash from time to time? May help clean out the exhaust from soot. In terms of the turbo it might need changing however check for any error codes or if it's still able to go on boost normally.
  4. @TomsFocus in France the tour bus went down a 'red line district' so on that road it was filled with *** shops 😂. It was a nice holiday however I felt Paris is more of a couples holiday than a family holiday. So many couples hugging / kissing in public with no care that there's single people around them or children 🙄. Honestly I've become a little insensitive to seeing these sort of stuff since the girl I liked I don't see anymore. For some reason it just triggers memories for me when I go on holiday now and so I just don't feel fully happy when I go on holidays. There was this young American couple in the hotel yesterday saying to the receptionist they are getting married tomorrow. I did find it a bit weird that the girls parents were with them and not the guys parents. I don't think id be comfortable myself in that place you went. Art gallery sounds more relaxing to me and hopefully you'll have civilised people going there.
  5. What will you do for the current wheel? I'm sure it's still in good condition for someone to buy.
  6. So what exactly happened on the event? It wasn't primarily a dirty thing with people committing sin was it 😅. @jmurray01 it's not easy 😂. Depends mainly on the type of person you like. With me for example I like a girl who's kind, looks nice, decent, dresses appropriately (to me that's not showing your legs or wearing a short top up to the stomach) and follows most of her religion. Now the problem I've noticed is girls who are like this tend to not be open about liking someone I'd say probably because of their parents teaching them not to have boyfriends. I honestly wonder if these girls will find anyone later when they get a bit older or if they'll get arranged.
  7. @TomsFocus that's funny because it's my parents 25th wedding anniversary today 😂. Going to the airport soon to get back to London
  8. Yesterdays visit to the tower. Went to the griemlan (probably butchered the spelling) museum where they have wax figures. Have a picture of the raving rabbits. They also had a section from the game detroit become human there. Here's the detroit section
  9. Wheels and colour suit the car 👍. Was looking at some bola b1s for my car in bronze but is a bit of money. gtechniq c4 is great. I used insta finish trim magic for mine and I believe its just as good but cheaper.
  10. You won't really get much or any noticeable gains with a NA engine remap.
  11. I believe so. All models except the ST had the same brake setup so can't see why it'll be different.
  12. I've become a bit oversensitive to seeing stupid / impatient driving. I get bothered when I see people with illegal number plates either tinted or incorrectly spaced. I see the rich are prone to this. Just in the airport car park someone in a seat Leon cupra decided to overtake us before a right turn. Saw him quickly go around another car just taking their time turning into a parking section. Saw the driver stop at a bay I believe to pick up. Pointless in my eyes to be driving like that especially in a car park where most likely your going to see the persons face. He was still there when I was walking to the bus stop. Just a typical boy racer. Hope this government does something with bad drivers caught on camera
  13. If it was not deliberate then you don't have to worry about it being domestic K9 violence 😅
  14. Just came back from visiting the eifel tower 🗼. Got to the highest point. So the inventor Gustavo Eifel had an office there at the highest point. Back then only the VIPs had access. Surprised how high it is. Upload speed is really slow here. @iantt I can see why you say how crazy French drivers are. So many of them cutting in lanes. Just at the airport car park back in London I didn't like this boy racer in his seat Leon cupra overtake us then stopping in a pick up point. Really stupid and pointless although thinking back at it there was two lanes to go straight.
  15. @Lenny I can see you enjoying your drink break. You aren't drunk are you 🥴