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  1. Did another volvo headlight restoration on my dad's new car. Didn't come out as great as the volvo I did before. Fitted the autobeam performance indicators in in red.
  2. With me I'd set the spawn location to last location then just restart the game whenever it doesn't land on the car. You move faster in the casino when in first person. When I go on the wheel I count to 4 and roll at 4. I swipe the analogue stick from 9 to 5 o'clock briskly and managed to get it after a hour
  3. Getting these figures out my car after dad has been driving it 😂. Went to nearly 80mpg when I checked. @Nick Y managed to get the new PR4 yesterday 🤩
  4. Why you worried about that? I'd be happy myself if it's going cheaper 😂 Noticed that also with the forum
  5. Dad bought some autobeam performance bulbs for his volvo. Performance brake lights and indicators. Tested the brake lights out and they are really really bright 🙈. Looks brighter than the performance ones I have in my fiesta. He's one is 382 whilst mine is 380 which works as both sidelight and brake lights (fitment might be wrong way round). Dad's a bit nervous as he thinks he might get pulled over but I think he just has to get used to it. @Zico if you haven't already get the performance brake lights 🤯
  6. At least its a newer engine so must probably not be difficult to remove. I remember on my car it took time removing each injector as there was crud along the sides of them
  7. Think I'm going to get a volvo later in life but at the moment if I get a decent job I'd love to save for a sporty car
  8. I sat in my dad's volvo yesterday and was really blown away with how comfy it is in terms of the seats and suspension. Really is an eye opener compared to my sporty stiff fiesta
  9. Who exactly judges you? To be honest and I'm a good example, if you choose to go onto doing a postgraduate course in a top university don't get put off what uni your from or grades you get. I went to a decent uni, did a biomedical science degree and now going to a well known University now doing infection and immunity. Most of the people in my course got a upper second class degree and got in so it's not impossible. I did a btec in applied science (no A levels) and managed to get in. I will be honest with these top unis the mentally of people are different compared to 'average' ranked ones. In my current course I like to joke about but people think I'm literally saying it to them 😂. I've also noticed a little bit of a racial and gender segregation in my class. Honestly found my previous university better in terms of socialising I will say also best to finish your course and get a degree. One of my cousins did computer science in Westminster University, dropped out in his second year and is only working in a stationery shop. The guy also was messing around with a girl back in school who he is now going to marry later this year. The girl finished her teaching degree and going onto further education whilst he's working with no degree. Just think how they might have a some struggle when they have to save for a property but I can't say. Degrees help open up doors 👍
  10. Whyd you sell the RS 😭 I think that's a normal phase in uni. I believe I felt like that a few times back when I was doing my degree. Try not to let that put you off working. What I dont like or feel paranoid about is how people in my class in my postgraduate course has made their friends group and I feel like I'm left out. I'm probably over thinking it as one of my friends I talk to and sit with in class and messages me about work but seems like the girls group have put him in their group chat. Saying that though I try to ignore this social issue and believe others in the class might be the same. Its only 1 year with different classes plus after Easter I don't think anyone will be seeing each other as we'll be doing our dissertations then
  11. @iantt I think this will cheer us up 😊
  12. I don't like seeing this sign in the hospital today. Heard also the tube is a high risk area of spreading the virus along with King's Cross Station which I pass when I'm going here to this hospital or uni
  13. They do a 382 fitment for the brake light which looking at the sidelight (R5W) and brake are the same. I'm just wondering if using the same LED bulbs will be okay in terms of brightness that the sidelights with the autobeam bulbs in aren't as bright as the brake light if I put their bulb in there too.
  14. I actually try to avoid going to public toilets. The state Ive seen some of them makes me think what animal had been there 🤢. Also don't want to experience someone waiting for me to finish doing my business
  15. Guys need some help. So dad is looking at getting some autobeam bulbs for his car. Now the rear sidelights (2 middle ones) are the same fitment as the brake bulb (right) however if I was to get 2 of the performance brake light bulbs for the sidelight will it as bright as the brake lights?