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  1. @OilSheikh I've kind of noticed this as well. Thankfully most of the time I'm going or coming back from work. I leave at 6:30 in the morning and roads are just about quiet. I do get those people who sadly do 20 in a 30 which I don't understand why however I never react to them. Could just be the time of day being early morning though with me driving wakes me up. A bit baffling to why that person was in the inside lane doing that speed when it might if been save to do that in the outside lane or just pull over in a hard shoulder.
  2. When I went to view a car local to me to flip, the guy recognised my plate and that remembered it was on my fiesta I used to drive. Made my day that 😁
  3. Yeah when you think about it in that way it is helping reduce pollution though one study said some places estate the borders have increased in pollution. I feel though the way it's portrayed they wanted to make money off it but because most people changed their cars they aren't really gaining much
  4. Starting to miss the fiesta now 😂. Loved the look of it, decent performance and economy. Loved the attention it got too. Sadly with ULEZ I had to part with it but managed to get the same money back for what I bought it for 4 years ago. Funny to see news articles saying TFL are not gaining much money from ULEZ which just goes to show they put it up as a money scheme. Now driving around in this. Around £30-35 to fill it up on a full tank and I've done around 168 miles which ain't bad as £30 on the fiesta lasted me around 120 miles. I'm mostly doing 2 miles to work so a petrol is worth it There are two cars I'm looking at. This Porsche Cayman which looks cool or a BMW 330i convertible in this exact same spec. White with those wheels and red interior. I'm very tempted but I think it's sensible I invest my savings first before a car
  5. Hey I had no problem in terms of imbalances. We're all brakes bleeded out properly. Not sure what else could do that 🤔
  6. Hey sorry for the late reply. Been really busy with my work. I'm sure you've done it now but yeah you need another handbrake cable which would be for a ST150 as the ends of the cable are designed to go over a caliper not drum. From what I remember the springs where removed for easier access when swapping the bits over.
  7. Hey Jim. Sorry for the late reply. Work life has now made me not have as much time to visit the forum now. Yeah that's the stuff you need and the drill to make a 12mm hole in the hub
  8. Was a good day yesterday. Was on my shift and doing a 1:1 with a elderly lady who tried coming off her bed when she had a catheter attached to her. She was saying her legs were cramping so I decided to give her a leg massage. The matron saw me and then started telling a few people 😂. Later when the night staff came in to relieve me on my shift a lot of them told me about the foot massage I gave a patient. Turned out the matron told them during handover. When I got back home then I got a letter. Back when I had that incident of that hit and run back in July the police sent me a letter saying they are going to do a court hearing for the named driver of the car in march. The name they put in the letter of the alleged driver makes me feel it's him as it was an eastern European who did it. I also got a message yesterday from my crush who told me she finally got her job 😁. After a year and a half finishing university and searching she managed to get a job and in the Industry she studied in 🙌.
  9. @BigLen no worries. When you think about it, it's is good therapy. You meet different people who I'm sure are complimenting you for who you are and you can open yourself up to them 👍. In A&E where I work I sometimes help out in the mental health department and I've realised most of these people suffer in silence and generally when I talk to them it opens their emotions up to me about what their going through. I had a really nice guy around your age getting harassed by his girlfriend and was saved by his room mate who stopped him taking his life. Had a good chat with him and it really helped him open up. As a man close to religion I could say otherwise but definitely do a nice roast with the kids for Christmas 👍
  10. @BigLen focus in yourself and the children Lenny. If you need someone to talk to you have us guys here 👍. Please don't think on taking the easy way out as you've got your children who care about you.
  11. @BigLen your a strong man Len. Anyway to spend more time with her? I feel the things she's gone through mentally makes her need someone there to talk to. Hasn't been a good past year for me either. Last year experienced my first heartbreak over a girl I liked for many years getting married to some guy in her family leading her to leaving her education, career ambitions, and becoming a stay at home wife with a kid she had straight 9 months after her wedding. Finished my masters and struggling to get into the career I studied for. I'm thankful I got the hospital apprenticeship job I have now and helping people there though the pay is rubbish mainly due to the apprenticeship salary and most people go into nursing from there which isn't my thing 😂. There is another girl I like I met back in college. Been messaging her and helping her with job searching as she graduated last year and since hasn't got a job. Shes looking at going into a pharmacy which might be something you got knowledge into. Just need to arrange a meet up with her and mutual college friends so I can tell her in person and see what she feels. I try and think to myself though the work and achievements I'm doing. I got an okay job which is only 2 miles away, only have to work 3-4 days a week due to it being 12 hour shifts, I'm hopefully getting another qualification from it, have days off in the week to do my mortgage advisor qualification and hopefully start doing my car trading I started and get extra money on the side. Ive saved up quite a bit of money I'm hoping to invest into a property next year too. Always good to look at the hard work you've done.
  12. @BigLen sorry to hear that Lenny. I don't think it's been easy for the both of you guys. I remember you saying about her having depression after a miscarriage. Not easy also working long hours to pay for the bills and family for her to then do that 😓 Everything happens for a reason
  13. What happened with the wife 😬
  14. Haven't watched them in a while but I'm sure I did see a related video from them on my recommendations 😂 Should sell it for £3600. Has full service history and cambelt was done only 7k miles ago with receipt to prove it. New auxiliary belt too. Had a major service done 2 years ago which included normal service bits along with front discs and pads and rear brake kit costing £520 (again with receipt to prove it) plus 4 new tires, 2 changed in the major service and the other two changed last year 👍
  15. Thought I'd show my little side business I've started. So started looking at cars I can flip for profit. After a week of looking and sadly getting turned down due to other people getting some cars before me I picked up this VW up. Got it from a dealer who wanted a quick sale on it. Full service history, new cambelt and auxiliary belt done a few thousand miles and has 0 problems on it. Has 86k miles on it and I picked it up for the same price I've seen high mileage or category damaged ups. Hopefully can sell it for a profit.
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