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  1. Have to look at that. The stuff has just been sitting in the cupboard for about 2 years now and I haven't used it.
  2. I have some autoglym super resin polish and their liquid sealant. Bought it from Halfords not long before I found out about the detail shop which is a 30 second drive away 😂. Could work out a price and give it both to you. Haven't even used it.
  3. Back in college my friends used to say 'friend' like that. I then started joining in with them 😂. Not long ago I found where they got that from 🤣
  4. Everyone's different 👍. My first car I had before was a little Peugeot 107 and I was careful driving that. I try to be careful driving but there are moments sadly which happen like I clipped the kurb twice and scratching the side of the car when going down a unfamiliar B road. When I got into car detailing my eye goes towards other peoples cars paintwork 😂. My fiestas paint I'd say was similar to that before I revived it. Headlights were restored recently and I'd say make a difference. My car does have a few dents on it sadly. My uncle said someone quoted him around £80 to remove around 10 dents on his car so could see using them for my car but that's if ulez doesn't force me to sell it.
  5. My car failed mot because both seats had broken handles I believe. This was before my ownership
  6. I like seeing another zetec s owner pull up near my car yesterday. Was sitting in the car waiting for mum in asda and saw the guy pull up near me. Wanted to talk to the owner but he was too busy talking to his friends. There was him, another guy and two girls so might of been blinded by them 😂. Had a good look at his car. Paintwork desperatly needs machine polishing and I noticed there was a few dents, rear diffuser was missing and there was a dent on the jacking point.
  7. I still get top gear magazines when I go food shopping. Started collecting them about 6 years ago now and must have a pile of them in the loft.
  8. Possibly might not fit. I believe the exhaust will be different on different engines.
  9. Yeah my dad did mention about the bushes. Might be it. Hope it's not because of me doing the odd wheel spin 😅
  10. I noticed the noise again today. I don't think as much as before. Happens I believe from the suspension. When I rev the engine I can't hear it.
  11. Can't hear it now. Probably was a wet squeaking belt or stuff in the glove box moving about 🤷‍♂️
  12. Hey guys I've noticed recently to hear a squeaking noise from the car. Think it's more apparent when on bumpy roads. I think I noticed it sometimes at idle also. I'm going out soon today so will have a proper listen to it for more info.
  13. That kit looks good however you still want to add a protective coating otherwise the headlights will start fading again soon as there's no UV protection.
  14. How will you restore the headlights? Are you going to remove them or do it on the car? Be careful not to scratch that sticker.
  15. A few weeks ago I went to a graveyard to pay respect for my grandads sister who passed away in May. The graveyard was unfamiliar for me so had to use the sat nav to get there and back. When coming back I went down this narrow b road. Without seeing a little twig hit the side of the car leaving a long scratch across it from the wing all the way to the rear arch. Was really upset when I saw it 😢. Last weekend I cleaned the car and decontaminated the scratch with fallout remover before putting it in the garage and clay baring it. Used Koch chemie H8.02 compound. Thankfully removed the scratch. Hard to see the scratch initially which was a good sign Before and after Then finished off the whole side with britemax blackmax. Side of the car looked really shiny and the scratch is just about non existant. I can just about see it very very faintly however at the right angle and light.