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  1. Does it do it at a certain temperature? Always whilst riding the clutch and not when the clutch is fully up? Would think as it's moving something with the shafts or clutch release bearing but not fully sure
  2. Don't think I've been skidding around with trays on the wheels 😂 Went again today to get more and give to my grandparents
  3. Lol they were doing a good deal of toilet rolls in farm foods. Woke up around 8:30 yesterday as mum was leaving to go with dad but I said ill take her. Was a good outing for me and took my mind off stuff which I'm sure you know what. Went for a little drive to tesco as dad told me to fill up there or sainsburys. Was around 105 p/l. I don't like how the pumps work in tesco with all this digital stuff. Had to tell the lady in front of me to help. Saying that though it was a nice drive and as it was morning it was quiet and did give me an opportunity to drive spiritly. If only there was something at home I could do which makes me happy like a quiet drive. Yeah I'm liking them more and more and I'm happy that the halos still suit the look of the front. I'm thinking of removing the plastics of the exterior and getting them painted. I'm only worried about the door strips as I don't want to damage it.
  4. Do like going for a nice drive yesterday to put fuel in after so long after going shopping for my mum who embarrassingly got 8 packs of toilet rolls. Felt so embarrassed putting all that in the car with people looking 🤦‍♂️. Have to say these lights do give some attention. Was left in the sun and I could feel that the ppf was hot as it was soft but thankfully it doesn't seem it to lift.
  5. Did a little video showing them off
  6. Okay so 2 days after dad trimmed down the ppf on the sides of the headlights. I used a hairdryer to make sure the ppf isn't stretched and won't shrink any further which luckily it didn't. Folded in the edges with my expired credit card. Think my card has been used the most here than before 😂. Then began fitting the autobeam performance H1 LED bulbs. Cut a hole in the dust cover for the fan unit to come out and disperse the heat. Then put autobeam performance indicators in which I had on the rear of the car. Blend in nicely. Now they sell these in a red casing which doesn't help in some cases. Had to compromise and put a standard bulb in the rear. Can see the difference. Looking at the new headlights I can now notice how yellowish the old headlights are. Taped up the wires to protect from wear Rewired the halo lights as they were wired into the headlights. Now they are wired into the wiring loom which makes it easier as I don't have to unplug them whenever I remove the headlights. Finally then fitted the headlights in. There's a slight gap on the bottom of the bumper and light but not too noticeable. All lights work. Can't even tell the ppf is on it which I'm really happy about and the bubbles are hard to see 😁. Time will tell though if the film will stay in place.
  7. The new headlights are on now. Really love them 😁. Hope now the ppf stays in place. It thankfully is hard to see the bubbles in it.
  8. Thought I might do an update on the devil eye headlights. Nearly finished. Trimmed the ppf and hoping it stays in place, fitted autobeam performance indicators which I had on the rear, fitted the performance H1 LED in the front and cut a whole in the dust cap. Now just need to rewire the halo lights into the wiring loom rather than the headlights so I don't have to keep disconnecting the halos with the headlights when I ever have to remove it and worry about the corrosion in the plugs. Then can plug the headlights on. Happy how clear it looks with the ppf applied.
  9. I was contemplating on getting some performance indicators but was busy yesterday and it was late so wasn't sure.
  10. How the headlights are looking at the moment. Haven't touched them since Friday. Hopefully tomorrow dad will trim the edges then its good to go
  11. Thanks Zico. Just looked at them today and look good. Think they look a bit better now though have to leave them for several days to see if the water spots go away. Most people say they'll go. Haven't plugged them in yet. Thankfully no wiring is required. Want to sort this wrapping out and then rewire the halo lights then plug these in 😁.
  12. Finally the ppf arrived today and got started with covering the headlights. Headlights taken out the box once again. They have the factory film on it here. Cut the ppf to size then started wrapping Covered them. Was an absolute pain to put on. How they look at the moment. Going to let them fully dry overnight then trim the edges down. Really hoping they look good when done. There's several air / water bubbles but people say they'll go over a few days in the sun which I really hope happens.
  13. Was a long day but got them covered. Will leave them overnight then tomorrow hopefully will trim it down. There's a few bubbles which I hope will disappear after a few days / weeks when it's out in the sun. Left the garage heater on to help Anyone else think these look good? Hard to see the bubbles from a normal distance
  14. Gonna start the wrapping very soon. Cut the ppf to a decent size. Wish me luck