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  1. I heard this stuff is getting a bit interfered due to the increase of people using it. It's annoying but hopefully it's not overwhelming to lead to problems with the network
  2. Lol snowing? I completely forgot about the time moving an hour forward. I got out out of bed and checked the time on my phone and it saying its 1:10. Had to adjust my clock beside my bed
  3. Do like autobeam sending out their possibly new reverse lights as both mine started going wrong 😊.
  4. I think most of us haven't been driving for a bit. Best to have a battery charger to keep the juice up.
  5. That's a catchy song to be honest. At first I thought to myself with the beat I'd be going to insanity 😂. Probably will make me appreciate being an introvert
  6. I think this song suits the social isolation. I very rarely socialise with any friends outside home / uni but because of this depression I need things to do to occupy myself.
  7. It's funny you say that, I've been waking up a little early around 9-10am when I normally would wake up from 10:30 to 11:30 on a normal holiday if I'm not going out to hospital
  8. This must be a man thing. I think after isolation I'm going to see if anyone has put on weight 😶
  9. Finally finished my dad's car. Fully machine polished and sealed 😊 Had to get myself in here showing two cars I've machine polished and cleaned 😂
  10. Lol my dad has been sitting down at home watching TV and snacking. I'm been keeping busy machine polishing his car and cleaning my car 😂
  11. Lol I like to have a bit of a beard but recently now I don't like it getting a little long. I get this feeling that after I ate if there is any bits of food left on the chin hair or oil residue. I know there's nothing there but I just get this feeling like there is. Also went asda and it was quiet in the top floor
  12. Die hard is come on at 9pm today on film4. Hopefully will finish dad's car today and watch it.
  13. Put this in the don't like thread by accident. Started machine polishing dad's car today. Doesn't seem to remove all the scratches however its a lot better than before Here's a 50/50 shot and fully corrected shot of the bonnet.