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  1. @TomsFocus Was just searching up runination. There's rumination syndrome which is completely different referring to unintentionally spitting out food from the stomach. The phychological meaning really does relate to what happens with me. I did have a good day yesterday though with one of my uncles travelling around to my local fish shops. Did occupy me. Its just as I'm off on holiday I just have a lot of time to sit down.
  2. Some new additions to the tank 😊
  3. Is this during a damp day? I think I heard people say that moisture could cause that from the clutch.
  4. Have my MOT in a few weeks. Hope there's nothing wrong.
  5. Have you checked that there isn't any loss in power? Its just when I hear sluggish I think there's a loss of power somewhere. Have you test driven another one to see if the power is the same.
  6. Yeah same here but what I did was put the key in the ignition whilst standing outside as the window was down did pull me a little forward as well 😄. I think with the clutch down it helps a little bit for the engine to start as there isn't extra energy needed as the gearbox isn't connected to the engine.
  7. Nearly hit the garage door after starting the car whilst it was in first gear and handbrake down 😥. Still shaken up from it. Yesterday changed the wheels over and took the spare wheel off finally and had to change put the car in gear with the handbrake down. In the morning I just put the key in the ignition from the window and started. Jerked forward and close to hitting the door. Can starting the car like that (in gear clutch already up) good for it? Don't know if I'm hearing a weird noise or it's just me and the surroundings.
  8. I won't blame you for that. I once was pulling out onto a slip road to turn right. Looked both ways and pulled out. When I looked left again I saw a guy dressed black on his moped. He stopped for me and I gave my hand up as a sorry plus 2 flashes of my hazard. It happens and its kind of easy to tell or sense when you come across a deliberately bad driver.
  9. In my area there was a post put up to report dangerous driving on a certain dual carriageway. The website shown says any dangerous driving can be reported there by dash cam. Will keep that in mind when I see anything.
  10. Heard about that. Really angers me how low people can be. Heard a 14 year old was arrested in relation to it.
  11. Just today I had someone in a 2019 corsa quickly decide to go in the left lane just before the lights to undertake me and a astra in front. The astra driver went in the middle of the road to stop him undertaking him just when the lanes merged 😏. Only got one car in front. I then was behind the corsa driver seeing him trying to overtake a truck on an industrial estate. A car pulled out not too far from him and taking time to speed up and again seeing him looking to overtake. This time in my life I was actually amused than angry on a bad driver 😂. Did get my insurance updated and now can drive with the new plates.
  12. Thanks jonro 👍. With the front holder I put double sided tape on the springs which make contact behind the plate. It's most likely that the curvature of the front bumper causing it to pull out from the top hooks however it's securely in the side and bottom hooks. The double sided tape is on these springs (labelled below) which push up against the plate. Dad clamped the plate down for a good 2 hours so the tape made proper contact behind and hopefully set behind. The rear because its more flat is making contact on all hooks. The top hooks just are contacting the plate however I'm not able to budge them with I push it up so hopefully they are secure. Same thing with the front
  13. Like fitting my private plate on. Just a little worried about the plate holders. Seems to be holding the plate firmly. The front one (most likely due to the curve) the plate doesn't stay behind the top hooks however the side and bottom hooks are keeping it in place plus I added double sided tap on the springs which hopefully hold the plate more. Can't see how it'll unslot itself upwards from the holder though saying that I tried pushing the plate up and it wasn't budging.
  14. So from here you can see the top hooks are out from the front however the side and bottom hooks are in. Rear plate the top hooks are just grabbing the plate and the other ones on the side and bottom are holding it. Is this something to worry about? Good thing is the plate isn't able to move up when I push it up on both front and back so hopefully shows its secured. Front plate has tape on the springs which make contact to the plate 😩.
  15. Private plate fitted on the dezentofix plate holder. Am actually a little nervous about the holders. Back one looks good. The side and bottom hooks are over the plate. The top hooks are just on the edge of the plate which gets me however if I try to move the plate up in the holder it doesn't budge so must be set in place and won't be going anywhere. Now the front holder seems to give more of a worry to me. All hooks are on however the top hooks are not. The front is curved which gives this problem. Fitted double sided tap on the springs which push the plate to the hooks so those hopefully help keep it in place. Only way it'll come out is up which Id wonder how. Extra pictures
  16. Their off a VW bora highline 😂. Dad put a set of black steel wheels on which I don't like. He does have a set of the anniversary wheels in the loft and looking to whever fit or sell them
  17. I like finding this guy in the conservatory. I don't think he's well though as he must of been stuck inside the whole night 😢.
  18. Lol what time and day is it on? Just going to find someone on there that matches my imaginary description of you 😂
  19. Yeah sadly. The ULEZ charge for example if they agree to extend it to the whole of London in 2021 a lot of people with diesels made before 2015 will be charged £12.50 to drive it. I'd sadly have to sell my fiesta zetec s 1.6 diesel as I don't have money to spend that everyday.
  20. Hopefully they fit. What size are those mondy wheels? This is what the 278mm brakes look like on the zetec s wheels on mine. Caliper is a little close to the spokes
  21. What car did you get the calipers off of? Will look forward to seeing that. I fitted ST front and rear brakes on mine. Definitely worth the upgrade
  22. Hopefully tomorrow will fit the plates on. Today had a go trying to remove polish residue off the textured plastic on the roof. Used a toothbrush and soapy water. Looks to have removed most of it. Also cleaned the leather and hoovered the carpets
  23. I honestly don't know now 😂. I might blur out half the plate like you said when posting pictures online. With me I don't think I park in secluded places but you never know with people.
  24. With these holders I got they just clip in so no security. I wanted just a discreet slim plate holder so it looks clean near enough the same as if I stuck it on. @LondonFiesta that's scary as I live in North London. Would of thought It would be less likely for someone to take a private plate. Had my car for over 2 years and haven't had a problem with plates but you never know. I might stick some adhesive pads on the holder to hold it on tighter. Might not do much but it's something.