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  1. Would love to get a frozen white one. I think though the sensible thing for me to do is have a cheap running car so that not so much money is spent and save up for a house when I start working.
  2. Thankfully sorted it by putting different sections into separate files. Looks like my results section of my work was causing it so most likely the graphs and or tables I transferred from excel must of done it.
  3. @Nick Y I need your help. Trying to send my document to my teacher however she gets an error saying this. Do you know how to fix it?
  4. I think mine needs a regas 😢
  5. Do like the new camera image however the object looks closer than when looking from outside.
  6. @Zico I'm wondering if I should get those bulbs 😂. I just wonder though if it produces a red light rather than white. It looks to have the same design as the performance indicators so must be really bright. At least with these you can blind people with your brake light and indicators when your slowing down to turn into your house road. I'm just wondering if I saw @Jethro_Tull also in the dream 🤣.
  7. Get yourself Koch chemie fse. That removes the water spots and adds gloss. Sadly no matter how careful you are ford use such soft paint that it's easy to scratch. The wing is treated with fse and the door isn't.
  8. @TomsFocus funnily enough he just messaged me 😂. Oh my gawd 🤤 @Zico
  9. The dreams which emotionally upset me is the ones where I see the girl I used to like. Uni life I don't really enjoy. Messaged my friend a few days ago asking how things are going and have no reply back 😒. Do kinda need friends in school so you have someone to ask help for. Before uni people were a lot more friendly and social.
  10. I think it comes down how the owner took care when getting in and out the car. With me I don't really sit on the leather bits of my seats as I'm not very wide 😂. Yeah there's slight wear on the side where the seat belt and strap make contact. I do find the leather cleaner helps with the front facing leather especially with the drivers one which goes shiny.
  11. Lol I just had the weirdest dream. Dreamed that @TomsFocus @Zico and @Lenny (my interpretation of you guys 😂) came to my house in a old style Ford only found in America to my house. I went with them to some place and worried that I hadn't had breakfast yet and my mum getting angry I went out without eating. I remember asking Lenny can we get all lunch 😂.
  12. Best to seal that new leather in 👍. Happy the previous owners of my car took care of the leather.
  13. You went at the right time of year. Last year I went to Turkey before the end of school and there wasn't so much young kids. Had some parents with little kids who aren't at the age to go school. The year before that I had some spoiled child in front of me on the plane standing on his chair and sticking his leg out to my face. I also had a toddler kicking my chair behind. Really was on the verge of getting mad. I also don't understand how lazy and irresponsible some parents are. The boy in front had some trading cards which some fell under his seat. I was so mad with him I didn't pick it up and give it to him and he didn't seem like he acknowledged he didn't have them.
  14. That's why I got my zetec s 😂. The mk6 zetec s are rare plus the optional extras on mine probably now make it a one of a kind. Never seen a mk6 zetec s with a red dashboard on the road.
  15. That's something I see when I go hospital. Most of the nurses I see most of the time are okay but some don't pay to much interest. It's mainly the elderly patients or those who aren't all there mentally. Don't want to be rude but I'm kind of the same. Although I'm a volunteer and don't get paid I try to stay clear with the patients who don't look mentally well as id worry about them calling me and possibly just say jibberish. Some patients are really nice like I was talking to a elderly lady who've I've seen now for around a week and we ended talking about brexit 😂. I once had a old guy asking me twice have I got his lunch and I said did a nurse get your order? He then got angry threatening me he's going to punch me in the face. Did feel upset about it and just steered clear from him. Hes also diabetic so ain't helping himself raising his temper.
  16. Do like seeing this today just when I went to put diesel in. Looks like a run of apache helicopters
  17. With my 90hp 1.6 TDCI engine in my mk6 fiesta I'd say the power is decent. I've seen a remap company which can add an extra 30hp to that with stock internals and that's more than the 110hp version.
  18. Think the colour of the wheels suits the paint 👍. That spoiler could fool people to thinking it's and RS when looking at that angle
  19. Just shows how much space these new games take now. I think my dad bought either a 1 or 2TB hard drive and the games I have I think took up around 500,000 mb
  20. On my mk6 fiesta the passenger switch began to be intermittent where sometimes the up button sometimes worked. It worked from the drivers side switch. Recently I bought a second hand passenger window switch and it looks to be working now. Don't really test it out a lot as its not something I'd operate when driving.
  21. There's actually a supercharger kit you can buy for around £3000 to install to the 1 litre petrol engine 😂. Get good economy and power out of it plus parts are cheap for it. A clutch kit was £37 for when I had to do the clutch. The supercharger info states 0-60 in 8 secs. Original is 14 secs. Would love that and only paying £20 a year road tax
  22. @dtulip8 here we go 😂
  23. Forza really know how to pick the right cars in their games. I think it's in Forza 4 they have Peugeot 107 which I previously used to have. It's cars like that which I like rather than just put in high performance cars.
  24. @Lenny could this be used to remove diesel stains on the driveway? When I was cleaning my car just had a go pressure washing some stain on the Driveway I believe is diesel which used to leak from my dads car. Wasn't able to take it off.
  25. When I was about 6 and got my PS2 I remember playing gran turismo 3. Wasn't a great big fan as I didn't really understood the career mode back then. I played a lot of gt5 and wondering about getting the latest one. What I liked with gt5 was there was monthly events and you'd get nice rewards if you meet a certain criteria for example I remember one reward was a chrome gold paint option if you be first in a race.