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  1. Look forward to seeing that. 👍
  2. One of my aunts sadly lost her battle to cancer on Sunday morning. The chemotherapy didn't really help reduce the cells. She had kidney failure and sadly lost her appetite a few days before passing away. She lives abroad and I was surprised she had been washed, prayed to and buried on the same day she passed.
  3. Don't like going hospital today to find my tire was low in the front left. Could hear a slushing sound when going there and the car veering to the left. Was my first attempt changing the wheel 😁. Just hope the tire isn't misshapen
  4. Just take care around other road users. I've seen a fewRS drivers driving without care for other road users. One guy was just revving the engine whilst on the move. Made me wonder if he even owns it.
  5. I had one guy nearly hitting the wing of my car. The approach to this roundabout has a bus stop on the left lane so so many people assume it's a bus lane so stay in the right lane. I gave way to this BMW who indicated left. This merc driver decided to cut in front near the exit off. I sent this clip to the police but I need permission to say I can attend court if they were not guilty. Wish there were more police around 🙄
  6. I first thought you said the van hit your car 😰. Good thing nothing happened 👍
  7. Heard about people complaining of a loud explosion sound at 4am in London. Looks like it was found to be a sonic boom from a jet.
  8. I've recently been getting this on my windscreen on my mk6 fiesta. Haven't been getting this since I've been not driving the car that much. I believe the moisture builds up and with the cold temperatures outside causes the water inside the windscreen. It's a pain as I worry about smirring on the glass.
  9. You sure he's not a knock off agent 47 😂
  10. I think they misspelled twix 🤣
  11. On the Ps3 it's free to play online but not for PS4. Have to see for that event as I have an exam the day after. Makes me think how ill manage it if I'm fortunate to get in. Last year there was 540 applicants and 35 vacancies for my specialism so need to focus on the appitude tests to hopefully get an interview. The part time masters for the training would most likely make me go to Manchester University and the work placement I just have to hope too that it's in London. I've read if people getting in with just a degree so just shows it's possible however I have a masters along it.
  12. Send me picture when you get them or install them 😁. I have a pair of the switchback fogs but they don't fit on my car as they are too long. Think dad will fit them in in his new car.
  13. Same here I use chrome 👍.
  14. Only thing I got on black Friday was the PlayStation plus membership as mine ran out a week ago. Got it for £37 on the PlayStation store which isn't bad as the cheapest online was £36 but would was a physical copy to get delivered. Also was looking at the scientist training open days and there's one in January. Problem is its in Manchester University at 9:30. The train tickets are around £120 from virgin trains and I don't know what time id get up to leave home
  15. What engine they off of?
  16. You don't have stiff lowered springs do you? Heard your ride comfort is stiff 😁
  17. Heard you are really raspy like miltek 🤣
  18. I passed with no advisories 😂. My shock absorber legs are all good and ECU is working perfectly fine as my fuel or eating consumption is good. They wispered something about plums I don't understand 🤣
  19. It's people like him I hate. So the average working man will benefit but not the rich? Why a lot of people don't vote for the torys. Guy thinks 50% of people are doctors, accountants and solicitors and I'm sure these jobs don't pay that much till after a lot of years experience. Doctors earn around £60k when they are in their specialist area however its the consultants who earn big money from £80-105k
  20. I get that to. Don't know if these inspectors just look for something new. Last year they said both front wheels are slightly buckled but not this year
  21. Do enjoy these old vids of England. Wish I could just time travel there. How police were back in the day
  22. Road manners. Something people don't get even till this day. Did enjoy watching this 😂
  23. @TomsFocus you have to give me examples of what I have to take advantage of 🤣. Yesterday I went to my cousins birthday and also met his fiancé for the first time. Guy is a year younger than me and already found someone. Only thing with him is he dropped out uni from his IT degree and just working in a stationery shop whilst the girl is doing a teaching degree. I'm more focused on my education and stressed about trying my best to get into the career I want.