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  1. @Lenny got a moonpig card from me and sister 👍
  2. Definitely does but the downside is it's easy to see paint imperfections in direct sunlight. The paint had a good machine polishing last year which really brought it back. I want to sort out the headlights. Never tried it before so a little worried but if it comes out great the car will look just about mint.
  3. Didn't you pick up the Caterham?
  4. Bit late but some cleaning pictures from last or the week before. Added angelwax H2GO glass sealant on. Has helped the water bead off however sometimes the wipers slightly judder. Application Results
  5. I think cloth offer the best comfort compared to leather. Leather I'd worry about rips and tears which I'm happy to have part leathers 😊
  6. @iantt you always put a smile on my face when you change your profile picture 😊
  7. I'd look forward to how the roll cage is constructed and installed 👍. The thing I'm really thinking of doing is restoring my headlights. Hope it comes out nicely.
  8. The original poster hasn't reported back with any problems so probably the new EGR helped. Don't take my word though. Try cleaning it out first though to see if that helps 👍
  9. You've done some really nice mods 👍. I'd say that's OEM+ which is the way I like to mod my car.
  10. When I was going uni I'd put £20 of fuel in around every 2 weeks. Now with uni finished it's now about £20 every month 😂. I really don't do many miles but I do love to boot it around if the engine gets a chance to warm up properly.
  11. Thank you 👍. I restored the paint with a machine compound and polish. The darkness and metallic sparkle had been brought up. Been a year since I've done it and there doesn't seem to be so many scratches inflicted however I think there's holograms.
  12. Hard to justify getting one when it looks as good just drawing over it with a red pen.
  13. Check if your insurance has windscreen cover. Check though if it doesn't lose your no claims etc
  14. I wonder know if crime actually is a contributing factor to increasing my insurance.
  15. I'm not really mechanically minded 😅. Do you have the 1.6 TDCI? I wouldn't think the EGR would cause any problems unless the electric mechanism is unable to move from being crudded up with soot. It'll throw up a engine light and limp mode. That happened to me once when I was just driving the car in and out the garage for 2 months as I was waiting for the insurance renewal of my previous car. The EML didn't come back after deleting the fault code. On my 1.6 TDCI the glow plug light only comes on when it's around 5 degrees or less and it just comes on for an astro second. I'm sure though the glow plugs still work even when the light doesn't come on.
  16. I think all those places are really far away. Can't move so far away from family. If only though most house prices were around that sort of median. I'm surprised how cheap houses were many years ago I'd say when I was small. I'm sure my parents paid less than or around £100k when they were moving houses say around 15 years ago. Now it's more than quadrupled that. Makes it really difficult for my generation to get a property unless you have a decent job and someone to help save up with you however you'd have to save up religiously.
  17. Good to see the problem was sorted. Was it actually the clocks which caused that? I remember one of my dads friends having problems with his c max I think was to do with the gauges not working.
  18. It's a nice free touch up 👍. I was surprised how nice it looked when I did mine. I used those red white board pens which I think wipe off however its still holding on mine after several weeks.
  19. Is that only for the area covered when you put your postcode in? For me that's the area covered when I put my post code in. And I thought I lived in a rubbish area. Still kind of want to move out of London as property is cheaper.
  20. Gave that a go and there's been 128 reported crimes in my area. There's been 4 crimes in or near my road in April 😭. Burglary, assault and antisocial behaviour. Is an eye opener that.
  21. When I start looking for a house I want it to at least have a front garage and a nice size driveway. The garage is so I can put my pride and joy in especially if it's expensive (one day hopefully) and a driveway so the family can park in easily when they'd come over rather than looking for places elsewhere and possibly parking far. At the moment London ain't the best place to live in with the supposed ULEZ expansion to the whole city. That means people with diesel cars made before 2015 and petrols made before around 2005 will have to pay £12.50 a day to drive it. Now people such as myself with low income drive diesels as they are cheap to run compared to petrols made a decade ago. Not everyone has £15k lieing around to spend getting a compliant diesel. Stupid thing is I was looking at a BMW 330D. A 2014 one is part of the charge whilst a 2015 one isn't and I'm sure both do not have any difference in engine. If nothing is done I will have to sadly sell my car and get something like my Peugeot 107 again as that won't be compliant to the charge. Insurance quotes for me has gone up also and my sister's friend had the same issue where her insurer said its because of the high crime rate in London 😡. I'm not the one committing the crime.
  22. @Lenny there's something about lupos I'm starting to like. Don't know if it's the modding community.
  23. I do like driving this 2014 c220d in the garage today. Cars have completely changed from now. Can pick these up for around £12-15k which I think is a bargain.
  24. Don't like this c class driver cutting in front of me today on a dual carriageway 😡. Just on the entry I went in the left lane whilst the car in front went in the right. This guy behind went in the right and must of got quickly impatient of the car in front of him doing the speed limit so quickly cut into my lane and speeded off. At a split second I could tell his intentions and tried to speed up but he did his maneuver then and was really close to hitting my car. Tried getting my focus back as there's some speed cameras ahead and wanted to be aware of my speed. Caught up to him at the lights at a roundabout and saw him with his friends laughing in the car. Was close to cutting in front of him and brake checking him 😡. I do like it when I catch up to idiots like that but I wish something can be done about bad drivers. @TomsFocus the c must stand for something for c class drivers.