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    zain611 reacted to Ubetcha in My Mk3 ZS - Audio System   
    Thanks for the like Lenny, actually you'r probably the man with the answers as I've been reading other threads and you really know your stuff.
    Sorry I didn't get chance to get back on line any earlier today, another busy day. I did however have time this morning to take the photos I promised.
    As you will see I only have to undo three small screws and the whole lot will slide forward for spare wheel access.
    Comments are welcome but also an answer to the question in my first post would be really appreciated! Thank-you in advance.

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    Lol its not a future classic yet. 
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    I can but no way am I entering the water with waves that big. 
    Not sure if I'm allowed to link the justgiving page for our team or not if anyone would like to donate to our team or just read what we are raising funds for. 
    If anyone does decide to kindly donate then mention our team ( 3 drunken, 1 Duncan. ) We did have a better team name but it was banned. "Ben Dover and go the distance". "Ben "the charity. "Dover" where we leave UK, and "go the distance " see how far we can go in 25 hrs. 😀😀😀😀
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    Jeez the video is six minutes long 😯
    I've got three kids, haven't had six minutes to do what i want; since the last one was conceived, no time to watch if now 😁
    Although I did put up the outside Christmas decorations today before the weather gets really cold, not switching them on until it's time though, Hopfully stop people parking in front of the gates aswell 😂

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    Crikey, probably not worth you switching then!

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    zain611 got a reaction from iantt in Things I Do Like   
    I found this funny. Don't really believe the racing start at a red light. Sometimes I do hate it when people undertake you at a set of lights
  8. Haha
    zain611 got a reaction from iantt in Things I Do Like   
    I found this funny. Don't really believe the racing start at a red light. Sometimes I do hate it when people undertake you at a set of lights
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    zain611 reacted to TimST2 in What do you clean your car with?   
    Photos like that make me wonder why some people show no interest in keeping their car clean - looks like new again in the second one! I bought some Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel recently after seeing that it won Auto Express Best Wheel Cleaner 2018.
    Although Ford had done a good job of cleaning the ST before I picked it up, the previous owner had let a little bit of brake dust build up on one of the wheels. Really impressed with the results. Probably won't use it regularly though - I've kept the Lotus wheels spotless using Autoglym products over the years and treating them with Bilt Hamber didn't result in much reaction at all, so that should be the case with the ST now too.
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    zain611 got a reaction from TimST2 in What do you clean your car with?   
    Good to see this topic come back. I use:
    bilt hamber auto foam (foam)
    bilt hamber auto wash (soap) 
    Koch chemie fse (finish spray) 
    Gtechniq wm2 wash mitt
    Fast shot wheel cleaner 
    Chemical guys bucket and grit guard and another bucket as soap

    Get my stuff here

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    Thanks it really makes the difference!
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    zain611 reacted to JW1982 in My Focus Mk3 Champions Edition   
    In advance of the annual service next Month I performed an inventory of all parts that need to be changed.
    Apart from all service parts (engine oil, oil filter, sump plug, cabin air filter, etc.) I also decided to take a closer look at the known weaknesses of the 1.0 ECOboost.
    First I removed the original recirc valve from the turbo housing. This is literally a 5 minute job. 

    The original recirc valve is a vacuum actuated membrane type of valve. The original recirc valve is made of plastic/rubber and is known for premature failure as a result of ageing/hardening of the rubber membrane material. After I disassembled the recirc valve the membrane turned out to be aged/hardened (as expected) and showed already some early stages of cracking. 
    The original recirc valve costs over €170,-. In my opinion way too much money for such a cheap, poorly designed piece of plastic/rubber.
    Fortunately there is an alternative. Turbosmart offers the TS-0203-1265 as an alternative for the original recirc valve.

    The TS-0203-1265 is an adjustable vacuum actuated piston type recirc valve. This valve consists of a machined billet aluminium housing, a spring and a precision fit brass piston. The Turbosmart TS-0203-1265 is a direct replacement for the original recirc valve. This part is even cheaper than the original recirc valve.
    This weekend I ordered the Turbosmart TS-0203-1265 from the official Dutch distributor. I hope to receive it soon.
    Next to this I also inspected the cooling system of my car. Most of the known weak cooling system parts (Coolant reservoir, Coolant reservoir cap, waterpump) have already been replaced within the last 2 Years. I also installed the additional electric coolant pump. 
    The degas hose however was replaced in November 2014 during the recall. Despite being the latest available revision of this part it is still known to cause problems. As a result of hot coolant and engine vibrations this type of degas hose can fail prematurely. There are basically 3 different failure symptoms:
    * The plastic T-piece can break/crack.
    * The thin plastic pipe can crack/burst near the T-piece.
    * The thin plastic pipe can  crack/burst near the quick release connection on the engine side.
    The degas hose on my car turned out to show several signs of ageing/discolouration of the thin plastic pipe both near the T-piece and the quick release connection. Being a high selling part Ford tripled the price last Year. It went from less than €13,- last Year to over €40,- right now. a lot of money for a part that needs to be replaced every few Years.

    On the MK3.5 Ford introduced some improvements of the 1.0 ECOboost cooling system. The MK3.5 does no longer have the poorly designed, fragile degas hose. The MK3.5 hoses have a different design and are known to be a lot more durable. 

    MK3 coolant hoses.

    MK3.5 coolant hoses.

    After some research I discoverd that only 2 hoses are actually different between the MK3 and MK3.5. The cooling system of the MK3  1.0 ECOboost can easily be converted to MK3.5 specs by only replacing 2 hoses. An added bonus is that both MK3.5 hoses are even cheaper than the MK3 degas hose.
    Today I ordered the MK3.5 coolant hoses and all other (original) service parts. When all parts arrive I will post some pictures.

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    zain611 reacted to STJAY in N600 ST   
    I've been hand working a glaze polish into it for the last few weeks.  What doesn't help is the rain here, the polish can't get a chance to settle into the paintwork.  It's not too bad, at work I can use the valet bays over the weekend, but once it's done and the car is pulled out its a nightmare.  Sure what can you do, I think I'll glaze, hit it with some super resin and then rapid detail, as the swirls are pretty deep.  I've managed to make a good start on them and they are coming out slowly, so I just need to keep going.
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    zain611 got a reaction from STJAY in N600 ST   
    You'd have to be very careful washing as ford use soft paint. I machine polished mine and after a few months I'm starting to see holograms appearing. I use a microfiber wash mitt as a lambs wool is hard to maintain. 
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    zain611 got a reaction from Wookie Monster in Halogen to LED swap help!!   
    You'd have to look for bulbs which fit. Autobeam do some great bulbs. Personally though I wouldn't put LEDs for the main lights as the beam pattern would be worse. 
    Here's a picture of my sidelights. 

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    zain611 reacted to TomsFocus in Security, diskloc etc   
    Honestly... laziness, the very reason we have central locking and now keyless start & entry lol!  I tend to be in a rush for the loo when I get home, no time to mess around with a steering lock tbh.  When out I want a quick get in & away, and even park in the easiest space to get out of...
    We fitted a quick release boss to my mates track car though...he now takes his wheel with him exactly like Mr Bean!

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    zain611 got a reaction from Zico in Things I Do Like   
    Thanks Zico 👍. Honest to god I don't know what happened yesterday. That's the first time in my life I experienced something like that and first time I thought something is not right in my body. Feel like such a wimp if those symptoms happened because I somehow got scared of blood. Need to play some more COD to see the sight of gore again 😂
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    zain611 got a reaction from TomsFocus in Things I Do Like   
    Thanks tom 👍 
    No nothing special we did unless you think taking my mum shopping and picking my sister up is fun 😂. I don't go in uni on Tuesdays so had a good stay at home. 
    That thing which happened yesterday I'm still thinking about. I've cut myself several times before so I'm wondering why I experienced these symptoms when I cut my finger. It was scary as I've never experienced this before. I think I couldn't sleep also.
    Hope this week doesn't end on a bad note. First I didn't do great on my lab experiments on Monday, yesterday cut my finger and had those symptoms which scared me and today had someone park in front of me in the hospital. 
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    zain611 reacted to TimST2 in Things I Don't Like   
    I do - the paintwork gets aquawaxed after every other wash and the wheels get sealed too 👍
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    zain611 got a reaction from TimST2 in Things I Don't Like   
    Leaving hospital and coming back to this 🙄. 
    Waited 2 minutes to see if anyone comes and no luck so decided to move back and forth to get closer to the parked car on the left so that can give space for the wheel to do a full turn and go over the kurb on the right. 
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    zain611 reacted to Claire1234 in Security, diskloc etc   
    Thanks all again for your the removable steering wheel, we actually have a motorhome and the steering wheel comes off as you drop the bed down over the seats and swivel seats in day , my husband thinks it’s the best anti theft device going.
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    zain611 got a reaction from jace1969 in Things I Don't Like   
    I remember on police interceptors they stopped someone in a skoda fabia as they thought to believe he was carrying drugs. Stopped the guy and easily could tell the guy was alright which led them to believe the actual car they were looking for may have had cloned plates. 
    They stuck a sticker on the back of the car with this phrase to let the police know its not this car if they spot him again. 
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    zain611 reacted to TomsFocus in Things I Do Like   
    Happy birthday for yesterday!  Did you do anything nice?
    I missed that post yesterday, but that's exactly the symptoms I get quite often, it's definitely anxiety induced, though I'd say mine is more panic than shock.  I'd be absolutely useless if I ever came across a car accident and tried to help.   
    Oddly, COD doesn't cause me any issues like that, but I do have to be very careful what films I choose to watch!
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    zain611 reacted to zagobir in *Black Beauty* - Fiesta Mk6 Build Thread   
    Hope everyone had an enjoyable, safe Halloween! Here are a couple of spooky edits I did for the cause lol. Taken at Scadbury Park Nature Reserve

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    zain611 reacted to STJAY in N600 ST   
    One of the guys at work dropped it on me that a package had arrived.  Ordered very late on Thursday night, posted Friday delivered Saturday.  MAF housing has arrived :D.