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  1. My Zetec S MK7 project

    Hi Habeeb Did you fit the rear sensors yourself?....Just interested in the sensor positioning, as I am about to fit some. Chris.
  2. Hi Barry..... Yes, I normally would have de-badged the boot, but I saw that & really liked it for some reason..........It makes the car stand out more now...........
  3. I quite liked these, so fitted them today.........................
  4. Hi Danny Yes, I wanted something different & unobtrusive. Chris.
  5. I also came across this Zetec S badge & rather than de-badge the rear, which I normally do, I decided to go the other route..............
  6. My new, custom made side stripes arrived to day & now fitted..................Must say, I'm rather chuffed...........
  7. Reversing Sensor

    I'm considering having reversing sensors fitted or fit myself. Any advice or suggestions on which make is best & where to buy them/get fitted? Chris.
  8. Are there any preferences as to where to buy the rally flaps? Chris.
  9. Hi Danny You're right & in my haste, I only realised that after ordering. Got a full refund.
  10. Hi Mark. You're correct & I realised it after ordering. Have been refunded. Rally ones it is then...............lol Chris.
  11. So, I've been busy & ordered a couple more exterior cosmetic bits for the car, including custom made stripes, custom made rear 3rd brake light overlay & the standard Ford mud flaps. I didn't go for the rally ones, as I wanted to keep the car looking fairly standard. Will post pics when they arrive & are fitted. Chris.
  12. Solarplexius Sun Protection Screens

    I'm seriously considering these now. After enquiring around to get the 3 windows done professionally the normal way, the average price would be £100 - £120. Although I'm not bowled over by the Solarplexius colour, I could probably live with it. What I'm thinking is, if I decide to sell the car further down the line, I would proably, at my time of life, only replace it with a newer model (Mk8), which has the same windows & I'm very happy with. Therefore, I can just remove them & fit them to the new car, avoiding the need of forking out for tints again. The other alternative if I don't get the same car, is to remove them & sell them separately to get some of the money back. Now, can I live with that colour tint, that is the question.
  13. What colour?

    Colour is a personal choice, but I purposely waited for the right white one to come along. Most of my cars have been white as I think it accentuates it's shape & makes it look sleeker, particularly the frozen white, but as I said, it's a personal choice. I always ensure the car is well protected, so that cleaning is made easier. Chris.
  14. Have now upgraded all exterior bulbs to LED & chrome. Will post pics when able.

    I did the same as Jake........Just make sure you get Heko. Chris.