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  1. The wheels are a regular fit for Ghia in 2002 but thanks anyway
  2. We are the third owners from new it was a demo then our neighbours then ours still serviced at supply garage last valuation £1700 from garage. Are solent wheel services expensive? 🤔
  3. Hi can anyone help with this please. I'm looking for two alloy wheels tyres not needed. I'm tying to decided weather to get repaired or put new second hand wheels on I've tried ebay no luck I wouldn't normally bother but cars only done 23000 from new so worth doing right. Price or advice as to where to get done please many thanks
  4. Hi everyone can anyone recommend or help I'm looking for two alloy wheels for my 2002 Fiesta 1.6 Ghia I don't need tyres as mine are really good trying to price up weather to get repaired or by two good second hand ones they look like the ones in picture wouldnt normally worry but cars only done 22900 from new and unfortunately previous owner clipped kirb price please many thanks
  5. Thank you now have new mirror and switch think it's a wiering problem an suggestions where to look
  6. Alan kerrison I'm new here my 2002 1.6 Ghia Fiesta the near side wing mirror doesn't work found fault in mirror so brought new mirror and new switch still not working any ideas or suggestions on where to look please
  7. Can anyone help with a nearside wing mirror not working on 2002 1.6 ghia non folding it's not the switch as have a spare
  8. Can anyone help with what and where to get a retro fit IsoFix fixing for my Fiesta 1.6 Ghia MK V 52 plate late 2002 reg many thanks for your help Alan
  9. Can anyone suggest where to get a IsoFix fixing kit for a Fiesta 1.6 Ghia 2002 please
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