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  1. You will probably find that the key entry system runs on the same wiring canbus system as the rain sensor etc canbus system is only 2 wires transmit and receive network
  2. Yours works through the black multiplug pins 6 , 11 ,12
  3. Ben.s

    Whos Installed A Double Din Into Mk7?

    Do you lose memory settings aswell if you do try swapping the yellow wire with the red wire you might be using permanent live on the on off side and memory on the switching side
  4. Ben.s

    Sony stereo to Satnav retrofit 2016 model

    The wires are in pins 6 11 12 pin 6 is grey brown pin11 is a earth wire braided with a loose insulation around it pin 12 is a grey green colour I'm presuming it's to do with camera wiring even though I'm using a 4 pin video cable in the green socket any ideas guys why I can't get audio to nav I have disconnected these wires in 6 and 12 and tried wires to the stereo to the fcidm but nothing happening
  5. Ben.s

    Fiesta NAV retrofitted but no voice

    Hi again when you say connect 2 wires do you remove the 2 wires out of the back of display and just connect them to the stereo pins or do you have to run a lead on its own between the display and stereo. Pins with the existing wires that are i the back of fcdim
  6. Ben.s

    Fiesta NAV retrofitted but no voice

    Hi I have the same problem with my car installed navigation and connected everything up no audio from nav through speakers I have got wires coming out of fcmd in pin 12 and 6 into the loom some where it nothing in pin 4 and 5 on stereo I tried to connect a wires between the pins as stated above and have no audio coming through at all any ideas I have st2 2014 it's beginning to puzzle me now
  7. Ben.s

    MK7 power folding mirrors question

    Oh I forgot to say you will need a powerfold mirror switch
  8. Ben.s

    MK7 power folding mirrors question

    10 wires on the left is the cars loom 6 on the right is the standard electric heated mirror
  9. Ben.s

    MK7 power folding mirrors question

    Hi there abit of info for you powerfold mirror don't run on grey relays they run on gem modules that are situated ok both driver and passenger doors there called gem modules they are at the top nearer to to the front if you check the wiring loom from your mirror that comes in and check both sides of the plug if there is 10 wires in either side then you can directly replace mirrors and activate.through forscan on extended license if you hav only 4-6 wires On it or you don't have gem modules then it can't be done
  10. Ben.s

    Hi ken have you still got cc steering wheel for sale 

  11. Ben.s

    Satnav retrofit help

    GPS is the blue fakra cable unless you have this in your car already you can buy the GPS receiver on eBay for around £6 and that works fine the issue with the reverse camera is the camera itself has to be ntsc format not pal otherwise it will not respond to the satnav display and you can use the lead in the pic above to connect it unless you have the loom already in car. The black fakra socket on the back of satnav uses the black connector of the back of your stereo unit then you run another fakra lead from the pink connector of your satnav to the black socket on the stereo unit so you can receive dab and radio then you attach 2 wires from pin 6 and 12 of your display plug to pin 4 and 5 on your head unit for nav voice hope it helps
  12. Ben.s

    Sony stereo to Satnav retrofit 2016 model

    Hi guys I've retrofitted satnav to my fiesta st2 2014 got the rear camera up and running through forscan and connected the fakra leads between stereo and fcmd but had no luck with the nav audio I've tried the pin outs between stereo and fcmd what's been said and nothing is happening no audio I have wires coming out of fcmd display in them pins going somewhere in the loom at back of dash already but not going into stereo plug loom any suggestions really want to get this audio up and running help would be appreciated
  13. Ben.s

    Sony stereo to Satnav retrofit 2016 model

    You need full license forscan and will need to access the main apm module and select engineering 2 then you can change the values to yes or I in rear camera
  14. Ben.s

    Speaker Size And Folding Mirrors On Mk7 Zs

    You can use forscan to enable powerfold mirrors my car hasn't got them but I activated the module so they are enabled and wil be checking if my car has the right wiring for them to retro fit them if you use this program it can only be done if you are licensed on it for full version
  15. My car is 2014 and it has a green plug on display unit mfd that's where it should connect