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  1. Joe67

    Eac fail

    shes running fine today, 10 miles, no issues. dam puddle
  2. I have a 2003 1.4tdci fiesta. I went through a big puddle and shortly after it went into limp mode and cut out. It thrn started and drove in limp with flashing eac fail. It wouldn't start after that. Left it for a couple of hours, started no problem. Drove 2 miles home then it started flash and run on kangaroo diesel... holding back, picking up.. Any ideas? Will have fault codes read tomorrow. Cheers
  3. its leaking from the switch/sensor at the back... new switch and oil top up might be worth a try first eh
  4. 1.6 petrol auto , cheers
  5. going to be looking at a mates 2004 focus, from whats been described it sounds like the powering steering pump has gone.. high pitched noise when driving, no powersteering, leaking fluid onto wishbone.. anyone any experience of this, done a few pumps and racks on vauxhalls, first focus
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