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  1. Go to a detailer or vinyl / graphics workshop and ask them to cover them in a clear stone chip vinyl.
  2. You can buy the oil and filter on eBay for about £60-£70 and if you have access to ramps or a decent pair of jacks you can do the job yourself in about 30-45 minutes if confident if not take your time and it will take about 1 - 1.5 hours
  3. I’ve got 130,000 on my 2010 never had a gearbox service done and never had it recommended, apparently the ford dealer I use for servicing said only time to get it serviced is when it starts juddering otherwise just top up the fluid. So at 36,000 and on 2016 yes they are trying to rip you off
  4. While you are there stick a new air filter in for the sake of a couple of quid.
  5. Number 2 is the maf. Should be just off your air box
  6. First Saturday of the month loads used to meet up at Longsands in Tynemouth but haven’t seen them for a few months now.
  7. Bushes corroded to dust lol new ones fitted and noise gone cheers
  8. Will get these all changed today see if it makes a difference, cheers
  9. Strange rattling noise coming from front end when I go over pot holes and speed bumps, any ideas ????
  10. Hi I'm Dan from North Tyneside I've got a completely original (apart from tyres) 2003 Ford Fiesta Black limited edition with only 60,000 miles.
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