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    escort van mk7 modified
  1. mondao abs

    hi ive got a v plate mondao drives very good, had a service now ive got the abs and trackcontroll lights on the dash and handbrake as i drive went to vospers and thay said my abs moduls gone and thats £1700.the cars not werth that but can i still drive it as it drives like new,and is there a cheaper way of fixing the problem thanks.
  2. Getting more power from a diesel engine

    not alot you can do to git it to go any faster as ive got the 55 escort van TD and thats slow so im going to put in a 2L zetec engine in thats going to be faster.
  3. Escort van engine help required

    ive had a 18 and 18 td and thay are both slow thats wey i putting in a 18 or 2L ZETEC ENGINE GOING PETROL
  4. escort van

    rs 200 more than likey is that a good one to go for
  5. escort van

    hi has any one done a engine convertion on a escort 55 TD van im hopeing to have a 2L engine ,can any one trll me what i need to git like engine,gear box,ecu,and tank,
  6. escort van

    is that write that i was told that to finish the wire on the black angel eye lights just put the black wire to the other black wire and the same for the white wires
  7. escort

    hi just got my black angel eye lights for my escort van can any one tell me how to wire them up i understan the block conection, just the 2 black wires 1 short the other 1 long and the same but in white
  8. escort van

    can any one tell me where i can git an compleat Exhaust system for my escort van 55 on a mk7 as mines standerd in cornwall
  9. escort van

    hi can any one help as id like to put a heated front window in my escort van 55 on a 02 plate ,how to git the wires and do the car front windows fit.
  10. escort van

    hi can any one help as im after a one piece back door for my escort van mk7
  11. escort van

    hi can any one help as im doing up a escort van mk7 with a body kit and would like to put a good exhaust on, but as its a td i dont no what i should by,and im after a 1 peace door .thanks
  12. escort van

    hi ive just got my roof spoiler and would like to put a led bake light in it can any one help me on where to git one my spoiler is a Cosworth Style Wail Tail .
  13. ford escort van

    hi can any one tell me how to put on the wood surround on the gear stick as its a mk7 and its got lift up for reverse i notise theres a pin going thru the gear stick but not shore if theres any sort of spring under the pin .
  14. escort van

    hi can any one help me ive got a 55 td escort van on a 02 plate if i git the front fogs fitted will there be wireing there for them,as im having a body kit and i think front fogs will look good.
  15. escort van

    hi can any one tell me how to remove the gear stick nob so i can put the walnut surround on,i no to remove the gear nob but not the reverse lift part.