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  1. Would Sync version come up on ETIS? You can run the VIN of the car on the ETIS website to list the spec. You can also do this by reg number by following this method:
  2. Is the graphics theme of your cluster black, fading to dark blue at the bottom? I'm almost certain that this is a AsBuild IPC issue. Luke is very kindly going to send me the dump file of his AsBuilts. Could you please do the same, at least for your IPC? That way I can start to compare and see if I can figure it out. I also ought to reacquire my original .abt and compare... Thing is, the APIM isn't so hard to decode, as the settings are all in a nice text list in the hidden Sync3 menu, so it's easy to correlate what changes when you edit the .abt. As far as I know, there's no such option for the IPC. There's the dash diagnostics menu but that just guage sweep. etc. Unless someone like @iantt might know where a plain text readout of the IPC configuration might be found??!
  3. Glad this is still going! Can I recalim the floor after my lengthy absence? 1) I allow silent movement 2) But not a lot of it.
  4. Thought I replied to this on mobile, but maybe didn't submit it. Not entirely certain, but SYNC 3 can have a twin USB port in the armrest, but only uses one data cable to connect it. Both ports work ok so it might be possible with SYNC 2. I thought all facelifts came with Sync 2 - you learn something new everyday!
  5. I hate to resurrect this, but I've been having this problem since I upgraded from Sync 1.1 to Sync 3. I seem to remember flashing the donor car's AsBuilt, which changed the theme of the IPC (the display in the cluster) to a black and dark blue theme. I still havent fixed it, but i think the problem lies in the AsBuilt of the IPC rather than the AsBuilt of the APIM. There are a few people on other ford related forums (which cshall be nameless) that have the same problem, never to be resolved. I hope to solve it eventually and I'll repost here with what I find out.
  6. You can't usually just put LED bulbs straight in the halogen holders - there's too much current supplied by the electrical system, as well as dimming being controlled by pulse width modulation (ie alternating on/off patterns) rather than voltage modulation. There are kits available, but these often come with large heatsinks to dissipate the excess current and either don't fit well, or partially melt the headlight reflector. Also, I believe it is illegal to put LED bulbs in headlights - something to do with the dazzle and incorrect light patterns.
  7. The dealer I bought mine from told me the badge thing had stopped but the still supplied a couple for free for me. Did a ***** job of putting them on mind... Apparently they are 'pennies'...
  8. I tend to do oil every 6 months, full service every 12. Might be overkill, but oil is like the blood of your engine. It's worth spending £50 or so every so often to keep it sweet.
  9. I put LEDs in mine with no problem. I think they are on the Bus as I sometimes get a DDM/PDM fault thrown when I'm tinkering with Forscan, but not for bulbs.
  10. Just referring back to the reversed climate question: Nothing I've found in the APIM Diagnostic menu so far helps with this. There are a couple of settings which shift things around but don't actually solve the problem. There's a Google sheet called APIM configurations (in fact a Google search for it should give the top result) linked in my build thread.
  11. sorry for the necro, not on here much atm. hope you got sorted in the end. If not, by 'panel' I meant the panel that runs on the passenger side of the console, from just in front of the passenger seat, into the passenger footwell. good luck!
  12. Finding it is the hardest part. It's on the passenger side of the console - you have to take the panel off, then the plug itself is taped up to the loom, somewhere near the gearstick. Get a multimeter and test which wires carry 12v (and which is pos and neg - important for LEDs!) Then scotchlock onto those wires for your feed to your footwell lights!
  13. If you wish to dip a toe across the thin blue line then @kpg used to have osram hyperblues on his that looked like they matched his DRLs perfectly. They're not technically road legal though. Theres even more legal issues putting led bulbs in the headlight cluster so I really wouldn't do that. Led fogs are ok though, I have some and they match my DRLs nicely, although beware that they don't throw out light as well as halogens. I find that I can't even tell the difference if my front fogs are on or not, but then I bought cheap leds for them so YMMV. Finally I have Philips whitevision bulbs in my car and while they are definitely better than stock bulbs there is still a noticeable difference between these and the DRLs. Whitest road legal bulbs you can buy though. Tldr: your call. Philips whitevision - better than stock, but not quite led white. Osram Hyperblues - not road legal but match DRLs better. Edit, if you have a look at my build thread, there is a post or two about my lights in there somewhere and you'll see what I mean. If you find Kpg's build thread (search for it as I've written it) then there's a post with the osrams on his old car so you can see. We both have prefacelift mk3's but it should all be the same.
  14. Been a while - life and everything... Just updating where I left off really for those who are interested, or bored lol! I did get my US fascia fitted in the end but I didn't take any pictures of the process sadly. It was easy enough though - I found the pinouts for the hazard/lock button and pushed the appropriate pins onto it. Also, and much more recently, I fitted some heated pads into my seats. These were aftermarket and about £30, but work lovely and look pretty oem, apart from not being selectable in sync3. Pictures of the finished goods coming soon, and as much of a write up as I can remember for the heated seats lol (no pics sadly - what has happened to me??!) Much love.
  15. Most hardwire kits have battery monitoring built in so when it senses a low voltage it cuts off. This was the case for my 3rd party kit but in the end I just found an ignition live fuse. It means I don't get parked car monitoring, but at least I know I'll be able to start it up when I come back to it! edit: didn't read your post properly - you're already in an ignition live fuse?