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  1. Phil21185

    Phil's Build Thread

    Not as difficult as you might think. I'm sure if you wanted to take it on we'd be able to help you out if you got stuck! Thanks mate. Fascia arrived but some problems so might be a while before it's fully sorted.
  2. Not to worry. You did well with your sync 1! I put the bits up separately and didn't make as much. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. It was always a toss up between getting a US one or trying to wrap the UK one in a way that makes it look better. Cons for keeping the UK one are the looks and the fact that a bad wrap job can look worse than before. Also that there's no lock button. Cons for keeping the US one is that the controls feel cheaper but I think look nicer, IF I can get the parts I need to swap over We've not agreed a value but I made it clear that getting the right parts would be my intention. A scrapper might be a good shout. There are some fascias on ebay but they go up to about £75. If needs be I'll forward that to my seller and see what they say.
  3. Well they say pride goes before a fall. My US fascia which I've been gloating about for 2 weeks arrived today. A bit disappointed really as some of the vent assemblies were missing and retaining clips are broken. That and the coloured bezels around the vents are a bronze rather than silver so don't match the rest of the dash. It's basically not the one they pictured and have offered a partial refund. Other than that it looks great. The central controls are a bit clicky and cheaper feeling than the current fascia, but I generally do everything with voice or steering controls anyway and I think the better look is worth it. Now I have to decide whether a partial refund is worth it. I'm gonna need to rob parts from the original titanium sync 1 fascia (which annoyingly I've now sold...) to make this worthwhile. Unless I can get the seller to pay return postage and I can reclaim the customs charges back, it won't be worth it to return. @Luke_Anderson do you still have your Sync 1 fascia and is it up for sale?
  4. Phil21185

    Ford Focus DRL

    I have the Phillips white visions and they don't quote match the DRLs. I can sort of get away with it as my DRLs are in the sails beneath. But with yours being in the headlight (still can't get over how good that looks btw!) You're going to need to match pretty well. Keifer's last car had osram hyperblues in and in every picture he posted, they matched his DRLs well, together with led sidelights. Not sure about light spread but perhaps less of an issue in light summer evenings? Still waiting for that guide lol!
  5. Phil21185

    My new beast!

    Yeah that looks like a good find! Make sure you keep that bonnet locking mechanism well greased!
  6. Phil21185

    What version of sync is this?

    Fair enough, I'm open to being wrong! Though I did say LATE 2017...
  7. Yes cost is the main issue. Over here the going rate for a sync 3 screen and APIM is around £600, where sync 2, which is still a vast improvement on sync 1, is only around £200. Luke and I both got lucky with our Sync 3 systems, getting them for under £200, and can resell our Sync 2 systems to recoup. There is a thread by @Bannko around for upgrading from factory fit sync 2 to sync 3 and I would imagine it would be a lot less than $2000...
  8. Another sync 3 going cheap:
  9. When i was messing around in the as built for the APIM, I lost my voice controls. I'm pretty sure it was in the 7D0-01-02 line bit can't remember what byte. Perhaps it's not a ccc issue after all?
  10. Phil21185

    What version of sync is this?

    Hm. It is slower than sync 3 but it isn't awful. The sections for devices from the home screen are an entire quadrant of the screen, so not exactly difficult to press. Some of the options within may be a little smaller, but again, not unmanageable. The voice commads I thought were no less responsive than sync1, and the accuracy of things like addresses was pretty good. Entering addresses by hand was a bit slow because the list of possible entries updated with each letter you typed, but doing it through voice is much quicker. I would say sync 2 is a massive improvement on sync 1 but then so is Sync 3 on sync 2 and the possibility of upgrading in future is there.
  11. Phil21185

    What version of sync is this?

    Didn't think the facelift came in until 15? Anyway this will be sync 2. Sync 3 came in in late 17 in the UK I think.
  12. Phil21185

    Phil's Build Thread

    After paying £45 to the government for the privilege of buying what I want to buy with my own money which I've already paid tax on, from an 'open' market in the 'free' world, my us fascia will arrive on Tuesday! When I've fitted it, I'll do a write up for it in case anyone else wants to be as crazy as me and also for android screen mirroring in sync 3.
  13. Phil21185

    Stuck Oil Filler Cap

    Well, while Maplins is still open anyway...
  14. Phil21185

    Lucky escape with engine?

    A good result mate!
  15. Phil21185

    Ford Focus DRL

    Mine has recently passed (though before mot rules change) while dimming on dipped beam. IMO focus sidelights are so puny that I never use just them on their own anyway...