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  1. I own a Sept 2008 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 140 bhp. It has 12500 miles on the clock. I have just started to tow a caravan with this vehicle and during a recent trip out of 175 miles I have had to put in 1 litre of oil. Is it usual for cars to use more oil when towing?
  2. Ford Convers+ reboot

    Further to this issue, I took the car to my local Ford dealers who stated that they have received a new patch for the Convers system. The patch apparently relates mainly to one of the radio systems Fords use and wasn't directly connected to any mobile phone issue. Anyway, the upgrade has been completed and will wait to see if this has cured the issue.
  3. I purchased a Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 Diesel last October and has 4,000 on the clock. On two occasions, whilst driving, I have lost some of the functionailty on the Convers+ computer. The radio, phone display disappears leaving only the trip computer and settings functionality. To regain full functionailty, I have to stop the car, turn off the engine and lock the car to and then unlock to reboot the system. This has only happened twice so will be difficult to replicate for the dealer. I did take a photo of the display and hopefully will get this sorted out under warranty. Does anyone know if the computer can be rebooted on the move?
  4. Brakes in the snow!

    If your wheels locked up in the snow, the ABS probably activated. This does make the pedal feel quite hard but you also fell the pedal rise and fall slighlty as the ABS operates.