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  1. Windscreen seal MK7

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for the rubber 'seal' that runs down the side of the windscreen and hooks on to a plastic lip at the bonnet? There are 2 pieces i'm talking about that run down either side of the windscreen - not a ring around the glass, and it doesn't actually seem to be a 'seal' more a cosmetic finish between the glass of the windscreen and the metal of the A pillar, as I think the glass is glued on. Story: While washing my windscreen the other week I noticed there was a large gap on the passenger/near side, I looked over and saw the driver's side/off side had a rubber seal from the roof to the bonnet that was missing off the NS. I have no idea when it dissappeared, if I ever had it... but I phoned ford and they want £26+VAT AND 15 mins labour for fitting :o Suffice to say I don't wanna pay that for a strip of rubber, so other than trawling the local breakers (which i'm not hopeful for anyway) I thought maybe a few of you lovely lot may know a cheap part supplier in the Manchester area or online. Many thanks in adavnce
  2. St On Top Gear

    Did anyone else see this at the start of the latest Top Gear (montage in first episode of the new series showing whats coming up)? Focus or Fiesta? Have they announced an ST in the new shape Focus?
  3. Windows Phone 7 And Fiesta Mk7 Handsfree?

    Just a thought, I have a HTC Desire - I know it's not running Windows, but I thought the way i paired mine might help.... If you go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone, you have to make it discoverable. This will only last 2 mins, but once paired you'll be OK. You got me thinking tho (at the risk of hi jacking your thread), on mine the contacts show up on the car screen backwards i.e surname first - EVEN THOUGH I put both names in the same name field (doesn't matter if its First or Last!!) and on the phone they are the right way round! Any ideas of how to sort this out there?
  4. Midnight Sky Titanium

    Picked this up on Saturday. What do you think? http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=300481&id=567075529&l=782a9973eb
  5. Midnight Sky Titanium

    I like this colour, but i'm still undecided if I PREFER it to the Tango I had previously. BTW, A pic has been added, managed to get it off my phone, shows the miles when I picked it up: 9 Miles Oh yeah!! Single digits LOL B)
  6. Midnight Sky Titanium

    I see what you mean about it looking grey, close up you can definitely see its a blue, just! Especially under the orange street lights.
  7. Gel Overlays- Yay Or Nay?

    If I had a blue car, I wouldn't have them either. For me it was just that the Ford badges now are quite large, and that much blue on a red car needed removing! The black I have now is quite subtle. I WILL add some pics to show it ;)
  8. Gel Overlays- Yay Or Nay?

    I had the red overlays on my Tango. I ended up changing them for Black and Chrome cos the red looked pink under orange street lights! And it just didn't really work on mine. BUT it made me realise the ones I have now are quite universal - like they say Black goes with everything! Your green goes better than my red did...
  9. Zetec S Or 3 Dr Titanium - Help Please

    Here's a link to my 'Hello' page. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7327&st=0&p=40863&fromsearch=1entry40863 The pics aren't that good, but give you the idea. I'm still meaning to post some better ones, but that means I have to clean it properly. @Flic I thought about that as a ringtone too... maybe a text alert rather than a call tho?
  10. Heated Front Windscreen Help

    That makes it a MK6, I THINK the dash was the same as the 6.5 I had, so yeah if you don't have the button, maybe the screen was replaced at some point and all they had were the heated type. If you're interested you may have a little project on your hands now, you could hook up your own power supply/switch to it B)
  11. Heated Front Windscreen Help

    Welcome. What age is your car? You should have a separate button for both screens, on the MK6.5 I had, it was next to the button for the rear screen. If it's older, I'm not sure where it should be, maybe another member will help.
  12. Which Looks Best ? 3 Or 5 Door Mk7

    I was under the impression that if the kit is spec'd at manufacture, and thus on at registration, it shouldn't need to be declared. Well that's my defence, your Honour ;)

    If I may refer you to post #41 of this thread, I was informed of how to find the options. If the info in this post is not what you see, and you already have Bluetooth handsfree and USB, have a word with your dealer about updating BOTH the stereo & Bluetooth module.

    Well, as I had Bluetooth handsfree and USB already, I only added the streaming. I don't know if you are missing one or both of these that you can add streaming (My bluetooth module - which is separate to the rest of the stereo - was updated on my last visit). I'm also not sure this is 'confirmed' by Ford, but as I was chatting to the Tech Guy, he seemed interested himself to see what was possible
  15. My Parking Obsession...

    I actually 'Laughed Out Loud', well more bellowed, at that pic-love it. You can't get a better space than that! ;)
  16. Colours

    The MK6/6.5 were available in Ink, I nearly got my 6.5 in that colour (after the Ocean I ordered was totaled just 2 miles from the dealer on the delivery low loader ) I was put off the ink by my dealer/mate who said it was almost like black-which I'd already decided against as it's a bugger to keep looking clean.
  17. Delivered Today

    If you add a Richbrook Sabre aerial, and the small USB stick to that list it's exactly what I've done to mine!
  18. Water Sloshing In Passenger Side Door

    Take a look at this: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9122
  19. Bulb Problems

    Mine was built around November 2008, I know H7 fit into my Dipped/Main (night driving, not Full beam), as I just upgraded to the Philips Power Xtreme. Working well.
  20. Bit Of An Accident In My Fez

    +1 It's always sad to see a beaten up, crashed, or even 'ding'ed car. But when the owner is the person showing them pictures, it means they survived and thats the main thing! It was reading the following thread that made me decide to never but a car more than 4-5 years old to stay up to speed with safety advancements http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7021
  21. Rear Window Wiper Cover

    you could try quicko, look at my old thread and how much i saved: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9740&st=0&p=61938&fromsearch=1entry61938
  22. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    It very well might've been you coysht. Thing is I was so excited to find it exists I didn't remember who told me. Have the credit anyway, unless someone else wants to claim it...
  23. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    Originally I was using a 8gb Sandisk Cruzer as my music source (still a trusty workhorse mind). However I noticed that, even as small as it is it can be knocked when going for the hand brake. Also the constant inserting/removal will weaken the clips a little each time making it drop connection regularly. So, my solution: http://usb.brando.com/eagletec-usb-nano-flash-drive_p00892c041d15.html I can't take all credit though as I learned about this cracking little device on this forum a few moths back. I loaded it up and now just leave it in there as it looks like part of the car. I have noticed some USB sticks are more secure than others. It may be a Sandisk thing?

    And again with the bump... I've managed to get my car back to Ford about this BT Audio issue. While there I got chatting to the 'technician' (Nice chap called Mark at OMC Oldham) about cars and computers in general, and we seemed to understand each other - which really helps. Anyway, he hooked the car up to his computer and updated the BT module, and so now I have the 'BT Audio' option on screen... *FANFARE* :P But (isn't there always a but), it doesn't give me the option I wanted to turn of auto streaming. I still have the afore mentioned problem (post 49) with my Samsung U800. The thing is I now have access to a O2 XDA Zest and that works perfectly. Ford ruled out, on to Samsung to see where the issue lies - the plot thickens...
  25. North West

    I live in Manchester and my good friend works in Horwich!