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  1. The parts guy at the Hendy Ford I got my stubby antenna from said that the DAB should be in the base unit under the antenna. Saying that my DAB's not been as good since I swapped to the stubby, not terrible, just drops out occasionally, so there must be some link from the antenna to the dab unit in the base. I might look at that Lincoln/edge sharkfin if it all goes well for you guys.
  2. Went with the AVC Sport one from Ford in the end for £15. Seems to work fine 97-98% of the time to be honest. @mastachaz thanks for confirming about the sharkfin, will skip that one then @JW1982 that' definitely something to look at potentially but yeah I can see that being expensive as it's the whole base unit! Ford quoted me £70/80 for the matching AVC Sport base unit to go with the stubby mast I have in now.
  3. Hey all, Anyone what what LEDs fit in the vanity mirrors on the sun visors? Only yellow lights left on the car and I wanna swap them for white (only thing the other half cares about so she can check her makeup 😂) Thanks!
  4. Hey, Has anyone purchased and fitted a paintmodz Shark Fin aerial and if you have whats the reception like? I'd like to know how both FM and DAB are affected if possible Thanks
  5. I've been quoted £489.99 for my 2015 titanium x 1.5lt 180 bhp with Brentacre. Declared dashcam windeflectors and rim protection all yet to be fitted and I'm allowed to remap it up to 210 bhp with no additional costs as long as I let them know. Potentially including lowering but I can't remember if that was taken into account however I did mention it on the phone for the quote. I'm 26 with 3 years ncb, only been driving since I got my first car 3 years ago and no incidents etc.
  6. Thanks everyone, I'll just go with OEM or Pagid ones :)
  7. Hey everyone, My brake pads are coming up for a change so wondering what people would suggest, stick with OEM or buy some Brembos or Pagids ect.? If I'm honest I don't know much about which ones to get. I've got a 2015 titanium X 1.5 ecoboost. Thanks!
  8. I'm having the exact same problem in my 2015 Titanium X. Sounds like a loose bit of plastic rattling buzzing somewhere in the dash. Opening the glovebox and pushing down just in front of my SYNC 2 screen seems to make the sound quieter but doesn't fix it! Was thinking of pulling the plastic dash off and putting a thin layer of foam between plastic layer and whatever was underneath but it sounds like it is coming from deeper inside now that I really listen for it so I'm stuck with what to do :/
  9. I can charge my Samsung S7 Edge off both of my USB ports in my Titanium X 2015 but if my other half is using google maps or any "power intensive" application on it it will not charge and will sit at the same percentage until the app is closed. She was using Google maps to double check directions in Colchester recently (SYNC 2 Satnav was trying to take us the wrong direction down a 1 way system!) and the phone stayed at 7% for about 2-3 hours on the USB port so the output is not very high in mA's. Let me know what they say about the rattle behind the dash!! I have a strange rattling/buzzing sound whenever I am driving it on a country lane/not very smooth road!!