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  1. I've got a CD stuck in the 6 changer and I've been told that usually signals death of the changer. It's not a brilliant one - I think it must have come originally with the car so I thought I'd take the opportunity of putting something better in. I don't care for the radio - drives me spare - I've never used more than one CD in the changer. But I would like something more convenient and reliable and a bit smarter. I haven't the slightest notion as to how to go about finding one that fits but my brother will undoubtedly do that for me as he's an electronics engineer. I expect he'll have some views but I'd really like to know what other streetka owners have installed and what it's best to get. So I'd appreciate some advice please. Many thanks...
  2. I've had issues with the alarm on and off. It would either not go at all or sound at odd times. My brother who is an electronics person fiddled about with the contacts between the roof and the car body and that sorted it. Be careful though because they're very delicate. I've got the Winter Edition and I've found that you have to be very careful resetting the roof and hood if you drive with the lid off... The Streetka has several quirks but those of us who have fallen in love with it just don't notice them and even when we do we don't care! It's just so much fun to drive that quirks either add to the enjoyment or don't count.